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Gary Moreau

Gary is a self-proclaimed “Bible geek” who is married to his first and only wife Charlotte. Together they have 6 children and 4 grandchildren, and are guardians for 3 more teenage girls as well. He sits on multiple nonprofit boards, writes for his own website, and writes for Cuurio. Of French ancestry from Louisiana, Gary claims to cook a mean gumbo (a claim that is likely 100% true).

The problem of pride, Questions

The Problem of Pride

Is pride even a problem?  Pride is so cute in little kids, and so is selfishness.  Pride and selfishness are not cute anymore in older children and adults, but it is still normal expected behavior. It’s good to be proud of our work and our children. Pride is usually viewed as a good thing in the world.

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How to pray to God, Questions

How to Pray to God

Do you wonder how to pray to God? Our connection to God is the most important relationship in our lives. He is the answer to all of our questions and will provide all of our needs. We can approach Him with our requests, our fears, our hopes, our sorrows and with our praise. Let’s talk

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