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Cuurio leverages web search technology to meet people at their point of need with the gospel of Jesus Christ and connect them with a local body of believers.

When someone literally turns to the internet to search for help with life in general, they are mentally, emotionally, and often spiritually at the point of being open to solutions. We’re there with the Answer to their questions.

Suzanne Davis

CVO/CEO, cuurio

What We Do

By leveraging our proprietary technology, Cuurio has an unprecedented opportunity to reach the world with the gospel, on a scale that has until now been unimaginable.

Here’s how we do it.


When people search for answers to their needs and questions online, we meet them there with real, Christ-centered answers that will actually help them navigate their challenges.


At the same time, we also present them with a clear, compelling and culturally relevant presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His grace and love for them.


Along with every gospel presentation, we will also present a location-based call to action, designed to gather contact info and connect the user to a vetted local body of believers.

How You Can Help


We need help with content! It will take an army to create it all. Your content can make a difference. Click below to find out how you can help with content.


Everyone has influence. Learn how you can leverage yours to help change the world. Click below to find out how you can help through influence.


Servers, programmers, content creation, the list goes on. But every dollar makes a difference! Click below to find out how you can help with funding.

True Impact

“ It’s so exciting to know that I can use my creative abilities to help craft content that will continue to reach people with the good news of Jesus, even after I’m long gone. ”

E. Rogers

Why Now?

Over the past 20 years, members of the Cuurio team have developed a technology that helps businesses increase their online presence and make more revenue from their websites by helping them dominate in search. That technology will work in any direction, and since the partners are all believers who are convinced that God has presented us with a new and exciting opportunity for spreading the gospel, we started Cuurio.

There has never been a time in history when such a concentration of people who are “searching” for answers gathered in one place like they do now online. That’s why we will leverage every resource we can get our hands on to reach people all over the world with the message of God’s grace – utilizing this new-paradigm technology. Join us!

Help us reach an
ever-changing world with a
never-changing truth.

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Most frequently questions and answers

When you need something – whether it’s a plumber, information of some kind, a certain product, or directions to somewhere – where is the first place you turn? Online search. Everyone now lives and must navigate within this new digital economy, which is radically different from anything the world has ever experienced.

With 3.5 billion searches happening every day on Google alone, the internet has literally turned every industry upside down, and will continue to do so. For example:

-the world’s largest taxi company owns no vehicles (Uber)

-the world’s largest accommodations company owns no property (Airbnb)

-the world’s largest media company creates no content (Facebook)

As a result, the internet is the new frontier in reaching people with the message of Jesus, and will impact the process more than the invention of the printing press. Christians must use every means possible to fulfill the great commission, and the web is the greatest opportunity to come along in our lifetimes.

After 20 years and over a million dollars spent in research and development, we have developed proprietary technology that helps commercial customers rank better in organic (non-ad) search results. 

We are now leveraging that same technology to help great Christ-centered content rank organically for felt-need searches, thereby leading people to the real answer – at a point where they might be the most open to the message of Jesus.

On a given search result page, only about 4% of the clicks happen on the ads; which means 96% of the traffic goes to the organic, or non-ad results. Many businesses make millions from the 4%, but if they don’t rank organically, they are missing out on connecting with 96% of their potential customers. 

We want to reach as many people we can possibly reach with the good news of Jesus, so we focus on the 96%. That’s why we built Cuurio.

Which one of these two people would you think is more likely to be open to a presentation of the gospel right now:

1 – someone who saw it on a billboard as they were driving by at 65 mph?


2 – someone who picked up a phone and typed “why am I so depressed” into a search bar?

In business speak, someone going to the trouble to search your exact product online is the hottest lead possible, and the conversion rate is much higher for those leads than it is for outbound advertising.

We want to have the biggest impact for Christ that we can, so we are focusing on that 96% with our efforts to spread the gospel.

When people are searching for answers to their needs or struggles, they are more open to the real solution than perhaps any other time in their life. They are literally asking Google for answers to life’s problems, so they are naturally more vulnerable and open than any other time.

Millions. Every day. For example, the term “anxiety” gets 450,000 searches every 30 days, but combined versions of similar searches (why am I so anxious, anxiety symptoms, anxiety attack, etc.) get searched well over a million times every 30 days. 

Add to that myriad other felt needs (depression, suicide, worry, hope, fear, encouragement, addictions, sadness, love, forgiveness, divorce, anger, etc.), and the field is ripe for harvest to the tune of millions of people every day. It will take time, and an army of helpers, but here is where it starts.

True, there is a ton of Christian content online already, including clear presentations of the plan of salvation, countless sermons from pastors around the world, and endless writings about God’s plan for lives. However, most of them do not show up in searches, and especially not for felt needs searches. Often they will rank for searches like “men’s Bible study” or “how to accept Christ” or “sermon about hope,” but unchurched or non-believing users don’t search such things. 

We need the message of Jesus to be seen when people search things that non-Christians search, which is exactly why we built Cuurio, and why we need your help. It is literally going to take thousands working in tandem, because the world is a big place.

There are many points along the way where we can collect engagement metrics, and we will. We know how many people have watched every video, how many clicks on every call-to-action, etc. That part is easy!

We can’t. Nobody can guarantee anybody will accept Christ, that’s up to the Holy Spirit. All we can do is what we were commanded to do in Matthew: go to the world and share the good news with them. 

What we can guarantee is that we can literally present the gospel to millions of people all around the world, at one of the very moments they are most receptive. 

We can also say that in the beta phase of Cuurio (as of this writing), our test efforts have resulted in over 423,000 engagements with real biblical answers to felt needs, along with a clear presentation of the message of Jesus – all of which happened over a period of just a few months, with limited work and resources.

There are 3 ways you can contribute:

1 – Your Money

There are many hard costs involved: servers, content creation, etc., which will require actual money being spent. But since it only costs an average of 48¢ per person for Cuurio to share God’s love with people all over the world, it’s a great deal, and will continue to get better as the platform grows in power and efficiency. Contact us at the number below, or fill out the form, and we’ll be excited to get with you on how you can get involved by supporting Cuurio with your resources.

2 – Your Content

We are going to ultimately need thousands of people contributing content, whether it’s written, video, or otherwise. If you write great content, or have access to great Bible-based content that’s never been posted anywhere online, or would be willing to do something as simple as shoot a video of yourself on your phone giving your testimony, we would love to get you involved! Any great content, especially on the subject of specific felt needs, would be welcome, and would add to our ability to reach the world. Contact us at the number below, or fill out the form, and we’ll be excited to get with you on how you can get involved in supporting Cuurio by helping us create content.

3 – Your Influence

Everyone has a sphere of influence, including you. Your Facebook friends, your Instagram  and Twitter followers – even your actual friends and family! You can exercise influence on a group of people, and that’s how this effort is ultimately going to reach its potential: through normal people like you, coming together and agreeing that the world needs to know about Jesus. Contact us at the number below, or fill out the form, and we’ll be excited to get with you on how you can get involved by leveraging your influence to spread the word and help Cuurio change the world!


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