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Does Anyone Really Care?

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The world appears smaller and smaller year by year with the influx of every type of communication at our fingertips, including an overabundance of sound.  We see the masses of people and we hear the results of natural catastrophes, of wars and disaster. The reports of all this bombards us with the problems and concerns of billions of people.  It can be overwhelming.  Sometimes we may feel insignificant, unimportant, forgotten – even by those closest to us. We feel loneliness and we may seriously ponder does anyone really care.

There is hope for you! Read about that hope here!

If you need help right now, please contact help at the numbers below.

Call or text 988

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish.

No One Cares About Me 

Perhaps you are in a period of feeling isolated from your connections and caregivers. Your first thought is that no one cares about me.  Despair robs you from seeing the beauty of the day. Loneliness overcomes you. Wait – rethink this. This is not reality.  It is only a state of mind – a temporary state that can be altered – it is not reality. Perhaps you have isolated yourself from those who have seemed to care in the past. Make your situation known. Reach out to someone. The world is blessed with many loving, giving, and caring people and organizations. Seek the help you need. Or reach out to find a conduit for the help you are able to give to others. We all need each other. It is a two-way street.

Why Does No One Seem to Care

Most people are insecure in themselves. They seem incapable of reaching out to help someone else or to become involved.  Not because they don’t care, but because they are crippled in the area of extending care. They are not sure of themselves, so why should they extend a tenuous hand to another? This reasoning makes many feel impotent, which may translate into being seen as non-caring.  

Remember that you can make new friends throughout your life.  This does not necessarily mean dropping all your old friends, but it does mean making connections with people who are growing as you are, interested in like matters, and seem interested in your well-being.  We all need to have people in our circle who not only seem to care, but will offer to care when the need arises.

How Can I Become the Recipient of Care

You may ask the question, how can I become the recipient of care and being cared for?  There are people who may have grown up in a home where feelings were not to be expressed. And any weaknesses in the family unit or in the individuals are kept tightly guarded within the family unit. You were taught to withdraw from others. Many with this built-in reaction may develop a weakness rather than a strength of character as they mature. We all need someone.

 People need people. We grow by being with people who deeply care, who want to help, who are there when things go wrong. Or to rejoice with us when success visits us. The undergirding of our brokenness by someone who knows us and really cares can help us adjust with an abundance of resilience that we did not realize we possessed. We are to comfort and encourage one another. 

When we are not receiving the care that we need – physical, spiritual, and/or mental – we may withdraw from life, or we may become belligerent and strike out, or we may develop a serious depression. 

Care is usually a two-way action.  It must be extended with love and not derision, with hope and not scorn.  It should be received with deep gratitude.

How Can I Become Someone Who Cares About Others?

If you have known the joy and comfort of having been cared for during certain times of need in your life, then you may ask How Can I Become Someone Who Cares About Others.  Learning to feel someone else’s pain, without taking that pain on oneself, allows us to be strong caregivers for others. Just being aware of others as individuals and giving them recognition in our daily going and coming. Allowing them to see that you consider them a person to be honored  by extending your helping hand. 

An anonymous but often used quote that has been handed down: “Be a reflection of what you’d like to see in others. If you want love, give love; if you want honesty, give honesty; if you want respect, give respect. You get in return what you give.”

Look for a need that you are gifted in filling.

For instance, in a flooded house. Someone may have the gifts to set the cleanup in motion. He will know how to shut off utilities etc. until safe. Another will organize cleaning supplies and methods. Another may be gifted with children and will take over feeding and entertaining children in a safe environment. Another may take the homeowner aside  and help them clear their thinking, offer help in finding assistance, guide in recovery.  Yet another, may take a few moments to softly assure them of God’s love and provision for them, and lead them in a prayer of seeking a calmness and strength.  In a group of caregivers, the miracle is that usually all the needed gifts are available. It is thrilling to be a part of such a team.

CARE -Cultivating a Resilient Energy

CARE – Cultivating A Resilient Energy – is a positive, ongoing, caring spirit that helps the recipients grow strong with a resilience they did not know they possessed. Helping the weak to grow stronger so that they may serve. It is a rippling current roaring into a mighty river. 

Who has the greatest gift of these in the business of caregiving?

Needs are met through people who care according to their resources. Don’t be left out. Your quietest friend may need a single caregiver to share her hurts and disappointments. Don’t miss the opportunity to use your gift.  Offer care that soothes, care that understands and then energizes. Care that motivates. Care that points someone to joy.

Come alongside someone rather than making them dependent. Encourage, compliment, urge forward, congratulate in an understanding, non-judgmental manner. Help that person to grow during this time of need. Let them feel loved and cared for. But do not allow a dependent growth. Give them the tools to move forward and they will be able to care for others later. 

People Need People

People need people.  If the Covid Pandemic proved anything, it proved that we are not to be alone. We are our Brothers’ Keeper. We are to care for the weak, the sick, those who mourn – just as Jesus taught us. And we are to help each other step back into the light and joy of caring for others.  

Jesus spoke many times about caring for people.  “Be kind, compassionate, and forgiving to each other, in the same way God forgave you in Christ.” And in John 15: “Love one another, as I have loved you.”  And again, “By this shall all people know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Loving care is the comfort we most crave in our darkest hours. Not condemnation, but an offer of hope through loving and caring people.  

Jesus extends the greatest of loving care when He offers us forgiveness and eternal life. Watch the GREAT NEWS FOR YOU video on this page to see the enormity of God’s love expressed in Jesus the Christ. 

If you need help right now, please contact help at the numbers below.

Call or text 988

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

We invite you to watch the “Great News” video on this page and find out more about God’s love for you and how you can receive forgiveness and eternal life – today!

good news of jesus
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The Prayer of Salvation

Jesus, I don't know You, and I don't know what Your plan is for me. But thank you for coming to die in my place. I'm sorry for anything I've ever done wrong in my life. I don't understand how You could ever forgive me, but if You really would, I would like to accept your free gift of grace and complete forgiveness. Please come into my life and take control, and help me trust You. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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