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Decision Making Methods and Skills for More Success

decision making methods and skills for more success, success
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The opportunity to become a decision maker is a wonderful gift the is available to all of us. Making our own decisions can give us a feeling of strength and hope. There is power in being able to make our own decisions, and you can become a great decision maker yourself! Try these decision making methods and skills for more success in your life. These skills can boost self confidence and increase self esteem.

How Do I Make Good Decisions?

It is important that we learn how to make wise choices in order to maximize our efforts and utilize our gifts.  It requires us to grow in wisdom so that we may build strong foundations rather than leave a path of piles of trash, broken promises, and destruction in the wake. So how do I make good decisions?

Our Decisions Determine Our Path

The power we wielding decision making is going to make a huge impact in the course of our entire life and in the outcome of our dreams.  Read on for more about decision making methods and skills for more success in your life.

 Stephen Covey is quoted “I am not a product of my circumstances, I am a product of my decisions.”  It is how we react to our plans and our broken or rearranged plans that impacts our lifestyle and our well-being.

The sooner we learn this and adapt to its meaning, the better the outcome. Decision making is a major player in producing happiness and a betterment in the quality of our lives and those with whom we interface.

No matter what the situation, remind yourself: “I have a choice.”

Living Demands Decision Making

Life is full of demands and opportunities for us to make a right decision.  After a trying day of decision making, how often have you heard someone say – you choose what’s for dinner – I’ve made every decision I can make for one day. Making decisions can be exhausting, but they can also be very enjoyable and rewarding as well when we learn to employ some key helps.

For some, it is very taxing to be called upon to make a decision. In a job situation, some prefer to have the job where they are told exactly what to do.  Others prefer to have the opportunity to call the shots, to offer new ideas, to rise to the top by being a decision maker. Read on for more about decision making methods and skills for more success in your life.

Decision Making is Draining

The one making decisions is ultimately responsible for the outcome.  Whether it be the choice of what color to paint the meeting room, or a critical decision in an open-heart emergency surgery, there are consequences.  We take a risk to some degree with every decision made.

If you are a decision maker, you need to develop a method of determining the situation, weighing the odds, and then being able to live with it, whatever the outcome.  That is very demanding and requires commitment and strength of character. Read on for more about decision making methods and skills for more success in your life.

Responsibility for Decisions

A toddler soon learns to pass the blame in “Her did it!” “He hit me first.” That same line of thought may accompany us as we mature – never assuming the responsibility and ownership of our own decisions, but rather blaming others or circumstances.

If we do not “own up” and “grow up”, we will be the weak link in a marriage, a team, and a company.  It helps us to learn to make the best decisions we can; to take responsibility for these decisions; and to know how to recover from any bad decisions – all in a character developing manner. Read on for more about decision making methods and skills for more success in your life.

Critical Thinking Essential in Decision Making

Critical thinking means making reasoned judgments that are logical and well-thought out. It is a method of thinking in which you do not simply accept all arguments and conclusions you are exposed to, but rather have an attitude involving questioning such arguments and producing conclusions in line with the facts.

Critical decision makers should be skilled in the area of making choices. They must. have developed the art of critical thinking, and be in touch mentally and emotionally with all involved in the outcome. 

What are the different types of decisions and how does the decision making process work?

Major and minor decisions, long or short-term consequences – both need to be given concerted attention.  We must learn to weigh the values, determine the weak points, and identify anything amoral or immoral that may be involved. 

It is more than listing the pros and cons, although that is a part of decision making methods and skills for more success in your life. Try to be aware of what the outcome may be and determine what risks you are able and willing to take.  

Nothing is guaranteed on this earth; there is always an element of risk. We must avoid making uninformed decisions by practicing due diligence covered with prayer. Read on for more about decision making methods and skills for more success in your life.

6 Types of Decision Making Strategies

 It is imperative that we learn a trade or profession that produces adequate income for us to be able to provide for ourselves and family. Depending on others to feed and clothe you, other than in dire situations, is not only to be avoided but should become the driving force in making us excel in order to be able also to help others. 

1. Financial 

Careful budgeting, planning, constantly learning and practicing money management can become the key to reaching the goal of satisfying your needs and having excess to help others. This is the definition of financial success.  Anything more is truly lavish, providing wonderful extras. Well-managed, you will want to become generous in your giving. You will find great satisfaction in being able to invest in efforts that maximize benefits in the areas of health, education, spiritual awakening, and the general welfare of others.

2. Emotional

Every decision affects our feeling level. In determining an action, listen to your heart. Is this beneficial to the individuals involved, to their future and to the community? Is this a wild fling or a planned entertainment? Are there repercussions? When the thrill wears off, will I be on the right track or unable to face people? Is it a momentary or long-term benefit? Can I handle the risk? 

Hard questions. An old proverb reads “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

2. Intellectual Development

A very difficult decision for many is whether to go to college or a trade school. This is a very controversial subject since some trades will produce more income than a four-year degree.  Of course, many occupations require higher education. The choice here will probably affect your income and lifestyle for the remainder of your life.  Get sound advice from a guidance counsellor. Read on for more about decision making methods and skills for more success in your life.

3. Vocational Choice

In playing ball, or in life, a person occasionally gets the opportunity to do something great. When that time comes, only two things matter: Being prepared to seize the moment and having the courage to take your best swing.  

Hank Aaron

One of my grandsons attributes his success and even his graduating from college to this Hank Aaron statement.  He posted it on the refrigerator while in elementary school and it remained there until he graduated college.  Sometimes we just need a reminder to keep on keeping on.  And to be ready to seize every opportunity.

4. Relational

Every interchange with another person depends on how you decide to react to an encounter. Kindness usually reflects in kind.  Brashness creates a tense situation. Learning to deal with all types of people will make your life richer and happier.  Recognizing the worth of each individual, treating each person as you would want to be treated, and providing for those who are unable to care for themselves, is a secret of a happy and satisfying life.

5. Spiritual

The most important decision you will ever make is regarding your response to the invitation to love and serve God – and through His grace to believe His word and trust in His Son, Jesus Christ. This decision transcends all others and determines your forgiveness and acceptance and your eternal home. We invite you to watch the video on this page to learn how much God loves you and then settle that relationship today.

Critical Thinking Can Be Learned

You may think that your decisions do not call for critical thinking. Perhaps you think little of making the effort to learn these skills for what you consider ordinary lifestyle decisions. Wrong. Learning these skills and applying them to our own lives can produce orderly, well thought out decisions that ultimately produce a calm and successful way of living and thinking.  It prepares us to be able to deal with the major critical decisions that most assuredly will come into our lives.

Critical thinking is the ability to organize our thoughts and assemble them in a rational manner.  Identifying and understanding the difference between what are ideas and possibilities versus what are proven facts will give clarity and a soundness of mind. Read on for more about decision making methods and skills for more success in your life.

For God haa not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

Romans 12:2

It may be thought of as analyzing one’s own thinking by using skills in identifying, examining, and correcting flaws in our thinking process.

Can You Become a Critical Thinker?

If we want to make fewer flawed decisions, less off the top of the head errant judgements, we need to learn and practice these skills during the less-than-game-changing decisions of our lives. We need to learn how to approach, analyze and formulate a method of gathering the facts and acting upon them.  

Just as other improvement plans, learning to be a critical thinker takes time, practice, and patience.  Perhaps we need to apply these steps to every problem in our daily life, personal or professional. They then become a part of us and, when a particularly difficult problem or a tremendous opportunity presents itself, we can quickly utilize those skills in examining and managing in a calm and wise manner.

5 Steps of Critical Thinking

1. Identify the problem or opportunity.

Some decisions relate to solving problems; and a problem solver is always appreciated. 

However, some decisions may be regarding a great opportunity – am I seeing the full picture? Are there pitfalls? Is this good for me long term? Is it legal, is it commendable, is it in line with my gifts, are the values and integrity of all involved in line with my character? 

Ask God in prayer for a clear mind and the ability to see his hand leading you in your thoughts and actions.   

2. Get the facts. 

 The more pertinent the information, the better the outcome. We do not want to be caught blindsided.  Check the facts. In this age of massive information, take time to weed out the garbage and use a fact checker before committing to any agreement.   

3. Evaluate the information.  

Put items in an orderly fashion. Perhaps this is a good time to discuss the subject with another person – one of wisdom with a calm and orderly mind – an outsider who is not involved in the situation. 

Too much information is confusing – organize, minimize, compartmentalize. 

We have become aware of fake news in today’s world.  Therefore, do some checking and make sure that all the facts that you have are correct. It is always embarrassing and self-defeating to find that our facts are skewed.  Read on for more about decision making methods and skills for more success in your life.

4. List items to be evaluated in the order of importance. 

List the problems or the opportunities.  Include small sticking points that may grow into mountains.  Be honest with yourself in the evaluation.

Seek to have an open mind. Do not let your bias hide information that might question or weaken your facts.

Evaluate the information with an unprejudiced eye. Learn to accept new facts that may alter the original course. Determine how much risk you are willing to take and if the outcome is worth the risk.

5. Is it negotiable?

Calculate the number of alterations in the plan that are negotiable without changing the intent and long- term outcome.  Learn when to concede on a part of an issue without weakening the intended outcome.  Disagree agreeably.  Make no concessions that would harm your integrity. 

Critical Thinking – Positive Outcomes

Critical thinking leads us to maturity and self-control. It develops leaders. It brings together followers. It leads to progress and promotes unity. 

Clarity of vision is a gift. Peaceful negotiating is a learned ability. 

Whatever things are true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable –if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.

Philippians 4:8, NIV 

This scripture should be our basis for decisions, rising above the muck and bringing honest and thoughtful propositions to the table.  Being adult. Possessing integrity. Honor and truthful intent presented. A man/woman is as good as their word.  

Soften the thinking but always make decisions based on sound facts and the rate of return/benefit to be found. Too much emotion complicates a situation and may produce harm to both parties. 

Teaching Our Children to Make Wise Decisions

Teaching our children how to make decisions is vital to their success as adults. The ‘whatever will be will be’ rarely accomplishes the goal. Teach them to make plans, pursue the course and stick with it, to pay the price, and then reap the harvest of positive results.

This exercise will help them have clarity of thought and purpose and teach responsibility to see a project or a plan through to fruition. 

If things go awry, this will be a way to teach ownership of choice, and to learn to roll with the punches in what is not a world of guaranteed success.  This helps develop strength of character and equips with a quiver full of tools to enable dealing with the uncertainties of life.  

Choosing a Life Partner

The choice of a life partner makes a huge impact on the direction of one’s life. This choice will touch and influence every aspect of our own personal beings.  Choosing a spouse is such a major decision that it demands a separate commentary.  Suffice it to say in this writing that much thought and prayer should be sought in this arduous decision, albeit one with great promise. 

Committing oneself to another person means a lifetime of loving, supporting, rejoicing, planning, and living: a lifetime of decision making that must include the person you marry. A decision to be sensitive to your spouse’s needs, and inclusive of their full potential as well as yours, is expected – as it should be .  

A fulfilling marriage, much like a satisfying and productive life, does not just happen accidentally. It takes working together, loving, forgiving and acceptance.  

The worst thing in life is not to end up all alone. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel alone.  

Robin Williams

Pouring ourselves into making a loving and supportive marriage will indeed be worth every minute. No relationship is so fulfilling, so edifying and so helpful in getting through the tedious days as is that of a man and a woman committed to one another. A caring relationship through the years is to be cherished and protected. 

Decision Making Is A Learning Process

Granted, we are not always going to make the right decision. Only you or I know why we chose to make a decision when we were cognizant of it being in error.  And we paid the price. Or when we were confused and chose the wrong way. Don’t beat yourself up. No one on this earth is perfect. We get up, shake off the dust, and look for another stairway.  

However, as we mature, if we use these steps and carefully analyze all our choices, we will find a smoother and happier road to walk. 

The Bible tells us to pray for wisdom and it will be given to us. I think that is a worthy ambition – asking God’s guidance in every decision.  

May you be known as the wise person to whom to go for help when someone has lost his/ her way.  What an honor to be chosen to be a mentor to someone facing a difficult decision.

Be wise. Be strong. Be decisive. Be kind. Be blessed. 

We invite you to watch. the GREAT NEWS FOR YOU Video on this page.

We invite you to watch the “Great News” video on this page and find out more about God’s love for you and how you can receive forgiveness and eternal life – today!

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