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anxiety, depression, hope, worry
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The only way we are going to be able to present the gospel to a searching world is through content, and a lot of it!

We need all types of content, including written, video, visual art, graphic art, photography, infographics, and audio, for starters.

We also need many volunteers to facilitate the strategy, development and deployment of all that content.

Get specifics on how to help with:

how you can help with content



We Need Your Video Testimony!

Let’s start with the one very specific type of content that we need the most of, at least for now: video testimony. Don’t bail out just yet though! Although most people are hesitant to venture into video, this is not a complicated ask. Here’s a quick ABC process that you can do, in 15 minutes or less, and help us share the gospel with a searching world.


A. Shoot.

Start by finding a room or location with good light, turn your phone sideways, and hit record. Then break it down like this:

1. Your life before Jesus

In 30 seconds to a minute or so, describe your life before you found God's grace and forgiveness. It doesn't have to be a long involved story, just an overview is fine.

2. Acceptance of His grace

Spend about the same amount of time telling about how you came to understand how Jesus specifically loves you personally and accepts you unconditionally.

3. Your life now

Finally, describe your life as it is now. Don't sugar-coat it or gloss over the struggles that still remain, but try to verbalize the hope and redemption that you experience now as a believer.

B. Upload.

Click here and upload your video.

C. That's it.

Here are a few tips to get you started:


Don’t worry about achieving perfection - just make sure it’s real, true, and authentic. We don’t need a full-length feature film, just 2 or 3 minutes is plenty.


We will use your video and the transcription (what you say on your video) as content to drive traffic based on the felt need that you experienced personally that led you to making that decision for Christ.


You will receive regular reports as to how many people Cuurio is reaching with the good news, and eventually you’ll even have a dashboard you can access and see recent engagements, and eventually even actual numbers of people responding specifically to your content.


You may find that you’re good at this, and enjoy it - so make the most of it! You can make as many videos as you would like, focusing on different difficulties or challenges you have faced, such as searching for meaning and purpose, relief from stress and anxiety, deliverance from addiction - the list goes on.

anxiety, depression, hope, worry

You can leverage your personal life experiences to help bring people everywhere to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Help us change the world, using your story!

Check Out our Volunteer Teams

If you’re ready to jump in, or would like to investigate all the volunteer options at Cuurio, visit our Volunteer Central page and see what’s available. If you don’t see the team you’d love to serve on there, let us know – we’ll make one!

how you can help with content


anxiety, depression, hope, worry

Are you a writer?

If you were born to write, you can use your God-given talent and passion to spread the hope of Jesus to the world! Instead of trying to make it on your own as a blogger, we invite you to join forces with Cuurio, and let your words be read worldwide.

You can be on global mission every day right from your laptop. By utilizing our powerful platform and becoming a Cuurio blogger, your work will continue to reach mass amounts of people for years and years to come. We believe that the Body of Christ should work as a team, so we would love to work with you to add more and more amazing, life changing, and helpful content for people who need it most. 

Imagine the impact that you might make in someone’s life by sharing your story, advice, and faith in Jesus Christ! Submit an article below for review and become an official Cuurio writer. You’ll receive your own profile and personal blogging page, which includes a bio of your choice, a photo, and links to your appropriate social accounts. We can’t do this without you! 

Thank you for using your gifts to further the cause of the Kingdom.

Click here and upload your article. Any format is fine (MS Word, Pages, Text Edit, etc.).

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anxiety, depression, hope, worry