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20 Ways to Let Someone Know How Much You Love Them

20 ways to let someone know how much you love them, marriage, love
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There are so many ways you can let someone know how much you love them. Why then do we find it hard to express our feelings? Do we let people know how much we care? Do they know you care? Let’s talk about 20 ways to let someone know how much you love them. How can you incorporate this into your marriage? Watch this video for some great insight into keeping the love going!

What is Love?

Love is an active verb. It is not a lazy and non-caring verb. It is not a word stamped on a candy heart. It is an outpouring from a heart that is tender and understanding and has been touched in a special way. To be the recipient of this kind of love is a wonderful blessing.

Some people can hug people warmly and give off loving vibes.  Others, not so easy.  They may have difficulty expressing their love.  Different backgrounds and families show their love in different ways.

Here are 20 Ways to Let Someone Know How Much You Love Them

Add your variations if you wish:

1. Give the one you love your time. 

Time is a very precious and scarce commodity. When you make time to be with that person, you are giving the best of gifts. When you put being with them first, you assure them of your love.

2. Be attentive to that person. 

Look her in the eye.  Listen.  Respond. Interact. Be in the moment. This shows your appreciation of who that person is, what he/she has to say, and the obvious interest you have. Be a good listener.

3. Put down the phone.

Don’t scroll while attempting to converse. Give the one you love your full attention. Interact with interest.

4. Compliment that person.

When you love someone, there is always something that they say, wear, or do that you can compliment. Make sure it is genuine. A fake compliment is so easy to see through. Be free with your compliments; we all love a valid compliment.

5. Let that special person know you are their best friend.

Don’t assume they know this.  Say, “You are my best friend. I trust you.” And validate that statement by being a trustworthy and devoted lover.

6. Remember that special person’s preferences.

Remember the choice of music, food, and settings. A genuine interest in someone results in getting to know that person’s likes and dislikes. Remembering these choices lets them know that they are indeed important to you.

7. Learn to interpret the frame of mind or mood quickly

Respond accordingly. Recognizing when there is a problem, a concern, or a hurt in order to be thought of as a caring and understanding person, as someone who really cares. That response lets that person know that they are most important in your thoughts and that you do care.

8. A gift – large or small – always shows a heart of love.

Choosing what is appropriate for the occasion and for the depth of the relationship indicates that you have given the purchase thought. A big hug is the best gift for many of us. A warm handshake – not a limp attempt – can express genuine feelings of warmth and sincerity. Undivided attention is a huge gift. 

9. Flowers are always a great way to tell a woman – whether a friend or lover – that you care. 

Flowers represent care, love, friendship, and beauty and are always in good taste.  

10. Being on time for any meetups shows you respect the other person’s time, and that you think them worthy of your efforts at promptness. 

Nothing destroys the warm tenor of an occasion more than the habitual tardiness of one of the parties. The awaiting person feels dissed, and the occasion starts cold. 

11. Show patience.

Everyone has a hard day now and again. Be patient when someone you love is distracted, grumpy, sad, or not in the mood. Working through feeling levels with patience will restore the intimacy and genuineness of the relationship to whatever level it previously held. 

12. Start the day with a text.

Respond to texts as soon as possible. It takes so little time. Even if you see no need for multiple communiques during the day, respond to the other if that is a priority they hold. Women especially enjoy a quick word from those they love.

13. Honor a person’s worth.

Never put down someone’s education, background, or job description. When you love someone, you lift them up. Never harshly criticize. Learn to gently lead someone you love to make a better decision, to choose a high road, or to grow in their faith in God.

14. Allow the other person to equally choose where to eat, what to attend, whom to invite, etc.

This respect for each other’s minds, choices, desires, or dreams indicates a true love of that person and great respect for them. To honor the one you love is of great importance.

15. Always speak well of someone you love.

Never publicly correct them. Never badmouth your spouse to anyone. If there is a problem, seek counseling. A wife exalts her husband, and a husband adores his wife. Any dissension should be discussed in the privacy of the home. Never embarrass your partner or publicly ridicule him. 

16. Do something completely unexpected occasionally to express your love. 

Be there in a rainstorm to take her to her car. A backrub is usually a solver of many problems. Plan an intimate dinner and a time together without the children one evening. Plan a joyful Saturday that removes stress but rather adds spontaneity of spirit.

17. Let that special person know that he/she is in first place in your thoughts and plans and dreams.

That every decision includes their welfare. No one – no parent – no friend comes before your spouse, your love, your life mate. Acknowledging the lordship of Christ in this union provides the third strand in the rope of togetherness – a rope that will not be broken.

18. Fix a favorite meal.

Order in. Make reservations at a favorite restaurant. Make that person feel special – that they are the most important person in your life. Let them know your world revolves around them. 

19. Snuggle.

Let her know you enjoy her close companionship – period. That just being together to read, watch a movie, or munch on goodies is a rewarding evening. 

20. Pray together.

Worship together. Grow strong in your faith together. Share your faith in God with your mate.  Make the establishment of a Christian home paramount in your mutual plans.

Now, add your thoughts and double the size of your own list. Sometimes we just get in a funk, forgetting to let our partner know that we love and honor them.  Wake up – make it known.  A loving and dedicated marriage is worth more than gold and silver.  It is your life!  

“Love is patient, love is kind.” First Corinthians 13:4.

We invite you to watch the “Great News” video on this page and find out more about God’s love for you and how you can receive forgiveness and eternal life – today!

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