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4 Mistakes that Can Cause Anxiety

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When you’ve had enough of the struggle with anxiety, there is hope. I have been there and so have many millions of people. You are not alone and life can get better.  Are you ready and willing to make a change? Craig Groeschel helps us understand 4 mistakes that can cause anxiety. I hope you find the help and encouragement you need. Click on the video to hear this dynamic speaker help and motivate you to find the answer you are looking for. Read More about 4 Mistakes that Can Cause Anxiety.

Today we will be discussing the following:

  1. 4 Mistakes that Can Cause Anxiety
  2. 4 Signs That You’ve Had Enough
  3. How to Know When You’ve Had Enough
  4. God Will Calm Your Anxieties
  5. What to do When You are Overwhelmed with Anxiety
  6. Why Am I So Anxious About Everything?
  7. Can I be Anxious for Nothing?
  8. The Story of Elijah
  9. 4 Mistakes that Caused Deep Depression and Anxiety
  10. I’ve had Enough and I Can’t Take it Anymore
  11. How I Ran Myself Into the Ground
  12. God Will Help You
  13. Anxiety is a Complex Issue
  14. I Shut out My Friends Even Though I Needed Them
  15. Focused on the Negative
  16. How to Heal from Anxiety
  17. How to be Forgiven by God

4 Signs That You’ve Had Enough

  1. You run yourself into the ground
  2. You shut people out
  3. You focus on the negative
  4. You forget God

 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! 5Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. 

Philippians 4:4-7 NIV

4 Mistakes That Cause Anxiety

Of the four anxiety-causing mistakes:

  1. running ourselves into the ground
  2. shutting people out
  3. focusing on the negative
  4. forgetting God

Which anxiety mistake do you struggle with most?  

How can you encourage yourself to trust that God will carry you through every difficulty you face?

How can you reassure someone else of God’s presence who may be feeling brokenhearted or overwhelmed?  

– Hey a big welcome today to every single one of you. Your story is different because of the grace of Jesus, and we celebrate God’s forgiveness, his power in your lives. God’s grace is available to all of us.

If you have not yet experienced the forgiveness of God through His. Son Jesus Christ, we invite you to watch the FREE GIFT FOR YOU video on this page. Your life can be transformed today, right now, right here.

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How to Know When You’ve Had Enough

Today, we’re launching into a new message series. The title of this series is “Anxious For Nothing”. The title of this particular message, part one is “When You’ve Had Enough”. I don’t know if any of you’ve had enough, but for those of you who are battling anxiety, this message series is for you. In fact, if you wouldn’t mind, at all of our Life.Churches, would you just stand to your feet, in honor of reading God’s word?

I wanna set up our text to you today, and I wanna tell ya little bit about what we’re gonna talk about. This is a message series for those of you who might feel heavy in spirit. You might be worried about something. It could be a health issue for you, it could be someone that you love, it might be aging parents, it might be a burdensome financial season. It might be that you’re worried about your children, the decisions that they’re making, or sending them off to school and such. This is a message series for those of you that are worried. Or maybe battling with fear or some type of anxiety.

God Will Calm Your Anxieties

What we’re gonna do over the next four weeks is we’re going to start in Philippians chapter 4, and I’m gonna take a small portion of that text, and highlight it, and use other portions of scripture to support the big truth. And what I wanna do is give you the context today. Then we’re gonna read this, and we’re gonna read it every single week. We’re gonna let it settle into our spirits. And we believe that God is going to calm our anxiety as we cast our cares on him.

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again, rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all.

Philippians 4:4

The book of Philippians, the apostle Paul, he wanted more than anything else to go to Rome to preach the gospel. But he found himself in Rome as a prisoner, locked up, 24 hours a day, to a Roman guard. And out of the situation where he could’ve been more anxious than anybody I know right now, not knowing his potential outcome, how long he would be there, even whether or not he would live, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, he penned these words. He said:

Here’s the portion for this week, The Lord is near. Would you all say that aloud, say it with me.

Do not be anxious about anything. Another version says be anxious for nothing. But in every situation, no matter what you’re going through, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, you present your request to God, and the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4: 6-7

So Father, we ask, that your presence would be evident to all. And God, as we cast our cares on you, we would sense your love and your goodness, because you care for us. And may your peace from heaven guard our hearts, and our minds, and our souls, in Christ Jesus name we pray, and everybody said?

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– One of the many things I love about our church family is you all let me be a real person. Is it okay if I’m a real person today? Most of the time I am a pastor who glows in the dark, not really, all of the time I’m a regular person, and I wanna tell you the story behind this message series. It started the first week of June, and I flew to see a friend of mine, Pastor Steven Furtick. About twice a year or so, I’ll fly to see him, or he’ll fly to see me, and we spend one day together. We always fast, we pray, we search scripture together, we seek God. Actually everything I told you is a lie.

Overwhelmed with Anxiety

What we do is we watched Wimbledon last time, we work out, and we ate a lot, but it felt holy. If you know what I’m saying, okay . And so, and the truth is this last visit, almost every one is highlight for both of us, because it’s two friends getting together, and encouraging each other. But it was a particularly rough season for me. And immediately he’s like, “Groeschel, what’s wrong?” And I told him I just, I’m having a hard time breathing. This is incredibly unusual for me. I don’t battle with a lot of anxiety, but I could barely even breathe full breaths. And I was overwhelmed with this sense of anxiety.

Read More about 4 Mistakes that Can Cause Anxiety

I’m about to tell you what was causing it. You’re gonna say, well that doesn’t make any sense, which is exactly what anxiety is. It doesn’t make any sense so often. I was stressed about the message series that I’m teaching right now. I have to name the series a couple of months in advance because of our programming and such, and I couldn’t come up with another idea. For decades, I’ve done this, and I just hit the end of my rope. There was nothing, no idea, no insight into scripture, no revelation, nothing I wanted to say. I just was empty and it scared me beyond description.

The walls felt like they were closing in, I felt like maybe I need to hang it up. Massive heart wrenching anxiety. And Pastor Steven said, “Well, here’s what you’re gonna preach on. “You’re gonna preach on anxiety, “and we’re gonna call it ‘Anxious For Nothing.'” He just pulled that title, and it’s a good title, and he said, “Because you know your best preaching “comes out of your personal experience, “as you dive into God’s word, and he works in your life.”

Read More about 4 Mistakes that Can Cause Anxiety

Can I be Anxious for Nothing?

So, this message series is not born out of my strength. Here I am, pastor to save the day, no, no, no. This is born out of the very scary, unusually dark season of real deep anxiety for me. Are we okay? Can I be human? Paul said, “Be anxious for nothing.” I’m asking myself is that even possible? In a world that we live in? With all this going on, be anxious for nothing? Mass shooting, followed by tragic mass shooting? Can I be anxious for nothing?

Why Am I So Anxious About Everything?

I read a book about Gen Z recently, loved the book about, those of you who are like high school age, and college age, and there’s so many promising things about your generation. One of the biggest challenges, they say, is that you’re the most stressed generation in recent history. You worry about everything, should I go to college, if I do, am I gonna have to take out student loans?

And then if I graduate, will I get a job good enough to pay off the loans, and am I gonna get married, and if I do, am I gonna marry someone psycho, ’cause I’ve seen a lotta psychos, you know and how am I gonna pay the bills. And then there are people that are married, like I did marry psycho, and I think I’m psycho, ’cause she’s making me psycho

And I don’t know about my job, and my car’s going into the shop, and my teenagers are driving me crazy, and my parents are aging, and there’s so much uncertainty in the world, is it even possible to be anxious for nothing? What I wanna do in this particular message is I wanna show you an Old Testament prophet, that may be like some of you all. He really loved God, and yet, even though he had seen the faithfulness, the power, the provision of God, he still struggled massively with anxiety. Read More about 4 Mistakes that Can Cause Anxiety

The Story of Elijah

His name is Elijah, if you don’t know the context of Elijah, Elijah actually confronted a very evil king named King Ahab, he called him on his sin, and he prophesied a drought that would significantly impact King Ahab’s kingdom, and so the king came after the prophet Elijah with all the forces of his army, saying we’re going to destroy you, essentially we’re gonna kill you.

And so for three years, Elijah was on the run, he was hiding out, and yet God was faithful. God fed him with bread, and ravens and meat from heaven, and Elijah raised the dead. There was one time, this was so cool, Elijah stood down 850 false prophets. One man stood down 850, that’s cocky in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I love that.

Read More about 4 Mistakes that Can Cause Anxiety

There was a time, one of my favorite moments in life, where I actually stood down three men. I did, they were harassing a woman, and being very inappropriate to her, and so I stood them down, your pastor single handedly ran off three men. I just told ’em, I’ll introduce you to two of my friends, it’ll be even, there’s me, there’s grace, and there’s truth, and truth will set you free, ‘kay. I ran off three… It’s a true story, but that’s not the point of this message, but I am proud to tell you that I ran off three men.

Elijah stood down 850. He called fire from heaven, made ’em crispy critters. Then, after all the power of God, miracle after miracle, one grumpy woman gets up into his grill. And he falls completely apart. If you don’t know the story, Ahab was bad, but oh, he had a wife, that made him look look like Mother Teresa. This woman, his wife, was named Jezebel, and she got in the picture, and essentially she said honey, if you can’t get a job done, then let a woman do it right. I’m gonna kill Elijah.

4 Mistakes Caused Deep Depression and Anxiety

And Elijah completely falls apart, you’ll see him spiral into deep depression and anxiety, that some of you might be able to relate to. I wanna show you the story, and when we do look at the story, I want you to notice four different mistakes that Elijah made when he had had too much. And you might see yourself making one, two, three or four of these mistakes, as I did in my season of significant struggle. Let me show you the text in 1 Kings 19, we’ll start in verse 3. See if you can find the mistakes that he made.

Scripture says this, Elijah was afraid, he’s freaking out, he’s experiencing deep and very real anxiety, and so he ran for his life. When he came to Beersheba in Judah, watch for the mistakes, he left his servant there, while he himself went on a day’s journey into the wilderness. Now he’s by himself and wandering in the wilderness. He came to a broom bush, sat down under it, and prayed that he might die. Notice how irrational he is, his biggest fear is that she’s gonna kill him, now he wants to die. He’s struggling, ‘kay, what does he say?

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I’ve had Enough and I Can’t Take it Anymore

He said the same thing that some of you might’ve said. I’ve had enough, I can’t take anymore. He has his Popeye moment, it’s all I can stands, I can’t, I’ve had enough, he says. Take my life, I’m no better than my ancestors. Some of you, about right now, you might be in that I can’t take it anymore, I’ve done everything I can, I’m trying to pay the bills, one more thing broke, I can’t take it anymore.

Some of you that’s in a relationship, you’re trying, you’re trying, you’re trying, you’re trying, and they deceived you again, I can’t take it anymore. Some of you, it’s your schedule, you work and you work, and you’re trying everything, and you’re maybe a single parent, you’re trying to juggle, or you’re working your tail off, I just cannot take it anymore.

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It could be something simple, you’ve made dinner 9,000 times, and they haven’t said thank you 9,000 times, and they’ve walked away 9,000 times, but on 9,001, I’m gonna kill you, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and God’s gonna be pleased about that because your sin has taken you out. I can’t take it anymore.

For me, it was naming a sermon series. One sermon series, I’ve done hundreds upon hundreds. And I could not catch my breath or finish sentences. Elijah couldn’t take it, he made four mistakes. I’ve made these, and perhaps you have as well.

What Are The 4 Mistakes that Elijah Made?

1 . He Ran Himself Into the Ground

The first thing we tend to do when we’ve had enough is this, we run ourselves into the ground, we run ourselves into the ground. This is what he did, the text says he was afraid, he ran for his life, he rant to Beersheba, which if you don’t know the geography of it, he ran about 100 miles. He ran as far as it human possible to run. Had he run anymore, he’d a run into the water, he couldn’t of run anymore, he ran four marathons, he ran, he ran, he ran, he ran, he was so exhausted, he wore himself out. I told you part of the story,

Here is How I Ran Myself Into the Ground

I told you I had deep anxiety. I told you about the first week of June. What I didn’t tell you about was what led up to the first week of June, and that was May. And probably April, and March, and February, and January, and December, and the list goes on and on. But May in particular was different. It was, once I was processing this with someone who was helping me, who said, “Your problem wasn’t June, your problem was May.”

Let me tell you what I did in May, I’m not complaining, nor am I bragging. This is just what I did in May. I taught four weekends of “Chasing Carrots”, and that’s along with leading the church, is a full month for me, just doing the normal stuff. I also wrote and pre-produced “The Good Work”, four weeks on Nehemiah, I did it on a Monday and Tuesday, and the reason I do that almost every May is so I can have the weekends off for one month a year, with my family, in the month of June, thank God for June.

Read More about 4 Mistakes that Can Cause Anxiety

I fell apart in June, but I ran myself into the ground in May.

So essentially I did Mays messages and June, in May. And “At The Movies” has to go into production early. So I wrote, shot, and edited “At The Movies” in May, as well as “The Good Work”, as well as the others. That’s three months worth in one month, that’s a lot. And I did two months of leadership podcast, and on top of that, in that one month period, Amy and I did an international trip to London to do a leadership conference with multiple talks every day. Landed on a Thursday, preached on Saturday.

During the message, my daughter Katie gave birth early to her daughter, with significant health scares, which ended up being okay. Then I preached on Sunday, then on Sunday night, I did the rehearsal dinner for my daughter’s, Anna’s wedding. On Monday I gave her away, and officiated the service.

Some of you are there right now. You’re in a real season of anxiety, and you don’t recognize it, you been going way too hard for way too long. Elijah ran himself into the ground.

2. He Shut People Out

The second big mistake that he made, many of us do, is we shut people out, we shut people out. Does he notice it? He left his servant, he said to his trusted friend, I don’t need you anymore, and he went off on his own. This is a little bit of what I did in the month of May, which is, hey I’m the pastor, and I’m not gonna tell anybody I’m hurting, and I’m just gonna push through this on my own, and didn’t let anybody in. This is one of the reasons why Life Groups, they are the heartbeat of our church. Read More about 4 Mistakes that Can Cause Anxiety

I Shut out My Friends Even Though I Needed Them

This is the heartbeat of who we are, without the body of Christ, we are incomplete. In the month of September, we are launching new Life Groups. Many of you, that you’re not in one, this is gonna be a turning point in your life. We’ve got a message series called “I’m In”. Oh did I just tell you the name of an upcoming message series that’s already named, and already working? It’s coming up, and we’re gonna launch some Life Groups, because we know that life is better together, and we are incomplete without the family of God, and we’re not gonna do what Elijah did, when he shut the most trusted people out.

3. He Focused on the Negative

The third mistake that he made, and we often make, is he focused on the negative. Here’s what he said, he said

  • I’ve had enough.
  • I’m no better than my fathers
  • I’m no better than my ancestors, and this is the very thing that we often do. We focus on the negative.
  • My life is so hard
  • There’s just too much
  • I don’t like my job
  • I don’t like where I’m going
  • I’m always gonna suffer
  • I’m always gonna be broke
  • We’re never gonna be happy
  • We’re always going to be hurting.

And we focus on the negative, and that’s kinda what I did.

I got all these sermons to do, and nobody understands. Read More about 4 Mistakes that Can Cause Anxiety

4. He Forgot God

And number four, perhaps the biggest mistake is we forget God, we forget God. Which crazy, is every step of the way through Elijah’s life. Every moment of time, God was present, God was faithful, God’s power was visible, God’s provision was real, and even though God had been faithful, Elijah did what so many of us do, he was facing his problems while forgetting his God. For over two decades I’ve preached and preached, and God has been present, and yet I was facing my fears, and forgetting my God.

The crazy thing is Elijah’s name alone should’ve been enough to comfort him in the middle of his anxiety. His name alone, Elijah, El, E-L-I-J-A-H. El stands for Elohim, it’s short for Elohim, which is God. I, E-L-I is I or my. J-A-H is short for Jah, Yahweh. My God is Yahweh. A devout believer though, in his time, and even in some parts of the world today, would not even write the name Jehovah, short for Jehovah, wouldn’t even write the word Jehovah with the letters, anyway, the vowels, because that would be too intimate, and so here we’ve got Elijah, my God is Jehovah, my God is Yahweh, and this word means my God is Yahwe, Yahw, Yahw, my God is my breath, it’s what it means. Read More about 4 Mistakes that Can Cause Anxiety

My God is My Breath

My God is my breath, it’s what his name means. My God is my source. My God is my strength. My God is my sustainer, my God is my breath. He’s with me, his name alone. And yet knowing that his God is near, he falls apart. What did God do when he did that? Well, ye of little faith. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. God met Elijah in his need, and I wanna show you how God revealed himself to him. Scripture says this, the Lord God said to Elijah, “Go out and stand on the mountain, “in the presence of the Lord, “for the Lord is about to pass by.”

Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountain apart, and shattered the rocks below. But the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. And after the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. After the fire came a gentle whisper. A gentle breath, the Lord is my breath. Earth shook, but the Lord wasn’t in the earthquake. The wind howled, but the Lord wasn’t in the wind. The fire raged, but the Lord was not in the fire. Earth, wind, and fire.

The Lord Was in the Whisper

Just a little nod for my older buddies in the crowd. But the Lord was in the whisper. The Lord was in the breath. The Lord was near. Read More about 4 Mistakes that Can Cause Anxiety

How to Heal from Anxiety

I wanna show honor to my bride, Amy, who walked me through what was a dark season, and is an ongoing process, in healing through real anxiety. In fact, Amy, would you just mind joining me up here, real quick, and you guys can clap for her as she comes, if you don’t mind. This is my favorite part of the message, just because I get to stand close to my best friend and my bride. So you were gonna do a sermon illustration, and you can look stressed, ‘kay. Pretend like you’re anxious.

And what I wanna do is help illustrate this. God was not in the remarkable, God was in the ordinary. When we’re hurting, when we’re afraid, when we’re overwhelmed, why doesn’t God sometimes speak in the loud ways? Why does God whisper? He whispers because he’s close. Why does our God whisper? He whispers to draw us close. The devil, on the other hand, shouts his lies. His voice is a condemnation, his accusation, you’ll never be enough, you’ll never make it through. You’ll always be on your own. Read More about 4 Mistakes that Can Cause Anxiety

God Will Help You

But God whispers. The Lord is near, he will never leave you, he will never forsake you. I am always with you, even ’til the ends of the age. I’m always good, I’m working in all things, nothing shall separate you from my love, nothing. Neither height, nor depth, darkness, nothing will separate you from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus. Why does God whisper? Because the Lord is near. He whispers because he’s close.

I’m gonna turn my microphone off, ’cause I don’t want you to hear the smack. And back on now, so, thank you. So I called a counselor, your pastor’s in counseling. My pastor’s in counseling. Yes. It’s wise to get help from the wise. I’m gonna say it again, it’s wise to get help from the wise. Walk with the wise, you grow wise. Walk with a bunch of turkeys, you become a turkey, that’s the new Craig translation of that version.

Anxiety is a Complex Issue

For some people it might be a change of diet, so we need help from dietician. For some it might be a chemical imbalance, so we need help from doctors. For some, we might need to process some things, we need help from counselors. I chose a counselor. I hired a performance psychologist, and he helped me come up with, this is my phrase, based on our time together, but essentially, as I was going into a very heavy summer of preaching, this phrase is what I’m living on. My experience, meaning I’ve done this for a long time, my experience plus God’s presence is enough. That’s my breath. My experience plus God’s presence, he’s with me, he’s near, it is enough.

So I’ll tell you about what happened this summer, and again this isn’t to complain, nor is it to brag, but it’s way cheaper than this guy I talk to all the time, and so helps me feel better to tell you for free. Amy and I did events in New Zealand and Australia, and during that time, our house was under construction. We found significant and dangerous mold in five rooms, so five rooms were being ripped out, while we’re gone.

Our kids were at home, and while we were gone, and our house was under construction, somehow a raccoon got in the house, which that’s just as side story, which is fun. And a rat got into pastor Charlie, an intern who’s living with, into his car, ate out his car, so it wouldn’t start. My son’s car wouldn’t start. The air conditioner had to be replaced, ’cause it was faulty, so there was no air conditioner for about 10 days. The water was down for seven days. My credit card got compromised, which is the one my kids at home use, so if you could imagine, we were traveling internationally, no air conditioning, no water, with a raccoon, no transportation, and no money.

I’m Going to Die Was the Greatest Fear

And I preached 25 different messages in eight days in five different cities, in two different countries. And in the middle of feeling anxiety going into it, and we walked through it with the grace of God, because my experience, plus his presence is enough. The Lord is near. My God is my breath. My God is my breath. Here’s what’s funny about Elijah. If you don’t know the end of this story, it’s pretty funny. What was his greatest fear, his greatest fear was I’m going to die.

He Never Died. His Greatest Fear Never Happened

But if you don’t go to end of his story, later on, he’s walking along with his protegee, Elisha, and God sends a chariot from heaven, like this horse and stuff from heaven that sweeps Elijah off the face of the earth. And he never tasted physical death, like we will. He never died . The thing he feared the most never happened.

Anxious for Nothing

We could say, get ready for it, I been leading toward it the whole time, we could say he was anxious for nothing. I came to tell somebody here that the vast majority of what you worry about is not going to happen. Most of it never, ever does. The vast majority never happens, and therefore we are anxious for nothing. The vast majority doesn’t happen, sometimes it does happen, and it’s not as bad as we thought. We were anxious for nothing, and sometimes it does happen, and it is bad, and it’s worse than we ever thought, but the goodness of God always carries us through. He’s always faithful, he never leaves us, he’ll never forsake us, because he is our breath, he is our strength, he is our source, and that’s why the apostle Paul, chained up to a Roman guard not knowing his future, can say do not be anxious about anything.

He said this, we can rejoice in the Lord always, I’ll say it again, rejoice. Let your gentleness be evident to all, why? Because our God is near. Because he’s near. Why does he whisper, because he is close. Don’t be anxious about anything, but in everything, with prayer, and petition, bring your request to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts, and your minds, and your souls, in Christ Jesus. Why does he whisper? He whispers because he’s close. Read More about 4 Mistakes that Can Cause Anxiety

The Lord is Near

The Lord is near. Our God is here. So we trust in you. Father, we ask that by the power of the name that is above every name, that even in the midst of severe trials, and significant anxiety, worry, fears, doubts, insecurity, God that we could experience a peace from heaven that goes beyond our human ability to understand. All of our churches today, I’ve been about as transparent as I know how to be with you. Those of you who may have a burden, a weight, you feel crushed, you feel overwhelmed, you feel anxious, you feel worried, if there’s something weighing on you, and you wanna take it to God today, would you lift up your hands right now, all of our different churches, just lift up your hands, reaching out to God.

A Prayer

Father, we thank you for your presence, and for your goodness. And God I thank you that you know every single need of every person with a lifted hand toward you, God. I pray, Father, that you would be actively engaged and involved, and more than anything else, God that we would sense your presence now. Emmanuel, God with us. God even in your own way, would you just whisper that you know, that you care, that you’re involved, that you’re working even when we don’t sense it, that you’re active, God, even when we don’t see it. God we thank you, for your presence, and as we cast our cares on you, because you care for us, may your peace, God, from heaven, guard our hearts and our minds, and our souls, in Christ Jesus.

As you keep praying today, there may be those of you that you’re in a really low point right now. And you would recognize if we sat down and talked to each other, and I said hey, where’s God involved in all this, you might say I don’t know, and you may come to recognize that you don’t really know God personally. You might believe in God, kinda sorta, you might even been a church person, but you’re not walking with God, you don’t sense his presence.

Who Is Jesus?

I’m convinced there may be times when God allows us to get so low that the only place we have to look is up, look toward him, look toward heaven. And when we look toward him, let me tell you about who he sent to show us his goodness and his love, he sent his only Son, Jesus, God in the flesh. Jesus hung out with those that religion rejected, he hung out with those who were messed up, those who were dysfunctional, those who were grossly sinning, and he loved them exactly where they were.

Then Jesus went to the cross, why did he go? He went to become sin, for us, he shed his innocent blood in place of ours, he died in our place. God raised him from the dead, so that anyone, and this includes you, doesn’t matter who you are, doesn’t matter what you’ve done, doesn’t matter how dark your life is, anyone who calls on the name of Jesus would be saved, would be forgiven.

How to be Forgiven by God

I’m convinced that there are those of you, you’re about to experience the goodness of God, he is near, he is here, and you are watching, you are listening, you’re on the other side of the computer, you’re present in the room, because our God is reaching out to you. He’s showing you his love, he’s drawing you close. You’re not here by accident, you’re here because of the goodness of God, what do you do? You recognize your need, you call on the name of Jesus, when you call on his name, he forgives every sin.

He makes you brand new, he takes up residency in your life. You will never be alone, the Lord will always be near. All of our churches, those who say yes, I need his grace, yes I turn from my sin, yes, I give my life to Jesus, that’s your prayer, lift your hands high, lift ’em up, say yes Jesus, that’s my prayer. Oh my goodness, all three, four of you right up here, praise God for you, others of you say yes Jesus, I surrender I give you my life, I trust you Lord. stand to your feet in prayer, we’re going to pray, nobody prays alone. Join your heart, your voices, and your faith with those around you, just pray aloud. Pray heavenly Father,

– I give you my life.

– Jesus, save me.

– Forgive all my sins.

– Make me brand new.

– Fill me with your spirit.

– So I can follow you.

– And live for you.

– And live for you.

– Thank you God,

– that you’re near,

– that you’ll never leave me,

– you’ll always be with me.

– My life is not my own.

– Today I give it to you.

– In Jesus name I pray.

– And everybody said?

– Amen.

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The Prayer of Salvation

Jesus, I don't know You, and I don't know what Your plan is for me. But thank you for coming to die in my place. I'm sorry for anything I've ever done wrong in my life. I don't understand how You could ever forgive me, but if You really would, I would like to accept your free gift of grace and complete forgiveness. Please come into my life and take control, and help me trust You. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

I Prayed the Prayer

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I Prayed the Prayer
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