does god really love me

Cuurio’s Church Vetting Team finds solid, biblical churches that are equipped and willing to follow up with people who reach out from within the Cuurio system. To be on our church vetting team, you must be:

  • a mature Christ follower
  • willing to research & find great churches everywhere according to parameters set by Cuurio staff
  • unafraid to contact a church if needed, in order to make the connection complete
  • able to build a profile on a directory (it’s easy, very similar to building a profile on a social media platform; a matter of following simple directions)

Our team leader is Danny Davis, and you’ll hear from him as soon as you submit this form. He’ll be directing you from there, and help you with specific directions and how to proceed.

We would be so excited to have you on our church vetting team! God is going to reach the ends of the earth with his message through Cuurio (it’s already happening), and you will be a major part of that impact. 

Thank you for taking part!

The Cuurio Team