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Debbie Sudduth Newton

Debbie is a mother, grandmother, a widow, a wife, and a woman who loves life. Debbie retired from her career as a Director and CIO, leading multiple companies Information Technology departments, after her husband passed away in 2015. Debbie and her new husband, also a widower, live in Rockwall TX and love to serve by helping other widows/widowers, elderly, or caregivers. They also host Bible Study classes in their home. Debbie is the founder of Hands of Mercy ministry at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, and is also a leader of the local Caregiver Support Group.

is it a coincidence or a divine connection from God, grief, loneliness

Is it Coincidence or a Divine Connection from God?

I believe things don’t “just happen”.  Words like “coincidence’, “chance” and “luck” are not words I use very often.  People will say things like “Wow!  What are the chances that we saw each other today?”  Others might say “What good luck I have had!”  And of course, some will say “What bad luck I have had.” I do not believe

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