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Five Ways to Accept Your Flaws and Imperfections and Love Yourself

Five ways to accept your flaws and imperfections and love yourself, love
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Do you accept your flaws and imperfections while also learning to love yourself? Or do you put yourself down and beat yourself up over what you consider a personal flaw, or just because you are not perfect? Probably most young women – and guys too – have experienced a time when they were less than pleased with their body image, or their personality, or a job/sports performance. Something in their makeup was less than perfect. Today we are talking about five ways to accept your flaws and imperfections and love yourself.

  1. Five Ways to Accept Your Flaws and Imperfections and Love Yourself
  2. Body Image and Self Esteem
  3. Body Image
  4. Why are We so Hard on Ourselves?  
  5. Have You Always Felt You Didn’t Really Fit in? 
  6. Replace the Negative Self Talk with the Positive
  7. Do You Fear You May Have Personality Flaws?
  8. Are You Panicked By Poor Performance?
  9. Find Your Purpose in Life
  10. You and I are a work in progress. We need to love ourselves as we honestly identify and perceive our weaknesses. 

Body Image and Self Esteem

I know that I struggled with body image in my youth. And the same type of twisted truths keep returning at times to be a part of my grownup thinking. Jabs of undermining thoughts often sneak in and give us pause just when we most need to feel confident. Know the feeling?  We can change that. We need a plan.

Acknowledging the fact that we all have flaws and imperfections is the beginning of acceptance of a healthy self-love. Transforming this from a negative into a positive is worth the effort. After all, we do have to live with ourselves longer than with anyone else. Let’s become the best me we can be.

Let’s look at five possible areas of our life that may be damaged or regularly disturbed simply by our own thinking – or at least by our interpretation of events or conversations that we found demeaning. These thoughts can be destructive and may beat our spirit down, as well as diminishing our sense of self-worth. Change your thoughts and you change your world, has often been said. Let’s take charge of our thought trending!

Five Ways to Accept Your Flaws and Imperfections and Love Yourself

1. Body Image

So how many can stand up and say “I love my weight, my build, my hair, my stance and the sound of my voice.  I am fully satisfied with the shape of my lips and nose, and with the way that I walk.”  Any hands up? We may even point out our imperfections to others.  Why do we do this?

Perhaps honest observation may serve a helpful purpose when it motivates us to healthier eating, exercise, and stretching. There are things we can improve upon with just a little effort.  For instance, good posture makes everyone not only look better but feel better. Success! Acceptance of what we cannot change is the key. I have known women who were completely obsessed with what they considered a flaw, although others thought little of it, accepting it as just a part of who that total person was.

Why are We so Hard on Ourselves?  

Let’s look at some ways to assess the situation and find ways to alter both looks and behavior if that is needed.  Awareness is the key.

As an example: hair products are lifesavers. We girls have learned to handle our hair and its untamed ways. With time, we find the styles that fit our lifestyle best while presenting our own best “look.” And yet, often the last glance in the mirror before stepping out for the day is accompanied by our inner degrading voice telling us that something is amiss.  Oops – moment shattered – day ruined.

A teenage girl may be blinded by what she sees as perfection in a classmate, while at the same time being overwhelmed with all the booboos and inadequacies that she perceives in herself. How and when do we get a handle on that? Or do our self-proclaimed flaws and imperfections monopolize our thinking, undermine our self-confidence, and throw cold water on our best days of opportunity even into adulthood?

A body feature that we may have found less than attractive as a teen, may today in our adulthood be seen as a look of strength in our face, or a feature to be envied by someone else. Our self-evaluation is so fickle.

Replace the Negative Self Talk with the Positive

Time for your inner voice – that you have taught and nourished – to rise to the occasion with a “You look terrific.  Let’s see that smile. You are going to have a sensational day.  Look at the difference that evening power walk is making. You are a Winner!” Now, sally forth and share that smile with someone who doesn’t have one.  Go, Girl!  You have cleared your mind and replaced the negative. Repeat as necessary.

2. Have You Always Felt You Didn’t Really Fit in? 

Even after mimicking others’ style and behavior, is there a feeling that you are not really a part of the group to which you aspire? Do you really want to be? Analyze it.  Can you be yourself, love yourself, not standoffish yet non-conforming, and still be respected and included?

If it is your gracious manner and strong character that keep you from “fitting in”, rejoice! Keeping high standards, treating the sideliners kindly, and being gracious to others, will cost us some difficult times.  However, living our best life and reflecting our chosen beliefs will allow us to be a non-judgmental and respected participant in any worthwhile endeavor.

Strength of character gives expression to our values and the virtues for which we strive.  We can be thankful when we see these elements become stronger in us and reflect in our actions and words. Is there a measuring device for this maxim?

3. Do You Fear You May Have Personality Flaws?

Most of us have taken several personality tests.  Our personality is who we appear to be to others. We are perceived to be who our attitude and behavior reflect. We may be dubbed as being an extravert, an introvert, helpful, or perhaps even neurotic.

Conversely, character traits are based on beliefs, such as thinking that honesty and kindness are important.  Does your personality reflect your character, i.e., your moral compass?

Has nonchalance and disregard of others’ rights led us to have an abrasive personality?

Introspection, spiritual help, and guided practice can help change an irritating personality, thereby reflecting inner character in a more congenial and helpful manner.  We can be nicer. Shall we try?  In this world where we can be anything, let’s choose kindness.

The old saying that “this is just the way I am, like it or not” can be disproved by a commitment to mold our personality.  We are told we cannot change our basic personality; however, we can change the traits that displease us and may even embarrass us.

By changing our environment or connections, or through adjusting our own will, this attitude adjustment will help us present to others in a kinder, more caring spirit. We may well like ourselves better when we master this.

4. Are You Panicked By Poor Performance?

If we honestly assess ourselves, we will find that we do not often put forth the effort to accomplish all that our abilities are aligned to produce. As we approach the end of a certain life cycle, namely graduation, birthing children, aging, retirement, and health impairments, we may panic a bit. We think of time wasted, opportunities not taken, mountains still unclimbed.

Realistically we know that every dream could not be realized.

It is incumbent upon us, however, to give our best to whatever we deem worthy and do it with every gift and talent with which we are endowed.  Perhaps a check sheet along the road of life will help us see more of the blessings that are meant to be ours so that we do not miss them.

5. Find Your Purpose in Life

Trend setter, foundation builder, best support person.  Which are you?  And what about me?

Filling the role where we feel most comfortable and most productive is very important. Let’s not be so critical of ourselves if we aren’t the leader of the campaign, the captain of the crew. Finding our place where we can contribute best, do a stellar performance, and find satisfaction is the goal.

It is not a flaw if you are giving your best and doing it with the right attitude. Congratulations on a job well done!

You and I are a work in progress.  We need to love ourselves as we honestly identify and perceive our weaknesses. 

Becoming someone who makes a positive difference in the lives of others requires a measure of self-confidence and a defined purpose. At whatever level.

You can fulfill your purpose. You are ready for the task. Enjoy the journey. We are counting on you.

Quite a daunting challenge, this job of living a caring and helpful life, isn’t it?

I discovered that I needed help to give me strength and clarity.  I needed something, someone, to hold me together when the storms of life hit me with overwhelming grief and concern. I found this by putting my faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who forgives sin.  Daily He leads me, loves me, encourages me, sustains me, and promises the gift of eternal life.

What a Joy that brings to me in Finding Hope and Purpose, and to understanding What is Grace and What Does it Mean.  Please watch the video below that will help clarify this important issue we all must face. 

We invite you to watch the “Great News” video on this page and find out more about God’s love for you and how you can receive forgiveness and eternal life – today!

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The Prayer of Salvation

Jesus, I don't know You, and I don't know what Your plan is for me. But thank you for coming to die in my place. I'm sorry for anything I've ever done wrong in my life. I don't understand how You could ever forgive me, but if You really would, I would like to accept your free gift of grace and complete forgiveness. Please come into my life and take control, and help me trust You. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

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