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how to find happiness in your life, happy

How to Find Happiness in Your Life and be Stress Free

As a family physician I continually talk to patients about how to eliminate stress for healthy living. To help you achieve this goal I will share some simple steps that we can all take to decrease stress in our everyday lives. While developing a recent workshop I did a huge amount of research on what makes people happy. It is the conclusions from that happiness research I would like to share with you all today. I found it fascinating. If you are struggling to find true joy and happiness in your life, I invite you to watch the video below to find the answer you need.

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top 10 fears holding you back from your purpose in life

Top 10 Fears Holding You Back from Your Purpose in Life

During this Covid-19 pandemic, fear has become rampant. We all have fear or anxiety at some point in our lives, but a global world health and economic crisis is enough to strike fear into even the strongest among us. Today we will be talking about the top 10 fears that may be holding you back from your purpose in life. You have been created to live a purposeful and meaningful life. Your life can be full of joy, meaning, and peace. You can walk without fear as your leader. If you want to understand more about how to have peace instead of fear, I invite you to watch the video watch the video below this article.

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how to get motivated and set goals for your best life

How to Get Motivated and Set Goals for Your Life

Alright, so you’re sitting there right now, looking for a way to get yourself motivated, get yourself out of a slump, or find the motivation to start something. Maybe you are trying to muster up the drive to go for a workout, or maybe you’re procrastinating starting a project, but the feeling is the same. You feel stuck, low-energy, maybe a bit bored or depressed, and you just can’t seem to WANT it bad enough to just DO it. So you’ve decided to turn to an outside source (me, currently) to try to pull some motivation from wherever you can get it. That’s a great idea, actually! Sometimes, all you need is one motivational quote that really hits home, one line from a super motivated person, one little push in the direction of being productive to ramp up your drive, cultivate a bit of passion, and get you going on your task! Hopefully, you can find something that kickstarts your motivation here! Let’s find out.

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the power of forgiveness, how to forgive someone

The Power of Forgiveness

The power of forgiveness is a massive force that can completely change lives. If you have ever been on the receiving end of forgiveness, you know the absolute relief that you immediately felt when that gift was offered and you accepted. If you have ever forgiven someone who has hurt you, even if they haven’t asked you for forgiveness, you have most likely experienced the same sweet relief. Forgiveness is a powerful thing and is one of the greatest gifts within our power to give.

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finding our identity in Christ, who am I, free in Christ, God's love

Finding Our Identity in Christ

Finding one’s identity is a universal quest transcending cultural, geographic, and temporal divides. As spiritual seekers, the pursuit of identity often takes on greater depth,

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Jesus is Love, does jesus love me, who is Jesus, God's love, love

Jesus is Love

Jesus’ Love 
In the tumult of the 21st century, where endless information intersects with countless personal journeys, people yearn for a light to guide and

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does solitude mean loneliness, isolation, sadness, tips

Does Solitude Mean Loneliness?

Does solitude mean loneliness? Solitude can be defined as a healthy, personal discipline that allows someone to engage in meaningful self-reflection. Loneliness, however, is a

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Why did jesus weep, What is the meaning behind Jesus wept? Questions

Why did Jesus Weep?

Let’s talk about you question. Why did Jesus weep? What is the meaning behind “Jesus wept?” Lazarus’s sister Mary sent word to Jesus, saying,“Lord, he

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is gambling a sin, gambling addiction, questions

Is Gambling a Sin?

Is gambling a sin? Let’s see what the Bible has to say about this question. See also “Is meditation a sin?“ “For the love of

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