spread the good news

Cuurio’s Ambassador Team is vital to the organic spread of Cuurio among believers around the world. Cuurio needs to belong to believers everywhere, and you can help us tell them about it! To be on our ambassador team, you must be:

  • a mature Christ follower
  • a  natural networker
  • excited to tell people about Cuurio
  • truly enthusiastic about the outreach potential of Cuurio, and unafraid to tell everyone about it

Our team leader is Danny Davis, and you’ll hear from him as soon as you submit this form. He’ll be directing you from there, and helping you with any information or documents that might be helpful as you help us build Cuurio’s general mailing list through your personal network.

We would be so excited to have you on our ambassador team! God is going to reach the ends of the earth with his message through Cuurio (it’s already happening), and you will be a major part of that impact. 

Thank you for taking part!

The Cuurio Team