10 Ways to Stick to Your Goals During the Holidays with Dr. Shannan Crawford | Unlock U Podcast

10 Ways to Stick to Your Goals During the Holidays with Dr. Shannan Crawford | Unlock U Podcast. Be encouraged that you can get through the holidays and come out just fine. We all struggle with controlling our eating impulses, not joining in gossip, and not just burning out. Here are some things that she has been brain storming to help us get ready for the holidays with a good plan in place. You will be helped and encouraged. You can do it! We all can!

10 Ways to Stick to Your Goals During the Holidays

  1. Being mean to yourself or mad at yourself isn’t realistic.
  2. Plan ahead and be willing to communicate.
  3. Know your triggers
  4. Make a plan and dig deeper
  5. Build in healthy pleasure
  6. Just relax
  7. Create margin
  8. Be intentional in conversation and engage
  9. Be led by your spirit
  10. Have a vision for how you want the end of the night or the end of the vacation

How to Have a Good Vacation With Your Loved Ones

With just a bit of planning on your part, you can actually enjoy your holiday time with your loved ones. You can eat in a way that makes you feel great, energetic, confident, and like putting your best foot forward. Taking some time to make sure you are revitalized each morning, especially if you are an introvert, can really set the tone for a positive day with uplifting conversation. Perhaps that looks like getting up early to recharge with a book or your Bible. Maybe you feel energized with a brisk morning walk taking in nature and fresh air, or a quiet cup of coffee on the patio while enjoying being outside and feeling peaceful. Some of us recharge by connecting with our loved ones and laughing and sharing memories while making new ones.

Whatever it is that helps you be the happiest version of yourself, following these 10 ways to stick to your goals during the holidays with Dr. Shannan Crawford | Unlock U Podcast will surely get you on your way to an enjoyable holiday.

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