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100 Things to be Thankful for Today

100 things to be thankful for today, gratitude
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Do you sometimes feel as if you are devoid of blessings – that you have nothing to be thankful for – that you will never have joy because you are missing out?  Does it seem that others have it all?  Take time to count your blessings.  I did just that – and found that the list below could be endless.  Check my list that flowed with no order of importance, but from a heart that became more and more grateful.  Perhaps your list will be similar.  Let this list of 100 things to be thankful for today remind you of things for which you may want to give thanks. Add other things each day. May we never fail to give thanks.

UPDATE: Dr. Shannan Crawford with some great advice on how to choose gratitude and create more joy in your life.

100 Things to be Thankful for Today 

  1. The ability to breathe, to bring oxygen into my body that will perpetuate my life
  2. Inner peace that comes from the assurance of the presence of God in my life
  3. Joy that comes with the morning with promises for the day
  4. Gift of memory that centers us and brings order into our thoughts
  5. Opportunities that challenge but offer fulfillment and meaning
  6. Forgiveness that is offered to us every day
  7. Gift of faith to give meaning to existence
  8. Love that makes us feel wanted, and love to extend to others without judgment.
  9. Daily assurance that the Spirit of God lives within me so that I am never alone
  10. Precious family members to pray for and who are praying for me
  11. Family to praise, enjoy, fellowship with, and love with abandonment
  12. A good bed – the comfort and security of my bed.
  13. A heart that knows I do not deserve all the comforts and good things I enjoy
  14. Enough money to cover needs so that money is not the primary thought for the day
  15. Money to help others in their hard times
  16. Motivation to go to my job, my calling, my financial support, and the will to excel.
  17. Eyes to see the beauty of loved ones and of nature, and to provide sight for the needs of the day
  18. Healthy body to perform adequately for the demands and choices of the day.
  19. Food – good food – when so much of the world is hungry
  20. Parents who loved me and taught me values, ethics, and responsibility
  21. Work ethic instilled in me as a very young person
  22. Energy and dedication necessary to hop out of bed and contribute to all
  23. Bible – the book and the online versions – that offers the Word of God in all situations
  24. Truth – expounded by the Bible that gives meaning to this life and eternity
  25. Salvation – the promise of eternal life to all who believe
  26. Belief – a gift to believe truths and to share values
  27. Values – that were taught to me as a child and enriched and nourished me into adulthood
  28. Family that loves me, accepts my weaknesses, and cares for my well being
  29. Children that continue to bring joy and meaning and enrichment into my life
  30. Grandchildren – the delight of aging – that have filled my life with joy and happiness.
  31. Husband who loved me and cared for me for many years before his death
  32. God’s grace to rebuild a life of meaningful singleness as a young widow
  33. Great jobs that provided for family and provided avenues of service to others
  34. Opportunities to serve others and to lead non-profit organizations
  35. Friends who encourage and support me at all times.
  36. Churches with people who loved me and helped me grow in faith and service
  37. A strong and healthy body
  38. An education that required determination to attain and challenged my abilities.
  39. Opportunities to serve others – the sick, the poor, the depressed
  40. Sunshine 
  41. Green grass and flowers
  42. Rainbows and sunsets
  43. Smell of rain 
  44. A nippy cold wind on an autumn day
  45. Music – the beauty and majesty of great music.
  46. Blessing of hearing a beautiful voice singing hymns 
  47. Children laughing
  48. Adults laughing
  49. A clean house
  50. Apples, cinnamon, lemons, berries, and pecans
  51. Doorbell announcing the arrival of the family – anytime
  52. Smart phone that is an extension of myself. Connection with loved ones and necessities.
  53. Internet – that makes the world my neighbor
  54. Cuurio that allows truth to be known around the world
  55. People who respect others – and me
  56. Medical care availability
  57. Great books and erudite writers
  58. Quiet times to refuel, rest and recharge
  59. A Heavenly Father who knows my every weakness and still loves me
  60. The joy that comes even in sorrow because of who Jesus is
  61. Faith to believe and trust Christ Jesus
  62. Comfortable shoes
  63. Face cream and lotions
  64. Lip balm
  65. Facial tissues and toilet paper
  66. Water – clean water – drinking water – shower water, water for yards and crops. Water for parched tongues. Water for cleanliness. Water!
  67. Police, firemen, repair folks, yard man, delivery drivers
  68. Teachers, pastors, elected officials, and all who keep our world running smoothly
  69. Members of the armed forces – greatly indebted for their service and the peace that provides
  70. A gentle voice to comfort me
  71. Smiles from friends, neighbors, and family – and from strangers at the grocery
  72. Grace gift that allows me to actually rejoice at the success of others.
  73. A good night of uninterrupted sleep
  74. A hairstylist that makes me a new person
  75. A friend who knows I mean well even when I am misunderstood
  76. Absence of pain and the gift of mobility
  77. A car that starts and tires that take me safely.
  78. A comfortable home that is safe, cool in summer and warm in winter
  79. The reminder that I am so very wealthy relative to the billions who inhabit this world
  80. The great promise that all who believe God’s promises and seek His forgiveness, will spend eternity – forever and beyond – with Him in the glories of heaven
  81. Sanitation trucks to remove our trash
  82. Mail delivery
  83. Friendly neighbors
  84. Peaches
  85. Invitations – knowing that we are welcome.  Ultimate invitation – eternity with God because of what Jesus did for all who will believe
  86. Deodorant and air fresheners
  87. Clocks – the division and accuracy of time – that give order to our days
  88. Rules and regulations – that give order to life and provide safety. 
  89. Legal documents that provide order of transmission and secure the outcome of our wishes
  90. People who laugh.  Who enjoy a belly laugh with you.  People who do not take themselves seriously all of the time. People who want us all to have some fun.
  91. People who cry with us when we are sad, devastated, and helpless. People who cry with us, understand us, and are just there for us  
  92. People who remember our name
  93. People who act like Jesus
  94. People who are trustworthy and true. Dependable and sincere.
  95. Birds and animals – and the busy bees – such a variety of elements making up my life
  96. Clean sheets and stacks of soft towels
  97. Food for the day and great hope for tomorrow
  98. The energy and initiative within that is a gift from God
  99. The eyes to see the needs of others and the desire to help
  100. Grace that is available to me daily to receive all that I need from God the Father.

I Thessalonians 5:16 “Give thanks in all circumstances.”  May we ever be thankful.

Watch the video below for the source of all joy and thankfulness.  I hope that you will find the gift of God that provides unspeakable thankfulness in our hearts.

We invite you to watch the “Great News” video on this page and find out more about God’s love for you and how you can receive forgiveness and eternal life – today!

good news of jesus
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The Prayer of Salvation

Jesus, I don't know You, and I don't know what Your plan is for me. But thank you for coming to die in my place. I'm sorry for anything I've ever done wrong in my life. I don't understand how You could ever forgive me, but if You really would, I would like to accept your free gift of grace and complete forgiveness. Please come into my life and take control, and help me trust You. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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