7 Ways to Bring Positive Energy into Your Home

So you are wanting to breathe some new life into your world. Let me tell you, you are not alone. I know that after months of being locked down during a pandemic I am ready for a refresh! We could all use a big boost of creative positivity.  We are influenced not only by the company we keep but also the space in which we live. Let’s look at 7 ways to bring positive energy into your home.

  1. Add Light to Your World  
  2. Try a New Paint Color
  3. Remove the Clutter
  4. Choose Accents that Delight You
  5. Use the Pretty Things You are “Saving”
  6. Listen to Music You Love 
  7. Let the Fresh Wind Blow
  8. How do you Bring Positive Energy into Your Home Spiritually?

When entering your front door, does positive energy greet and embrace you? Or are you struck with a heaviness that zaps your energy at the door?  We crave an orderly and inviting refuge from the storms and the demands of our lives. Let’s fix our homes to be the incubator of creative energy as well as the essence of comfort and hominess.  

Your home reflects you and, in turn, you reflect your home. With a little effort and not a lot of money, you can make a few changes that can make all the difference. Try some of these 7 ways to bring positive energy into your home.

1. Add Light to Your World  

Throw open the window shades and curtains and let natural light flood the rooms. LED bulbs are now affordable and last like forever. Be strategic in the placement of lamps on tables, on shelves, or buy the stand-alone types.  Add dimmers where needed. Lighting energizes but you want to be in control.  

2. Try a New Paint Color

Does the wall color stifle you? Is it dark and depressing? The least expensive redo, and the one that also makes the most spectacular difference in a room, is to repaint the walls. Most of us can handle this quite easily.  

Choose a light background color that you love.  Be sure it is a color that enhances your natural skin tone. You will be blown away by the results – a room bigger and brighter, more reflective, open, and airy.

Or perhaps you love bold color. Rather than do the entire room in bold which could be overwhelming, use that color as an accent in throw pillows and accessories. Take a deep breath of the vibrance of this color transformation. It will brighten your day.

3. Remove the Clutter

Clutter wears us all down. It everything we do more difficult. It wastes our time and makes us feel less in control. Toss out, give away or sell things you no longer use or enjoy. Rearrange the kitchen cabinets. Too many throw pillows?  Put some in storage.  Uncluttering our surroundings clears our minds as well as our rooms. Orderliness returns. Productivity increases. Restful times revive us. 

4. Choose Accents that Delight You

A few plants and your favorite scented candles are the perfect complement to your new décor. Accent any artwork that you may have. Attack your kitchen as if on royal assignment. Fix any drawers that don’t glide. Oil squeaky doors. Tighten the pulls. Toss out cracked or broken ware. Buy a new fry pan. Polish your appliances. Put everything neatly behind cabinet doors which will accent the glistening countertops. 

Whatever makes your space more spacious opens the same opportunity for your creative mind to function at its best.

5. Use the Pretty Things You are “Saving”

Cut some branches from a bush in your yard and display in a lovely pitcher or vase. Treat yourself to a small bunch of flowers from the supermarket. You are worth it!  

6. Listen to Music You Love  

Sing as you work.  Let lovely thoughts permeate your thinking to match the beauty of your living space. Compliment yourself. Admire your work. Savor your cooking. Praise your efforts. Thank God for your giftedness.  Do a little dance.  Enjoy the day! 

7. Let the Fresh Wind Blow

Out with the old. In with the new. Throw open the windows and let the light and fresh air inside. I like to open the blinds with a “Good Morning World!” And then open my lungs and thoughts to welcome the day in anticipation of good things. Find joy in living by incorporating these 7 ways to bring positive energy into your home.

You will feel energized and motivated in these surroundings and ready to make it a great day. 

How do you Bring Positive Energy into Your Home Spiritually?

As you go, invite the Holy Spirit of the Almighty God to fill your heart and home with light, love, and joy.  Receive the blessings of His Presence as you grow into a person who impacts others with comfort and encouragement.  

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