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10 Ways to Improve Self Confidence and Increase Self Esteem

10 ways to improve confidence and increase self esteem
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Lacking self-confidence can be a mild nuisance or a crippling factor in our overall life plan. Cowering from life, opportunities, relationships and challenges because of feeling the lack of confidence to pursue dreams, advancement, or even a life partner can result in making choices that may stifle the grand and wonderful life that could be yours. Here are 10 ways to improve self confidence and increase self esteem for success in life.

What is Self Confidence?

Self-confidence may be thought of as how you feel about yourself, your abilities, skills and inner strengths. The self-confident person believes he can succeed, that he has what it takes to learn and master a profession or trade, and the inner strength and drive to handle most situations. 

At times, of course, we will all have fear and trepidation that a challenge will consume us. Building self-confidence prepares us for these times because of the inner skills that we have learned to use in prior events. 

Having healthy self-esteem is rewarding when based on reality. In fact, it is difficult to have too much. Self-esteem is an inner strength – it does not mean to be proud and boastful.  In reality, being proud and boastful may well be the lack of self-esteem screaming for help. 

The importance of having a healthy dose of self-confidence is important in many ways.  Others tend to view us much as we view ourselves. Rising up out of the inferior feeling of self-doubt can help us develop into the person we are equipped to be and who is ready to fulfill our purpose in every area of life. Read on for 10 ways to improve self confidence and increase self esteem for success in life.

10 Ways To Become More Confidant  

There are some easily doable methods that will help the insecure and self-doubting develop a more confident and enjoyable as well as productive life.  Here are a few suggestions that have helped so many:

  • List your strengths, gifts and abilities.  Recall any achievements that were yours. Make the list in writing. Think how you felt at the time that your gifts were used and even recognized. 

Building on past achievements will help identify where your strengths may lie. Pat yourself on the back. Plan how to sharpen those skills, that gift of personality, that strength of caring for others and determine how those assets can be put to use in your present situation. 

We all fail sometimes. We learn from failures. If we never dare to fail, we will not grow to be the best we can be.

10 ways to improve self confidence and increase self esteem for success in life.

  • Give yourself a pep talk.

That inner voice that you have allowed to malign you, poke fun at you, undermine you and defeatyou must be throttled. Replace it with a friendly voice of assertion and encouragement. Say out loud how capable you are, what a warm personality you have, and that, although hesitant at times, you have the ability to be an achiever or a healer or a teacher or just whatever in the world your dream is.  Affirm with: you can do it; you have what it takes; you will give it your best. 

  • Rid yourself of excuses.

There are reasons and there are excuses. Acknowledge the reasons that you are not confidently doing what you desire. Be sharp and incisive. Get to know yourself better. Just exactly what is holding you back, what is defeating you, what is keeping you from living your dream?

 Then make a plan to change those things. If you attribute every shortfall as “that’s just how I am”, progress will not be made.  Sometimes we have to shake it up and eliminate habits and lifestyles that hinder our growth.  Can you be honest with yourself?

  • You have heard it said Dress for Success.  

Perhaps this turns you off.  However, a guy with a fresh shave or trim, well-groomed hair and well-fitting clothes that are pressed, will make a positive first – or second or third – impression. It denotes that he feels good about himself.  

The same applies to the female. Well groomed, modest fitting clothing, with nails manicured and becoming makeup, is not only attractive but sends off vibes of being capable and dependable.  

  • Take a quick look at the posture

 Good posture not only adds to attractiveness but also is a silent but strong voice of a can-do persona. Not only that, but a deep breath and shoulders back position invigorates and strengthens the inner person, adding more positivity to the bearer.

  • Organize your living area

Make it clean and attractive. An orderly living space makes for a more orderly and productive mind for the occupant. Throw away the clutter. Change your bedding frequently. Shine your mirror so the new and radiant you can be seen and congratulated.  A clean house is conducive to a clear mind.

  • Take care of your health

It probably goes without saying that caring for your health is a priority. That includes getting adequate sleep. A moderate amount of exercise – preferably outdoors – will clear the cobwebs of indecision and nonmotivation from your mind. The byproduct is a trim and agile figure. A healthy body and mind combine to producing a happy, healthy and more goal oriented you. This is an. important one of 10 ways to improve self confidence and increase self esteem for success in life.

Toss the junk food.

Junk food only makes you feel sluggish and produces self-hate. Becoming in charge of your personal life and habits produces a person ready to claim the rewards that were intended for a full and productive life.  Shop the market for lean meats, fish, fruits and veggies. The rewards will surprise you – clearer skin, loss of excess weight and energy beyond belief. And if alcohol consumption is a problem, please get help immediately before your life really goes downhill.

  • Make Connections

Find things to do that you enjoy in your free time. Pursue any sport, art, music or other interest that you have been heretofore hesitant to be acquainted.  Join a group volunteering to help make the unfortunate a better life. This is a good place to make friends and to be appreciated for the real you. Allow yourself to relate and help someone who does not have the abilities that you have. 

Be kind. Kindness is sharing your strength instead of reminding someone of his weakness. Each one helping someone else is a wonderful way to live and love and grow.

  • Spiritual Check-Up

Do not neglect the most important thing – your spiritual checkup. You may have never heard that you are not an accident – you were made by the Creator God who knows you and gave you a purpose. Seek to know and trust him, believe that his son, Jesus, died for your sins.  Trust him to forgive you and show you the life he has for you.  

Jesus said that he wants you to have the abundant life.  Not self-deprecating, but firm in the fact that you are a child of God and willing to be led and molded into the capable and self-confident, productive person you are intended.  Our hope is in Jesus. Not in our present circumstances, but in his certain return. 

Ask God how you can be used where you are for his greater purposes. And believe that he desires to accomplish his will through you. 

“Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid or terrified….for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deut 31:6.  

Share His message of grace to those who do not know him. And seek to follow Him. 

  • Now, are you ready?  

Look in the mirror.  Compliment yourself on your neat good looks. Tell yourself that you are a winner because you have identified your abilities and honed them to their finest intent. Put a smile on your face that you can share with a world of needy folks. 

Go – be a giver – be a leader – be a friend – be a confidant – be a helper – be the YOU for which you were made. Live every day with positive and joyful thoughts. Make a difference. Give God the glory. 

God gives us what we would ask for if we knew everything. Go and enjoy every step of the way. Life is short. Don’t waste another day to take these steps. You can do it. 

You look good with that self- confidence.  You are a winner.  

Once you choose Hope, everything is possible.

God IS Who He says He is.

God does what He says He will do.  Step out on faith, being assured that God is with you and will give you strength to be more confident in yourself and your endeavors.  Grow with him. 

In Christ alone will we find completeness. In Him, we have the victory. I invite you to watch the GREAT NEWS FOR YOU video on this page. It can change your life now and forever.

We invite you to watch the “Great News” video on this page and find out more about God’s love for you and how you can receive forgiveness and eternal life – today!

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The Prayer of Salvation

Jesus, I don't know You, and I don't know what Your plan is for me. But thank you for coming to die in my place. I'm sorry for anything I've ever done wrong in my life. I don't understand how You could ever forgive me, but if You really would, I would like to accept your free gift of grace and complete forgiveness. Please come into my life and take control, and help me trust You. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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