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  • ADD Bible Study App

    A daily audio devotional from every chapter of the Bible with insightful commentary in the context of an immersive experience.

  • One Bible Study Book Each Quarter

    Every 90 days you will receive a hard-copy Bible study book by Ezra Project founder Allen Huth to offer a hands-on approach to studying the Bible.

  • Bible Reading Journals

    You'll receive a Chronological Bible Reading Journal and schedule, and a Trio Bible Reading Journal featuring 3 ways to study the Bible; all included!

  • Global Prayer List

    You will have access to our Global Prayer Team, a team of prayer warriors around the world who are happy to pray for you specifically. God answers prayer!

  • Access to ADD Bible Community

    Join our ADD Bible Community, featuring blogs, videos, and chat. Engage with other believers who are on a journey to follow Jesus just like you are.

  • Comprehensive Scripture Analysis

    Listen to audio of every Bible chapter with insightful commentary. Read along with written devotions for an immersive experience. Spend 10-15 focused minutes daily in the books and chapters you want, utilizing a plethora of helpful, insightful, biblically-sound resources.

Plus, 3 Free Bonuses!


Twelve Practical Principles of Leadership According to Ezra

You’ll receive this short booklet highlighting twelve fantastic leadership principles Ezra followed to lead his people back to God’s Word. He changed a nation! You can change your private and public life by following Ezra’s example. Great for men’s ministry!



Free Believer's Box to a New Believer

For every Believer’s Box purchased, we will gift another one to a new believer, somewhere in the world, to help them grow in the knowledge of the Bible as they learn to follow Jesus and live by His word. Buy one, send one!


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Share the Message of Jesus with 40 people every month

Your monthly subscription also furthers the efforts of Cuurio, a digital evangelism platform, to share the gospel with people everywhere for around 47¢ per person. That means your $19 monthly gift shares Jesus with 40 people somewhere in the world – every month!

Do you long for a deeper connection with God? Are you seeking more meaning and purpose in your faith walk? Look no further than ADDBIBLE – it makes engaging in the Bible easy. It’s a free Bible study app designed to draw you into scripture like never before.

  • Listen and Learn

    Listen to audio of every Bible chapter with insightful commentary for an immersive experience. Spend 10-15 focused minutes daily in God's Word.

  • Hear and Apply

    ADDBIBLE features world-class narrators sharing biblical wisdom. Find inspiration that speaks to you personally, guiding you to apply God's truth daily. Meet with Jesus right where you are, as a new or seasoned believer, and grow in faith.

  • Find Your Rhythm in God's Word

    Pause to pray and reflect on insights that speak directly to your life right now. God's truth becomes the metronome for your faith journey, steadying your walk with Christ through life's ups and downs.

daily devotion

A Message from Allen Huth

daily devotional

If you need some hope today, find it in the Word of God. And when you do, you will experience joy and peace in believing and have the power of the Holy Spirit within you.

–Allen Huth, founder, The Ezra Project