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24 Ways to Celebrate Your Successes to Keep Motivation Strong

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Way to go! You Rock! Everyone loves a commendation, a pat on the back, a round of applause when a goal has been accomplished.  Or when extra effort has proved successful.  Or when a long-term plan reaches fruition. Sometimes due to the environmental set up of our workplace or because of the psychological climate of our daily lives, success may not be celebrated publicly and perhaps they should be. Success helps boost our self esteem. I think we should celebrate every success; from taking our first step to landing on the moon! Here are 24 ways to celebrate your successes to keep motivation strong!

Success in our lives – even minute successes – release endorphins, give us joy and energy, and need to be celebrated, even if in private.Pat yourself on the back – jump up and click your heels together – hug your partner – thank your God. You have succeeded!  You deserve to be celebrated! Read on for 24 ways to celebrate your successes to keep motivation strong!

Here are 24 ways to Celebrate Your Successes in Life!

1. Openly acknowledge the success. Congratulate yourself.  Be joyous.  It’s ok to be a winner! It is more thank OK!

2. Share the news with someone. Always share any success with your spouse, who is your biggest fan. Shared successes strengthen a relationship.

3. Always include the team – share the moment! Acknowledge those who helped you. Inclusion in defining a success multiplies it by ten.

4. Share it with those who may have helped you long term get where you are. If it is a personal habit success, share it with your mentor or support group.

5. Call a friend, tell your kids, and if they are not available, always call Grandma – she applauds every effort and will celebrate you big time!

6. Take some time to recover if it was an all- absorbing project. The tendency may be to jump immediately into a follow up since you are running on adrenalin. Take a breather. Allow a time for recreation and recharging.

7. Get outside into nature – be replenished – walk, run, jump, exult! We are invigorated by the outdoors, both its beauty and its wild majesty.

 8. Share so that others can see that small successes matter.  Small successes give us a boost – they are stepping-stones to big successes – but just as necessary and should be acknowledged as same.

9. Some companies ring a bell when a goal is reached, or when a team completes a project. Public recognition is rewarding and motivational.

10. Never think that rejoicing over small wins as well as large ones is not professional.  Successful mobility following a delicate surgery; the ability to hear again following a procedure; landing on the moon after many attempts – these are celebrated just as the five-year-old who rides a bike successfully for the first time. We all need wins in our lives. 

11. Write it down. Keep a ledger of both personal and professional successes. Going back and reading those will encourage us in the future and assure us that we are still motivated and on track.

10. Pause in gratitude. Take time to thank God for entrusting you with strength and the traits that produce success. And ask for humility while you are there so your successes do not come off as obnoxious to your teammates.

11. If it is a personal success in dealing with a family member, handle it carefully. Be thankful for any break-through in a relationship. Build quietly and lovingly on that success.

12. Celebrate! Go out for dinner! Have a cookout! If it’s a biggie, take a weekend get-away. If a smaller one, maybe fix pancakes for the family Saturday morning.  Or, our family favorite, celebrate everything at least once with a big bottle of diet soda and a bag of Cheetos! Read on for more of 24 ways to celebrate your successes to keep motivation strong!

13. Enjoy the good things of life! Each success of any size is a win and gives us impetus to strive for the next achievement.

14. If it is your child’s success, celebrate everything positive! Clap your hands, pin his work on the fridge, light a special candle, use a special plate, let them choose an activity for the evening.  Let them know that doing a job well is to be celebrated and it will serve as an impetus for the next.

15. Honor your husband/wife when a success enters the ordinary of ordinary days and encourages them. Let her know how proud you are of her. Let him know he is your hero. Your response is ultimately the most important response.

16. Let a success motivate you by reminding you of your capabilities. Perhaps it will motivate you to be more careful to do your workouts. You know that working out improves your mood, your ability, your health, and your looks – let a small success motivate you to become a better you.

17. Let a success motivate you to strive for the next step – not just for the accolades but for the euphoria we enjoy when we use our abilities and gifts to the highest degree and for the betterment of society. Read on for more of 24 ways to celebrate your successes to keep motivation strong!

18. Immediately after celebrating, identify the next step for completing another success story. You are pumped, you know your potential, write down other things you want to accomplish. Keep that list handy to remind you when days become dull and discouraging. Never forget your goals. 

19. Drop a note to a former teacher or coach. They will celebrate as if it is their own success! Be that someone to someone else.

20. Developing a faith in God is a source of encouragement. He knows your every ability, your every thought. Depend on him for the day to day needs and thank him for the successes he brings your way.

21. Rejoice! Don’t hide the joy generated by your success. Let others see that hard work and success bring great joy. It stimulates our way of thinking, girds us on for bigger and better things, and encourages others to strive for success. 

22. Remember that you are in this world for a purpose.  Fulfilling that for which you are gifted to achieve can give you the most rewarding of days. We all need to fill the place of service to which we are designed.  You are special. You are gifted.  You are needed.  You can do it.  

23. Go forward now.  May you be filled with confidence in a life of successful living. Successful living is a healthy and helpful way to respond to the challenges that are yours.  It is giving of your best to each endeavor.  It is being honest and right thinking in every relationship. 

24. May your life produce love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and  self-control so that you can be the influencer you were meant to be.  These are found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

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