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How Can I Use Habits to Stay Motivated in My Daily Life?

How can I use habits to stay motivated in my daily life, motivation, purpose in life
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Since early childhood we have been taught to develop good habits.  Good manners, respectfulness, good use of time, praying daily, eating our veggies, and early to bed. You know the routine in most households. As children, we had elders to motivate us along these lines through either strict discipline or loving guidance – or perhaps both.  We were molded into the adult mind and body wherein we now dwell. Perhaps when we see ourselves unmotivated, slovenly, or having no aspirations, we muse with this thought: How can I use habits to stay motivated in my daily life.

What is Adulting?

Much time and effort are wasted when we start from scratch each day with “should I, would I, could I?”  Adulting means building a set of beliefs, setting worthy goals, learning self-discipline, and then moving toward developing the best of who we are. As has been said, it isn’t necessary to pray about every single move we make – we usually know what is right and what is wrong. Those are tested and proven.  Step out, look for the next challenge or service call, and pray about those. Answered prayers motivate us to step forward. Therein is our strength.

Habits That Once Developed Can Motivate

How can I use habits to stay motivated in my daily life? What are these habits that we should develop in order to help us stay motivated? To help us be productive? To make us feel like a winner or at least a contender? 

Take time to determine your path, your goals, your development of the incredible person God has made you to be.  Seek His guidance and blessing. Don’t miss out on the challenges and joyous victories that God has in store for you. 

ATTITUDE – Attitude is the control button of all the forces over which we have in our arsenal for dynamic living. Learn to wake from the grogginess of sleep with an eye of purpose for the day. Call immediately upon your Heavenly Father: not only to thank him for allowing you to be alive for this another day, but asking him to help you not miss any of the intended blessings he has for you this day. Greet others, the workday, the ordinary of days, and the profound moments with a spirit of thankfulness. Remember, you don’t have the luxury of permission to dump negativism on others’ day. Shake it off.  “This is the Day that the Lord has made: I will rejoice and be glad.” Psalm 118:24 

10 Habits to Keep You Motivated in Life

  1. Conserve time. Time wasted complaining, while delaying routine chores, is robbing you of time for enjoyment of energizing, joy-filled interactions. Not only is productivity zapped, but also gone is the high that is reached when we experience success or as we enjoy free time with friends and family.
  2. Make a schedule for the mundane. See how quickly this list can be marked “done.”  Out of bed, stretch, make bed, make coffee, hop directly in shower. No need for discussion with self or others each day on these or like matters – just do it. Refreshed, move on to breakfast and whatever awaits. Unless done immediately and habitually, these ordinary and necessary activities can consume much of our available time. On a day off, do these whenever you please.
  3. Punctuality is a habit that gives us confidence, eliminates always searching for an excuse, and confirms to others that you do not consider your time more valuable than what you waste of theirs by always being late. It is rude and inconsiderate. We may wait lovingly for the queen or president; however, we mostly wait with annoyance for the others.
  4. Make it a habit to be in good company. Positive people; people with kind hearts; generous people; motivated people; helpful people. Choose to form your friendships and service groups with these. We all need to be energized by others, prayed for by believers, buoyed up by the effervescence of the joyous few. These traits are contagious: don’t wear a mask. This habit molds our thinking and enables us to serve those in need.
  5. Stay connected to old friends, family, students. The digital world enables us to do this with less effort than ever. Connections enable us to gain employment, enlist like-minded people in our worthy non-profit or areas of service, and enable us to introduce and help connect people who we think would be dynamite in building a better world.
  6. Planning for the next day as to clothing needs, data, extra shoes, lunch, the needs for the day, eliminates the mad frenzy of loading the car at the last minute. Make a list of things to take with you for the next day and tape the list to your exit door thus freeing the mind for other more calming thoughts. This preparation allows us to leave family and friends in a more stable environment as we depart for the day. Promote calm, not chaos in your world.
  7. Only you have control over your actions and reactions. Control your conversations and attitude. Talking about our problems may be our greatest addiction. You can change that.  Break the habit.  Talk about the joys in your life. Share the upbeat news.  Be an encourager. 
  8. Celebrate family and friends. Remember birthdays with a call or text if a gift or lunch is out of the question. Write a note with just a hint to recall a special time or event that you share. We all like to be considered an individual, not just a part of the herd. If you do not practice this form of affirmation, start it. Do not rely “checking the like button” on a FB page to be a sufficient acknowledgement for the special people in your life. 
  9. Begin the day with a few moments with God. We all need the assurance of His presence, the power of his Spirit, the forgiveness through Jesus, to forge the demands of the day. God loves each of us. He offers us the gift of Eternal Life and also the gift of His presence in our daily lives. Developing a sense of His Presence through prayer, spoken or unspoken, enables us to make right choices, encourage others, and find joy in living.
  10. The decisions you make ultimately end up making you. Be careful not to make a permanent decision on temporary emotions.” Craig Groeschel.  Ask God to give you clarity for every decision.  Listen and watch for His answer. 

So how can I use habits to stay motivated in my daily life? Whatever your age or current role in life, the daily grind can be sweetened and made more beneficial to self and others when we are aware, motivated, and committed to living the best life.  Daily seek God for your constant companion.  

Go and have a great day!

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