does god really love me

the gathering

A Global Ministry Team Activation

Sunday April 14

2 pm • 426 Sunrise Ridge Dr • Rockwall TX 75032

Ground Floor

This Gathering is a time for you to hear all about Cuurio, a global ministry that presents the gospel to people everywhere, and get involved at a ground-floor level!

Inner Circle

The Gathering is an invite-only event, and is the catalytic activation of our global impact team to help Cuurio reach more people around the world with the gospel message, right when they’re open to hearing it.


Cuurio already puts the good news in front of over 300,000 searchers every 28 days, at the very moment they have asked for help with their lives. With the right team in place, that number is going to grow many times over.

Host a Table

Our big event, Cuurio Christmas is coming up in early December 2024, and we’d love for you to fill up a table with like-minded friends and family.

Please click below and reserve your table now, while they’re still available. We look forward to celebrating together!

I'll Be There on April 14!

It is rare that a mission field so massive and yet almost completely untapped presents itself, and you are invited to play an integral role in leveraging this opportunity and bringing Jesus to the world. We look forward to seeing you!


Of course, what kind of question is that?! Delicious snacks and finger foods will be served. And you will love it.

No, this is the activation of our global impact team. You won’t be asked to play a role you’re not comfortable with, or pressured to play a role at all!

Specifically, we are launching a new annual fundraising event in December called Cuurio Christmas, and the first activation of this team will be to help fill the room up for that event, in multiple ways.

This is not a fundraiser. However, you will be offered the opportunity to support Cuurio in multiple ways, including hosting a table at Cuurio Christmas.

The program will easily be less than 2 hours total, including everything. But you can stay longer if you want, just lock up on your way out.

There are many volunteer opportunities, all of which will be extremely valuable as Cuurio expands to reach more people with the message of Jesus.

No way! We believe very strongly that God has already built the entire team, we just haven’t all gotten together yet.

No, but with regard to Cuurio Christmas, we think the tables will be gone pretty quickly. You might want to go here and check it all out so you can either:

1) know whether you want to host a table or not before it goes public, or

2) go ahead and get your table in advance.

The tables are actually available right now, but only our “inside circle” (i.e. you) has access for the time being.