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Finding Purpose after Retirement to Live a Happy Life

finding purpose after retirement for a happy life, purpose
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Congratulations on your retirement! You have worked hard for this utopia.  You have saved money and planned well financially so that you would have at least half of what is recommended for an adequate retirement. Now you are on to the quest of finding purpose after retirement

Today we will be discussing the search for finding purpose after retirement.

  1. How do I fulfill my retirement?
  2. Finding purpose in life after 65
  3. Making plans to make a difference to others
  4. How do I spend my life after retirement?
  5. How to find joy in retirement
  6. Finding fun low stress jobs after retirement
  7. Rewards of retirement planning
  8. How to be happy in retirement
  9. How can I have relationship with God

 I hope you have also taken care of your health so that you are in great shape to enjoy your retirement. But suddenly you look over your empire and wonder what am I going to do for the next forty years. There’s just so much golf to play, so many fish to be caught, so many travels to be enjoyed. You may feel that you still have a lot to creatively give or share.

 Do you still want to make a difference in this world? Do you still have a purpose? Absolutely.

Finding purpose in life after 65

Some question if we should ever really retire. Retirement to some sounds like quitting real life and now to just watch the world go round. Most of us are not wanting that: we do look forward to a time with less demands, less scheduling, but more satisfaction.  We are not through living, however. We want to be involved. 

We are ready to live differently and enjoy so many things we may have missed.

If you were successful in discovering your purpose in life in your early years, you were probably quite successful in being motivated to reach your goals, in developing a sterling character and reputation, and in finding satisfaction in your career, family and spiritual life. 

Others of you may have struggled to make a modest living.  Bad luck, downsizing and frustration has followed you.  You may feel relief in leaving the work force. You wonder though if there is something still out there that you might find stimulating and helpful to the world. Dare you dream?

How do I fulfill my retirement?

When you announce your retirement, you may be sought after to serve in non-profit organizations, mentoring situations, and as an advisor. Or you may not have been publicly well known and  your abilities may have been unsung.  

Either way, this is the time for a novel experience, a new challenge, and a different type of opportunity.  

Using the abilities that were sharpened in the workplace during your heyday, now to serve and lead and contribute to perhaps a non-profit organization with the highest of ideals can be the acme of your public life, the cherry on the top of the cake.  

Being found talented and still useful is a great feeling – especially until you get used to being classified as elderly (you will grasp this as a joke someday.)

Your vision and integrity are priceless. You have been given a full life. You have much more to give. People need help, kids need guidance, ideas need fodder and the world needs to hear about love – about Jesus. You are worthwhile, you are needed. Finish the race. Now you are on to the quest of finding purpose after retirement.

Diligently seek the opportunity to serve, using all your former experience to cast a vision for the reason you are still vital and useful. These may well be the best days of your life.

“Therefore, we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day…”

2 Corinthians 4:16

A purpose driven retirement

I love to meet the fresh retiree who is open and eager for part time involvement. Using all the developed skills and the wisdom from a career, the retiree can now look for a place to contribute as many hours as he wishes. This is the time to be involved in volunteer organizations that pique one’s interest. Non-profits are adamantly seeking this type person.

Perhaps the new retiree wants to step into another career doing a completely different type of work – something that may have never been developed or used in his early years. 

Making plans to make a difference to others

Taking courses for the joy of learning, signing up for lessons to learn to fly, or guiding young people as they advance their education.  Just so many worlds to explore, while still having more than enough time for travel around the world.  

It is essential to make plans. A sense of purpose is a predictor of health and wellness in old age. Connecting with an idea or with a group leads to mental growth, opportunities of service and use of gifts and talents. This can give one the purpose in living that adds years to one’s life as well as life to one’s years. Now you are on to the quest of finding purpose after retirement.

Step forward. Make a difference. 

Most of us realize we have so much within us that has not been offered to the world. We really would like to be used up. 

How do I spend my life after retirement?

As a retiree, I would say that purposeful work after retirement increases the number and variety of your friends, gives a little structure to your schedule and adds a richness to your life that was not possible when making a living was paramount. 

Mental clarity and acuity are maintained through involvement, and active stimulation of the brain through activities or social togetherness. Focusing and using the brain appears to slow the process of mental deterioration. 

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

I Timothy 1:7

How to find joy in retirement

Retirement sounds wonderful during the regular years and years of long work hours, stress, huge responsibilities from every area of life and the always present stress from fear of losing one’s job. This may lead one to think that retirement would be the panacea to all life’s problems. Now you are on to the quest of finding purpose after retirement.

However, retirement has its own set of problems. Health problems may start popping up.  Aging parents may need care. Many find it difficult to adjust to having no schedule and are slow to self-schedule. It is truly a time of adjustment. Overcoming life’s obstacles may sometimes seem like a full time job.

Finding fun low stress jobs after retirement

It seems to be more and more difficult to retire from all income producing activities. In the current culture the mindset is for more toys and more spending. Pensions have largely been removed from any retirement package. Insecurity makes us uneasy about the idea of completely stopping earning income.

Every person has a different portfolio. Some have had their savings vanish through no fault of their own. There is a deep uneasiness knowing that probably your best earning years are behind you.  However, we sell ourselves short. There is hope for your future. By keeping our skills sharp and staying current, we may can continue where we are past average retirement age, or even land a similar job elsewhere. Now you are on to the quest of finding purpose after retirement.

Our biggest enemy is ourselves.  It is difficult but we must stay positive and avoid constant grumpiness and negativity.  It is essential to remain well groomed. Exercise and diet improve our energy level and our sense of well-being. Outside interests help keep forward thinking and positive attitudes and combat loneliness. Make the effort to be involved in things that interest you or that may create a passion within.

Our faith is tested; our trust in the Lord sustains us. God has given us so many promises of His continuing care and love. As we depend on him, our joy is in believing and trusting Him.  It is only when we can rest in God’s promises that we can take retirement in stride.  

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace.” 

I Corinthians 14:33

Rewards of retirement planning

Entering retirement with an adequate guaranteed income is a blessing that is a result from long term saving and planning. Delayed gratification is the key. Saving systematically beginning in our youth with our first paid position sets the pattern. Living below our means and avoiding debt provide a good chance of entering retirement fully funded, without financial strain.  

There are many unknowns in a lifetime that may present circumstances that preclude a well-financed retirement. However, this mindset should be incorporated in our lives as early as possible. My goal has been to pay my way all the way to the grave. Live frugally, not with avarice, being generous to the needs of others along the way. 

There is so much joyful living awaiting us upon retirement. We want to approach those years – the gift of long life – with enthusiasm, joy and a goal to help others maneuver the difficult road of life. 

An extra blessing of having sufficient savings is the ability to help children and grandchildren get a start. Always a joy to help them in a time of need – a new baby – college tuition for that grandbaby.  Most definitely, you will not have to look for ways to spend your money. You will , however, have to determine to be wise in the spending of it.  Make your money do what you want it to do. 

How to be happy in retirement

The gift of a healthy retirement is such a blessing. Just as essential as saving and planning for financial ease is in retirement, so also is taking care of one’s health throughout life. Staying strong and flexible will aide in making our retirement active and productive. It will also help us be able to participate in activities that make our spirits soar and that add happiness to our already joyous days.

No one knows how many years we will spend on this earth. 

We can prolong life; Christ alone can defeat death. 

A wise person chooses to believe God, accept Christ’s forgiveness of our sins, and then seeks to live a life on earth that points others to God. We can forgive others because we have been forgiven.

How can I have relationship with God?

A transforming relationship with the risen Lord is the greatest gift we can offer others today. However, people are more likely to believe that Jesus can change their lives if he has changed ours.

Active retirement years give us opportunity to continue sharing Christ, by being constant in our living a kind, loving, joyful life and serving others until the end of our earthly days. 

The free time that you have to spend with your grandchildren is the greatest blessing of all. The wise person makes time for family even while building his empire or fast forwarding a career. This now is the time to forge a wonderful relationship with the maturing young person that child is becoming while you are in retirement.  

A listening ear, an encouraging word, a fun afternoon – the rewards for being a grandparent. Your grandchildren will need you.  You can make a difference. Be prepared. 

Live well.  Contribute well. Serve well.  Retire well.  

May it so be. Relish every moment of this time here as we await the glory of eternal life. 

Cast all your care upon Jesus; for He cares for you.”

I Peter 5:7

We invite you to watch the “Great News” video on this page and find out more about God’s love for you and how you can receive forgiveness and eternal life – today!

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