does god really love me


God answers prayer! Your answered prayer can be a witness to many others all around the world, including visitors to the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, an incredible structure being built in the UK.


Choose a tab below to see some samples of answered prayers that others have submitted. These examples are just that, and not intended to be a template or guide. You can submit any answered prayer you wish, and any length.

FAQ for Answered Prayer Submissions

Can I have more than one brick in the Eternal Wall?

Of course. God does not restrict his answered prayers to one per person, so we don’t want to either. If God has moved miraculously in multiple areas of your life, then we would be delighted to hear about them all.

Does my answered prayer have to be about healing?

Definitely not. We love hearing answered prayers of healing, but that is just one small way in which Jesus brings His glory into people’s lives and answers prayer. We want to hear your testimonies, no matter how small they may seem.

Is there a word limit?

Yes, answered prayers are limited to 500 words. This should be more than enough to input your testimony in detail. If you have multiple facets or answered prayers as part of your testimony that may take more words to write then you can submit multiple testimonies.