How It Works

Billions of searches a day across Google, MSN, Yahoo, YouTube and more can lead to dark results. When people are so desperate that they turn to the internet for help, we want to be there to provide real hope. We want to deliver timely results, right when a searcher is the most open to the real solution. Below is an example of how the Cuurio ecosystem engages with individuals in their darkest, most desperate time, and provides relevant answers that lead to a positive outcome – and a glimmer of real hope.

We gain trust by providing an answer to their need or query

Once an individual has engaged, we share the truth and hope that all believers share, and then we provide an opportunity for the individual to connect locally with a community of “once-broken, now-healed” believers.

Below you’ll find how we leverage our Community Tool to determine the user’s location and connect them to a local body of believers close to them, to help them on their life journey toward God.

Cuurio has reached 20 countries so far, and has the ability to deliver hope to the ends of the earth right at an individual’s time of need. We live in a dark world – but technology has the ability to provide help and hope to billions!

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