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We all need support sometimes. We all need connection.
We need to know we’re not in this alone.

Join one of our topical C.A.R.E. Groups below and get connected to one of our Christian C.A.R.E. Coaches who can help you navigate life’s challenges.

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live online community group

If you’re looking for a community of like-minded people who are navigating similar challenges as you, you have found it! All of our live online C.A.R.E. groups are hosted by amazing trained Christian C.A.R.E. Coaches who are excited to offer you a place to connect with others who are experiencing similar issues.

The community support you’ll find in these groups is possibly the most valuable piece, but you’ll also get real-life, hands-on, biblical help to get you farther down the road toward a happy, meaningful, connected life.

You’ll be able to participate in group discussions, get feedback into your particular situation, and even help others who are facing some of the same challenges as you but are possibly not as far along as you are.

Simply fill out the quick form above, and your C.A.R.E. Coach will be in touch with schedule and other information.

Our groups all meet online, and normally meet once a week for 50 minutes. It’s great to have you here, and we’re looking forward to creating community with you!



Gary is the founder and president of New Hope Financial Fitness, and has been helping people master their personal finances for decades. He is excited to lead this group, Transforming Your Finances.


Anxiety / Worry


I feel that God has placed me in varying circumstances to do His will, and enjoy living a life where I am a walking billboard for what the Lord has done and that He is good.

Anxiety / Worry


My passion for not just helping people, but to purposefully develop relationships that really connect with others on a heart level. I truly "see people" and care about them.

Life Coaching: Purpose / Identity / Mindset


My passion is to help women discover their purpose. I also offer an inner healing aspect as well. I help women who feel lost, stuck, unseen and I provide the tools to take back their Dominion and walk in the full authority of who God has called them.

Life Coaching: Resilience


After navigating my own mental health and that of my family, I realized that God had a call on my life to serve him by helping others with their own lives. Mental health being a passion of mine, I launched my own life-coaching business as well.

Grief / Anxiety / Depression / Isolation / Marriage


My faith has struggled at times but He has brought me through every storm and taught me that He is faithful, good, and loving. I can never give Him enough praise and glory for all He has done.



Being led by the Lord to work with the underprivileged and the ex-incarcerated, I am called to share the word and help through the guidance of the Holy Spirit to assist and hopefully prevent relapses.

Trauma / PTSD / Stress / Depression / Anxiety

6 ways to stand up for yourself without being rude, bullying, resilience


Thank you for visiting this profile! I am a Pastoral Counselor, M.S., Veteran, and Certified Peer Support Specialist who has undergone and overcome many of the challenges involved in the sessions I conduct.

Family / Marriage


I am passionate about families who need encouragement in challenges relating to the stressors and experiences raising children. I am open to help others regardless of worldviews to make positive development and obtain stability and success.