does god really love me

Barbara Burton

Community Volunteer, Mentor, Mom and Grandmother. Retired RN, 20 years VP global corporation, 9 years as Executive Director developing a medical clinic that provides primary healthcare and spiritual support to the underserved.

What can i do when i feel uninspired and lacking in motivation, questions, motivation

What Can I Do When I Feel Uninspired and Lacking Motivation?

Feeling uninspired and lacking in motivation periodically is not uncommon for most of us.  It is when this becomes a daily part of our lives and threatens our productivity, our livelihood, and our self-worth that it becomes a very negative force, leading to failures and despondency. Professional counseling may be the answer at that level. …

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Hope for the hurting, there is hope for you, hope

Hope for the Hurting

She was broken and hurting. Depressed and in despair.  Publicly humiliated by a successful and well-known man – her husband – breaking his wedding vows. Their friends knew, but no one told her. How long had they known?  What kind of fool had she played?  She was destroyed.  She felt shame. Was there any hope? There …

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