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Relationship Building for Pastoral Counseling

with Dr. Shannan Crawford

Dr. Shannan Crawford is a licensed clinical psychologist, conference speaker, adjunct professor, innovator of the Restoring Self-Cohesion (RSC) approach, and the host of the podcast Unlock U with Dr. Shannan Crawford.

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More about Dr. Crawford:

  • B.A. in Psychology from Azusa Pacific University, graduating with Psy Chi honors.
  • M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Regent University.
  • Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Regent University. Defended dissertation “Efficacy of the Parrott’s Marriage Mentoring Program” under dissertation chair, Dr. Jennifer Ripley.
  • Certified in, and helped run research for, the Hope-Focused Couples Counseling approach.
  • 1 year of post-doctoral fellowship with Brookhaven Institute for Psychoanalysis and Christian Theology.

As a clinical psychologist, with over 15-years of combined training and experience, through constantly partnering with The Holy Spirit, Dr. Crawford innovated and developed Restoring-Self-Cohesion (RSC), a hybrid approach that conceptualizes from a psychodynamic orientation that holistically blends inner healing models, wellness approaches, and positive psychology to cultivate optimal performance tailored for the individual’s needs. She is excited to share the RSC model with leaders and influencers everywhere, with a goal of removing blind spots and helping them lead from self-awareness, ultimately fostering an emotionally healthy culture for those they lead.

As leaders and influencers, we all desire to resolve the unconscious blocks below self-sabotage, insecurity, glass ceilings, burnout, emotional outbursts, and counterproductive relationship dynamics that keep us from thriving personally, relationally, spiritually, and vocationally. Leaders and influencers don’t require a title. A leader is anyone who recognizes that their life is bigger than just themselves. Whether it’s family, friends, a corporation or a non-profit, the people around us ARE impacted by the health or lack of health of our souls. When leaders and influencers are unhealthy, the negative ripple effect is widespread and demoralizing for those in the wake. Positive reinforcement in leadership equips, calls up, and helps platform others. Instead of being easily threatened and possessive of our position and title, when we cultivate and empower the right people around us, our leadership goes from temporal to enduring legacy. How exciting to consider influence from good to great – so the positive ripple effect of being an empowering leader can bring out the best in those around us. The impact could be global, and you could be a forerunner for a positive global movement through your sphere of influence!

Dr. Crawford, a California native who has joyfully lived in various states now residing in magnificent Texas, earned her APA-accredited Doctoral and Master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. She is the CEO of Dr. Crawford and Associates, providing innovative psychotherapy services and Leadership Consulting where she and her team utilize specialized therapy, coaching, and consulting tailored to overcome self-sabotage, optimize performance and enrich the enjoyment of life and leadership. As a lifelong learner and lover of people, she enjoys teaching as an adjunct professor at The King’s University. As a conference speaker, she delights in sharing her insight and expertise covering a range of topics speaking to business leaders, church audiences, for youth and women’s events both in the U.S. and internationally including speaking for conferences in Singapore, Indonesia, India, Brazil, and Bangladesh! Dr. Crawford is passionate to partner with healthy organizations and initiatives to end human trafficking.


Grief, Codependency, and Destructive Marriages

with Dr. Barbara Byers


Hi and welcome. I’m Dr. Barbara Byers and my passion is spiritual formation. As a speaker, author and counselor I’ve seen firsthand the fractures of the soul that keep us from a truly abundant life. I’ve created videos for the practical process of healing those fractures and walking in transformation. 

This is Isaiah 61:1-4, the call to bring good news and the healing power of Christ to those afflicted, broken and held captive so that lives are rebuilt, repaired and raised up to true freedom and identity.


Representational Repentance: Dealing with Narcissism

with Dr. Shannan Crawford

Dr. Shannan Crawford is a licensed clinical psychologist, conference speaker, adjunct professor, innovator of the Restoring Self-Cohesion (RSC) approach, and the host of the podcast Unlock U with Dr. Shannan Crawford.

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