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125 Ways to be Grateful Right Now

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Welcome to 125 Ways to Be Grateful Right Now! In our bustling lives, it’s easy to overlook the little joys and blessings that surround us every day. This guide is your friendly reminder to pause, breathe, and appreciate the simple things. From the morning sun that greets you to the cozy bed that awaits you at night, we’re on a journey to rediscover gratitude in the ordinary moments. Whether you’re a gratitude guru or just starting your journey, these 125 simple and heartfelt ways will help you see the world with renewed appreciation and joy. Let’s begin this beautiful journey together, one grateful step at a time!”

Finding joy in Jesus is a great way to feel grateful. His words teach us to love, be kind, and forgive. You can pray, think on His words, or help others to feel closer to Him. It’s not just the big things; small acts of thanks in our day-to-day life can bring a lot of joy. Continue reading here for 125 ways to be grateful right now.

To find out more about finding true joy and life in Jesus, please watch the short Great news Video on this page.

Here are 125 Ways to be Grateful Right Now

  1. Faith in God: The foundation of Christian belief, offering hope and purpose.
  2. Salvation through Jesus Christ: Central to Christian faith, offering redemption and eternal life.
  3. The Holy Bible: God’s Word. A guide for life and faith, providing wisdom and comfort.
  4. Prayer: A personal conversation with God, offering solace and strength.
  5. Church Community: Supportive fellowship with other believers.
  6. Family: Love and support from family members.
  7. Friends: Companionship and understanding from friends.
  8. Health: Physical and mental well-being.
  9. Education: Opportunities to learn and grow.
  10. Employment: Means to provide for oneself and contribute to society.
  11. Nature: The beauty and majesty of God’s creation.
  12. Music: The joy and comfort it brings to the soul.
  13. Art: Expressions of creativity and beauty.
  14. Literature: Books that inspire, educate, and entertain.
  15. Freedom: To worship, think, and express oneself.
  16. Technology: Tools that make life easier and keep us connected.
  17. Acts of Kindness: Both received and given.
  18. Challenges and Trials: Opportunities for growth and reliance on God.
  19. Rest and Relaxation: Times of rejuvenation.
  20. Food and Water: Daily sustenance and nourishment.
  21. Shelter: A safe place to live.
  22. Seasons: The changing beauty and reminders of renewal.
  23. Travel and Exploration: Seeing new places and experiencing different cultures.
  24. Memories: Cherished moments from the past.
  25. Hopes and Dreams: Aspirations for the future.
  1. Sunrises and Sunsets: Daily reminders of God’s beauty in creation.
  2. Children’s Innocence: The joy and purity they bring into the world.
  3. Elders’ Wisdom: The guidance and knowledge from older generations.
  4. Laughter: The uplifting effect of joy and humor.
  5. Volunteer Opportunities: The chance to serve others and make a difference.
  6. Modern Medicine: Healing and health advancements.
  7. Spiritual Leaders: Pastors, priests, and others who guide and support your faith journey.
  8. Mentors and Role Models: Those who inspire and teach by example.
  9. Seasonal Changes: Reflecting the beauty and variety of God’s creation.
  10. Pets and Animals: Companionship and the joy they bring.
  11. Community Services: Resources and support systems in your community.
  12. Cultural Diversity: The richness and learning from various cultures.
  13. Miracles and Answered Prayers: Times when God’s hand is clearly seen.
  14. Forgiveness: Both receiving and giving, a cornerstone of Christian teaching.
  15. Artistic Ability: Whether personal talent or appreciating others’ work.
  16. Science and Discovery: Understanding more about God’s complex world.
  17. Human Rights Advances: Progress in justice and equality.
  18. Spiritual Growth: Personal development in faith and character.
  19. Historical Lessons: Learning from the past to improve the future.
  20. Modern Conveniences: Everyday utilities and appliances that make life easier.
  21. Transportation: The ability to travel and move freely.
  22. Peaceful Moments: Times of quiet reflection and serenity.
  23. Holiday Celebrations: Special times for remembering and rejoicing.
  24. Counsel and Advice: From friends, family, or professionals during tough times.
  25. Life’s Unexpected Blessings: Those pleasant surprises that uplift your spirit.
  26. The Change of Seasons: Witnessing God’s design in the natural world.
  27. Good Health: Both physical and mental wellness.
  28. Safety and Security: Living in a safe environment.
  29. Clean Air and Water: Essential resources that sustain life.
  30. Education and Learning: Opportunities to grow intellectually and spiritually.
  31. Spiritual Disciplines: Practices like fasting and meditation that deepen faith.
  32. Acts of Generosity: Both those received and those you’re able to give.
  33. Life’s Small Pleasures: A warm cup of tea, a comfortable chair, a good book.
  34. The Ability to Help Others: The privilege and responsibility of service.
  35. The Beauty of Creation: Mountains, oceans, forests, and skies.
  36. Moments of Stillness: Quiet times for reflection and prayer.
  37. Cultural Traditions: Rich heritage and customs that shape identity.
  38. The Gift of Language: The ability to communicate and connect with others.
  39. A Good Night’s Sleep: Rest and rejuvenation for the body and mind.
  40. Spiritual Songs and Hymns: Music that uplifts the soul and glorifies God.
  41. Courage in Adversity: Strength to face challenges with faith.
  42. The Gift of Hope: Essential for navigating life’s uncertainties.
  43. Community Events: Opportunities to connect and celebrate with others.
  44. The Diversity of the Church: Unity in Christ among different peoples.
  45. Inspiring Stories of Faith: Testimonies that encourage and motivate.
  46. Creativity and Imagination: The ability to dream and create.
  47. The Changing Sky: Clouds, stars, and the wonder of the heavens.
  48. Access to Healthcare: Medical services and support.
  49. Spiritual Conversations: Deep discussions that challenge and inspire growth.
  50. Every New Day: Each morning brings new opportunities and blessings.
  51. Sunshine and Rain: Both necessary for life and reminders of nature’s balance.
  52. Opportunities to Learn from Mistakes: Personal growth through challenges.
  53. Gifts and Talents: Unique abilities given to each individual to share with others.
  54. The Beauty of Art: In all its forms, offering reflection and expression.
  55. The Power of Forgiveness: Both in receiving and offering it.
  56. Moments of Laughter and Joy: The upliftment they bring to the soul.
  57. Opportunities to Travel: Experiencing God’s diverse creation and cultures.
  58. The Changing Weather: Reminders of the world’s dynamic nature.
  59. Meaningful Work and Vocation: The ability to contribute and find purpose.
  60. The Comfort of Routine: Stability and predictability in daily life.
  61. Modern Communications: Keeping connected with loved ones near and far.
  62. Spiritual Books and Resources: Guides for deepening faith and understanding.
  63. The Miracle of Birth: The beginning of new life and potential.
  64. Shared Meals with Loved Ones: Fellowship and nourishment together.
  65. The Ability to Read and Write: Essential skills for learning and communicating.
  66. Traditions and Rituals: Those that bring meaning to life and faith.
  67. Witnessing Acts of Kindness: Small gestures that restore faith in humanity.
  68. Personal Growth and Development: Becoming a better, more mature person.
  69. The Stars and Moon: Nightly reminders of the universe’s vastness and beauty.
  70. Healthcare Workers: Their dedication and care, especially in challenging times.
  71. Spiritual Retreats and Conferences: Opportunities for renewal and connection.
  72. The Sense of Touch: Embracing loved ones, feeling the warmth of the sun.
  73. Memories of Loved Ones Passed: Cherishing the impact they had on our lives.
  74. The Seasons of Life: Each bringing its own challenges and joys.
  75. Every Breath We Take: A gift often taken for granted, yet essential to life.
  76. Morning Dew: The freshness of a new day.
  77. Inspirational Quotes: Words that uplift and motivate.
  78. Gardening: The joy of nurturing growth and life.
  79. Heartfelt Conversations: Deep connections with others.
  80. Birdsong: Nature’s music that brightens the day.
  81. The Ability to Exercise: Keeping the body strong and healthy.
  82. Unexpected Compliments: Small words that can make a big difference.
  83. The Gift of Patience: Learning to wait and trust in God’s timing.
  84. Handwritten Letters: Personal and thoughtful communication.
  85. Sunsets and Sunrises: Daily reminders of life’s beauty.
  86. The Comfort of Home: A place of safety and belonging.
  87. Learning from Children: Their perspective and simplicity.
  88. Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables: Nature’s bounty in its variety.
  89. Craftsmanship: The skill and dedication in creating something with hands.
  90. Warm Clothing and Blankets: Comfort in colder seasons.
  91. Historical Monuments and Sites: Connections to the past and heritage.
  92. Board Games and Puzzles: Simple joys and family fun.
  93. Candles and Soft Lighting: Creating a peaceful atmosphere.
  94. Baking and Cooking: The pleasure of making and sharing food.
  95. Community Projects: Working together for a common goal.
  96. Museums and Libraries: Places of learning and exploration.
  97. The Sound of Rain: Soothing and life-giving.
  98. Photographs: Capturing moments and memories.
  99. The Beauty of Snow: Its quiet and transformative effect on the landscape.
  100. Spontaneous Adventures: Unexpected journeys and discoveries.

We hope you have found our list of 125 ways to be grateful right now uplifting and helpful. Now continue adding to this list each day. Let’s see how long it takes us to reach 1000 things to be thankful for!

We invite you to watch the “Great News” video on this page and find out more about God’s love for you and how you can receive forgiveness and eternal life – today!

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The Prayer of Salvation

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