Am I Really Too Old?

 How old is too old?  Has today’s youth crazed society pushed gifted and dedicated people off the productivity work line long before their creativity has been depleted or even diminished?  Are we being thrown to the side at perhaps the most critical time of our productivity and creativity? Have we lost our purpose in life? Am I really too old, we may ask.  Let’s ponder these thoughts. You can read more on this subject here.

 What does age have that adds to a person’s worth?

The involved and informed person may become far more attractive as he/she ages. Determining what our best traits are and smoothing off the rough edges makes us more acceptable and more likely to be considered to have leadership abilities. We learn to modulate our voices. We learn to be inclusive. We learn to listen and weigh the evidence.  We understand that certainty may elude us in some instances.  Emotionally mature, we may exhibit stability, confidence, and a broader world view. We may have become independent thinkers versus foolish and immature followers of the latest fad. Hopefully, we do not present ourselves as being needy or jealous.

The stimulation of sharp intellect from a venerated leader can be a catalyst to producing avenues for growth, invention, and progress, with the element of experience reining in ideas and helping to formulate goals.  

Many an older and seasoned person has the gift of being an easy conversationalist. He may have years of leadership and consulting experience that tends to oil the machine of progress. Learning from a mixed group, the young and the old can aid in the assimilation and implementation of ideas, converting them into working ideals.

 Know yourself.   

 More than once in any professional career or volunteer situation, be it public service or religious in nature, or even in social circles, we will suddenly be slapped with the ‘cold water in the face’ experience of being regarded as too old for this position. This will happen long before it is really a fact. It is a way of putting someone down, sometimes in a playful manner, but often pointing out any idea or foible as being a product of increased age. 

Certainly, we must stay apprised of a changing world. If we can see the broad picture, prepare for the onslaught, start to groom someone for our position, bring the young in and learn to listen to their ideas, make note of those bright ideas, include them in the team, we will stay in a leadership role longer and enrich our own productive era.

 We must continue to grow as a person while we age.

We may need outside help in controlling some things such as anxiety. Having some mild anxiety from time to time is normal. Excessive anxiety, worry and fear, can turn into a disorder when it starts to interfere with life. Always portraying that of being anxious may make us seem older than we are as well as being perceived to be less in control.  

Anxiety may be regarding work, school, finances, family, or relationships. Recognizing and addressing the symptoms, be it muscle tension, difficulty in concentration, sleep disturbance, irritability and even panic attacks, can resolve problems. This can aid in helping us function well for many more satisfying and stimulating years. You can read more about this here.

 We do not all age at the same rate.

General health is a huge factor in the rate of aging. Our genes are also of great import. Are you fortunate enough to have ancestors who enjoyed long lives? Have you been blessed with a can-do spirit that has overcome health issues and physical incapacities? A positive mental attitude is a strong indicator in the perception of one being youthful. Here is some help with positive thinking.

An encourager of others, a possessor of a spontaneity that becomes contagious, a person who sees the glass half full, one who appears filled to the brim with the joy of living – this is the person who turns the negatives of approaching age into an enchanting life. This person has great understanding, the ability to bring others together, and can rise above being offended. 

Living a full life as one ages is not for the weak. We must use every gift we have to become a respected elder and someone who is invited to continue to be productive.  This is the person whose opinion is sought, whose gift of laughter softens any adversity.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.

How can you be too old to be successful? When we follow where God leads us, we find strength for the day and new hope for the morrow.

You are never too old to follow where God leads you. Your greatest opportunity for service may be in your last quarter of life.  Using all your experience and knowledge to perhaps start a health clinic, work in a home for wayward young men, teach shut-ins, volunteer to work with physically and mentally challenged – all these opportunities have been waiting for you to have the time.  

Is there a book in your thoughts that needs to be penned?  A melody to be shared? An idea that needs to be brought to fruition? Is there a heart filled with love that still has more to be shared? A message of Truth and Joy about the salvation offered through Jesus Christ that you want to share with someone?  

We are so much more than what we may think we are. Don’t stop giving from the abundance you have been given until you have used it all up. Let us be thankful for the amazing gift of life, thankful for the scores of years we have lived, the people we have loved, the blessings that have been ours. 

Am I really too old? Don’t let others decide your age.

Rejoice in your age. Let age be your friend. 

“Wisdom belongs to the aged and understanding to the old.”  Job 12:12. 

II Corinthians 4:16-17 “Though outwardly we are wearing out, inwardly we are renewed day by day.  Our suffering is light and temporary and is producing for us an eternal glory that is greater than anything we can imagine.”  God has big plans for you – here and in the hereafter. Believe in the Risen Christ and trust God to forgive all.  It is your decision at any age. 

Age is a gift and time is an opportunity

The old Swedish maxim “We grow too soon old and too late smart” can be dismissed when we see age as a gift and time as an opportunity to serve others and praise God.


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