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9 Ways to Put Your Life Back Together When Your World Falls Apart

9 Ways to Put Your Life Back Together When Your World Falls Apart,resilience
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UPDATE: Do you sometimes feel as if your life is falling apart?  Nothing is going right.  Perhaps there is job loss, serious illness, a teen with a drug problem, elderly parents needing long-term care – where is the “perfect” life that I signed on to?  How can I find resilience through the hard times? Let’s talk about 9 ways to put your life back together when your world falls apart.

Perhaps you have done all the “right” things, but debt is mounting and there is discord within the home.  Or perhaps you have great jobs, adequate income, and good health, but the relationship is broken. It can no longer be sugar-coated or glazed over. No one knows. No one understands. Yes, God understands. And He offers Hope.  Yes, Hope.  That wonderful element of promise trickles into the darkness of our despair.  

Hope helps us wait when we can do nothing more. Hope from God, the author and provider of Hope, intercedes into our world. And we can reach out and believe and trust – because God is who He says He is.  And God does what He says He will. Yes, we have been thrown a rope to hold onto. 

Reach Out to God

Reach out in faith and trust Him to make a difference. Therein lies our strength to rise to the occasion, make plans, forgive as needed, encourage where we can, claim the promise of God’s help, and act upon it.

When Hope enters our world, it can motivate us and energize us to move by faith. As fear is conquered, we can assess our situation with a clear mind.  We can work toward restoring relationships, reassessing finances, and making the changes that may be necessary.  And with God’s presence, we are able to forgive and rebuild a relationship or have the strength to withdraw from a harmful relationship. 

Get back up and start again. Make to-do lists until your mind can unclutter. Seek counseling or financial planning. Get extra rest.  Make sure you get exercise to relieve stress.  Then perhaps get a new hairstyle, breathe deeply, and take one step at a time to gain your life back.  

As you rebuild your life, reassess your needs vs your wants in the financial area.  Relationships with family members are of top importance.  Join a Bible Study Life Group at a nearby church. You need friends who are not judgmental.  But friends who can be honest with you. 

Be careful with whom you share your hurts and most personal problems. Not everyone can be a good listener without repeating your story to others. Use discernment in choosing with whom to share.  

Review your goals and needs in life. Rejoice in peace and let love overflow. Find satisfaction in restored relationships, paid off credit cards, volunteer serving, and above all, serving with love and a sense of God’s presence. Be kind – and in turn, you will receive kindness.  

Seek the Hope!  Get back up!  You are not alone. 

” So, do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will give you strength and help you; I will hold you up with my righteous right hand. For I am the LORD, your God, Do not fear. I will help you.”  Isaiah 41:10

What a great God tossing us a strong rope – Hope that can change our world here and a promise of salvation and eternal life with Him.  Reach out and trust Jesus – there are great years ahead to rebuild a life of confidence in God’s mercy.  And the promise of eternal life in His Glory.   

9 Ways to Put Your Life Back Together When Your World Falls Apart

In the tale of Chicken Little, the incident of a bird flying above Chicken and dropping a small acorn that landed on his head caused Chicken to react in utter terror and uncontrol, causing total bedlam.  Running down the street shouting “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”, he soon had an array of friends joining in a cacophony of doomsday woe – “The sky IS falling, the sky IS falling!” Read on for 9 ways to put your life back together when your world falls apart.

Often, we may allow this same of type of drama to play out in our own lives.  Sometimes the subject may be far from monumental; yet there are those times when the cause is more like the rumbling from the depths of the earth prior to an actual earthquake – a shaking jolt and a formidable unrest that causes us much angst. We truly feel that our life is falling apart. We need help overcoming life’s obstacles and hardships.

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Today we will be discussing:

  1. 9 Ways to Put Your Life Back Together When Your World Falls Apart
  2. Life is a Challenge
  3. When Life Is Falling Apart What Can You Do?
  4. Renewal Means a Change – A Start Over
  5. Hope Gives Our Lives Structure and Motivation
  6. Avoid Despair – Choose Hope
  7. Always be Kind
  8. Finding Hope Again
  9. So How Do We Put Our Lives Back Together?
  10. Seek help
  11. Make a list of the things that are troubling you
  12. Pray about it
  13. Make plans as to how best to proceed in making these dire circumstances become manageable and blessed
  14. Avoid substance abuse
  15. Embrace the new!
  16. Get back up!
  17. Tone down your screen time
  18. Make good choices

Life is a Challenge

There is placed in the heart of each of us a hope for a good life, plans to be successful in whatever definition of success you may have, and a hope for better tomorrows.  Dreams to fulfill that desire in your heart; the rewarding vibes of success; the glorious joy of fulfillment in one or many things for which we strive, are present even if we are not aware of them.

Life is a challenge. Even in the worst circumstances, there is a seed of hope that dwells giving us strength to endure the trials that come our way.  A soldier forgotten in a foreign prison, a motherless child alone in a corner, an elderly man struggling for his last breath – all have a spark of hope deep within. Read on for 9 ways to put your life back together when you world falls apart.

When Life Is Falling Apart What Can You Do?

When your life is falling apart:

  • Hang on
  • Reassess
  • Seek help
  • Call out to God
  • Feed that small flame of hope.

Renewal Means a Change – A Start Over

When we allow the problems of the world to envelop us, we are unable to sort things and make the choices that could give us the direction and impetus to identify the areas that we can change, as well as the roadways that we can still travel.

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

II Corinthians 5:17

Make your peace with God. He will put your world back together when life is falling apart. He makes all things new. He delights in walking with you to make your life full of joy. 

He wants you to be a part of helping this world develop a culture of love and truth and well-being.  

Deliverance from fear and from the feeling or actuality that your world is falling apart is worth fighting for. That power of the debilitating enemy of hope and love can be destroyed when we place those cares in the hands of the Savior who God sent into this world as sacrifice for our sins – Jesus the Christ. 

Hope Gives Our Lives Structure and Motivation

And then Hope enters our world. It motivates us to act when we can do something to improve our outcome. It energizes us. It makes us strong in the Lord through faith. We become emboldened with hope that conquers fear, that gives shape to our life, that helps build a plan of restoration of relationships and finances and dreams. 

Hope helps us wait when we can do nothing more.  Some may have more problem with isolation – losing hope that things will ever change.. 

We anticipate that good will come from it all.  It gives light and joy to the long and dark days. God gives us what we would ask for if we knew everything.

Hope of God’s intervention and of science moving forward helps us wait for the pandemic to pass.  We wait for a vaccine with hope. We pray to our Lord God with hope, knowing that He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. And His presence in our lives gives joy in the darkness and orderliness in the chaos.

Read on for 9 ways to put your life back together when your world falls apart.

Avoid Despair – Choose Hope

Despair is having no hope.  Hope keeps us from despair. Joined with Christ, we have hope.  We trust Him as we fight our inertia, as we make joyful plans, as we work harder than ever, as we organize our lives and our closets. Hope lights the way, and we wait for the door that opens our return to safe family gatherings.

We have been brought to our knees. We are grateful that we have a Savior. We are grateful for the peace that is ours. We await the victory with patience, strength and perseverance. Always resisting the paralysis of despair, we are always looking forward because we have hope for the morrows.  

Always be Kind

Remember, you will never look into the eyes of someone God does not love.  So, always be kind. Share the Hope that you have with someone else whose life is falling apart. We all need Hope – we need each other. Step out in faith with the first step in renewal of life, of plans and of a future – stronger than ever because we recognize out need for dependence on God.  

Finding Hope Again

Once you choose Hope, everything is possible.

God IS Who He says He is.

God does what He says He will.

Ask Him to be the center of your newly constructed life. Join Him in making a wonderful new life.  Move on it. 

Never use prayer as an excuse to procrastinate doing what you already know is the right thing to do.

Rick Warren

The time is now.  

Redeeming love

Make sure you test positive for Faith, keep a distance from Doubt and Isolate from Fear. Trust God in it all.

Read on for 9 ways to put your life back together when your world falls apart.

So How Do We Put Our Lives Back Together?

  1. Seek help. 

 If you need medical, legal, financial or spiritual help, reach out and let it be known. Friends, fellow church members, family and non-profit organizations are some of your resources. Just talking with a caring person who is grounded can help you sort things out.  You cannot solve every problem at one time. Make a plan. Analyze from every angle. Pray for wisdom. Recruit a mentor in that area to aid in critical thinking. Do not be afraid. Facing an issue causes the adversary to be weakened.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

Philippians 4:13

2. Make a list of the things that are troubling you.

Perhaps this one should be first. Actually write out what burdens are crushing you. See it in black and white. Make lists, then prioritize as to time constraints and to deadlines. Just seeing them in writing makes your mind more orderly and the job more doable because you have controlled somewhat by identifying and naming the problems, the nagging doubts.

3. Pray about it.

Look at the list. Pray to God about each thing listed.  Ask for clarity, for wisdom, for strength, for peace as you sort them out. God is not a God of chaos or confusion.  Neither does he want us to always be anxious and confused and without goals. An orderly mind begets an orderly life.

4. Make plans as to how best to proceed in making these dire circumstances become manageable and blessed.

Stay on goal. Repeat the chore of identifying the problems. Put them in order of importance today. Make sub-titles according to who you need to speak to, who you need to ask forgiveness, or if a side job is needed to play financial catch up. Pray over them again. Make choices. 

5. Avoid substance abuse.

These are things that will not alleviate the pain.  On the contrary, this will multiply your problems.  Run away from alcohol and any addictive drugs.  Literally run two miles instead.  Eat right. Drink a lot of water. Be sure to get a good night’s sleep – do not lay around and sleep during the day. Move, get fresh air, fight any feelings of depression.  Remember, your sky is falling; and you must react for your sake and that of your family. 

6. Embrace the new.

Make the life that is emerging good.  God is good.  Life is good.  Rejoice in peace and love. Large amounts of money cause more problems. Be satisfied with a good job, adequate income, and a loving family. Enjoy the peace and security of restored relationships, paid off credit cards, purposeful living, volunteering and being more relaxed and loving and, above all else, be kind.

7. Get back up!

There is an old Chinese proverb: Fall down seven times. Get up 8. You are strong – you are gifted – you are loved – you are needed – you can do it.  Step out now in putting that life together that you felt was falling apart. Use your creative and bubbling spirit to push you through the first steps. Realizing that you have so much left of what you thought was falling apart will energize and motivate you to excel and to succeed.  Make it a start-over filled with love and kindness, always helping others as you restart yourself.

8. Tone down your screen time.

Screen out the intrusive harshness. An overabundance of news stories drowns us.  Listening to news reports just long enough to get some facts and tp see how those actively affect my life today is sufficient immersion in vitriolic influx. That allows me the freedom to compartmentalize concerns and methodically deal with the most pressing affairs, rather than becoming an inert entity with no coping or problem-solving skills available.  

9. Make good choices.

Life is not easy. Hard times call for hard decisions.  Facing reality. But not as Chickin Little.  Take heart in any good news rather than losing heart over the world news and all that contains.  The Covid-19 Pandemic, hurricanes, fires, stock market changes, riots, racial tension, unemployment, poor health, failing grades, rebellious children, and all the other pressures of life can paralyze us, leaving us with an inertia that prohibits us from sorting out those things over which we do have some control. But we can still make choices.  We must stand up. 

It has been said that Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond.  We have also heard it said, tough times let you see what you are made of.  I like to say, remember your history: how God has taken you through hard times in the past and that his promise is to never forsake you.  You can depend on that.  When we come to realize we do not want what we deserve, and that grace is not a reward for our good deeds but rather a response to another gift – the saving faith in Jesus Christ – it is then that we can begin to rebuild our life.

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The Prayer of Salvation

Jesus, I don't know You, and I don't know what Your plan is for me. But thank you for coming to die in my place. I'm sorry for anything I've ever done wrong in my life. I don't understand how You could ever forgive me, but if You really would, I would like to accept your free gift of grace and complete forgiveness. Please come into my life and take control, and help me trust You. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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