30 Ways to Feel More Alive Again

Are you in a rut?  Are you having trouble stepping back out into the world after a couple of years of semi-isolation from the pandemic?  Even if you were not isolating by choice, the effects of the pandemic may have shut down a lot of activities in your life and caused a break in relationships. Do you perhaps feel a bit awkward reentering the world of social and business physical contacts? Or is your life just humdrum? No excitement? Dull, monotonous, void of any real joy? Whatever the reason, if you are not feeling alive, connected, energized, tantalized, or excited about each day, here are 30 ways to feel more alive again.

If you want to feel alive again, please watch this video and follow the steps on the page. You can experience a brand new life starting today!!

30 Ways To Feel More Alive Again- not in order of importance:

1. Step outdoors

Take a brisk walk while focusing on the sunshine and the fresh air. Notice the little things like birds and butterflies or even animal tracks in the snow. Claim a part of this freedom of movement and fresh air for your own. And breathe a thank you.

2. Sit quietly on your balcony or in your backyard

Listen to the silence or mute the cacophony of unpleasant noise with some noise- cancelling earbuds.  Rethink your goals, your activities, your abilities, your opportunities, and your gifts.

3. Run

Even if you haven’t run in years, give it a try.  Carefully.  Running awakens the youth in us. Just a few bursts of over-the-top energy added to your regular walk will intensify the euphoria of spontaneity.

4. Invite a friend to join you for a walk in the park, a cup of coffee, a quiet enjoyment of a sunset. 

5. Pick up an order of Mexican food on the way home from work.

6. Sing

Even if you live alone, start singing.  Sing loud and feel the joy. Praise God songs. Funny little songs. Just sing.  Let the music flow through your body and let your body move with the music. Be surprised how your singing improves as you release the tension.

7. Extend a helping hand

Volunteer in a church or organizational group – to help provide food and shelter; tutor children; clean up an area; drive an elderly neighbor to the store or to the doctor.  So many places to serve that get us out of ourselves, enlivens us, as we serve where needed.

8. Go for a drive

Roll down the windows when you hit a country road. Feel the thrill of freedom behind the wheel. 

9. Give Thanks

For everything. Calling to mind each thing, large and small, in our lives that makes us who we are and thanking God for his provision and protection.

If you want to feel alive again, please watch this video and follow the steps on the page. You can experience a brand new life starting today!!

10. Do Something for Yourself

Get a new hairstyle. Buy a shirt with a touch of color. Replace that old jacket. You are worth the splurge.

11. Exercise – yes, the age-old advice.

It does not have to be overly strenuous or involve expensive equipment.  Walk two miles a day; learn to stretch. which is the most age defying type exercise with immediate feel-good results. Join a group for added motivation. Join a gym if you need even more motivation. 

12. Skip

Skip down the hallway.  Skip, skip, skip, and laugh.

13. Get rid of the clutter

Start with the catch-all by the backdoor. Then rid your closet of things you no longer wear or need. If you have trouble with this, put some questionably useful items in a labeled box in the storage room on hold for a year before giving to charity.

14. Call a friend

Meet up with a friend. Renew old friendships and don’t be afraid of making new ones. People need people.

15. Attend a church service

Join a Life Group in a local church. Find the support of positive and joyous people. 

16. Go to a ballgame

Cheer the kids in neighborhood games. Find a pro team to follow in person or on TV. Yell for them.  Yes, even at home alone!

17. Try a new restaurant

Select a new type of food – you may find a health food place becomes an addiction.

If you want to feel alive again, please watch this video and follow the steps on the page. You can experience a brand new life starting today!!

18. Visit your parents

Or an elderly grandparent. The joy you bring to them will bring joy to yourself as well.

19. Throw a party

Open your house and ask everyone to bring a contribution.. Turn the music on – play fun games. Good food and good convo – skip the politics. 

20. Start each morning by reading a few verses from the Bible and asking God to direct your day and welcome Him into your activities.

21. Ask God to help you recognize and not miss any of the blessings for the day that are intended to revitalize your life.

Go forth with eagerness to greet the day.

22. Do practice good health habits.

So much pain and illness can be prevented by observing what we all know to be those great health habits.

23. Share your wonderful personality gifts with others.

Encourage others. Put on a happy face. Be a good listener.

24. Whistle a tune.

Greet others with a big smile and a Great Day comment. 

25. Compliment others

Encourage others. Assist others. Reach out to others. Give to others.  Include others. Love others.

26. Thank God you are able to enjoy life.

Quit complaining.  Start by adding another thing each day for which you are thankful.

27. Laugh, Love, Live.

Try something new – a mountain climb, catch a wave, a vacation to an off the beat place – or write a book, paint a picture, learn to play a new instrument. Dabble in many activities for the experience. Appreciate others’ gifts and interests. Expand your way of thinking.

28.Send someone a text just to let them know you are thinking of them.

Not weird at all.  We all love attention.

29. Acknowledge your need for a personal relationship with God through Jesus.

Understanding that an omnipotent and loving God wants a relationship with each of us gives us a boost of identity and a feeling of worth.  Continue to pursue this through reading the Bible, meeting with a pastor or a friend who knows Christ.

If you want to feel alive again, please watch this video and follow the steps on the page. You can experience a brand new life starting today!!

30. Keep on adding to this list. 

It is endless.  The more alive we are the more things we find that make us Feel More Alive Again.  Read this list of 30 ways to feel more alive again over and over again.

Get up. Dress up. Show up. Never Give Up!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

“This is the Day that the Lord has made, let us Rejoice and Be Glad in it.” Psalm 118:14

Open your eyes, your heart, your mind to all God has provided.  May you and I use all of our gifts to help others, to enjoy life ourselves, and to glorify our Lord Jesus.  Enjoy these 30 ways to feel more alive again.

Go and Have a Great Day!!!

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If you want to feel alive again, please watch this video and follow the steps on the page. You can experience a brand new life starting today!!


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