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how to deal with grief for the death of a loved one, grief

How to Deal with Grief for the Death of a Loved One

The subject of grief most often involves the loss of a significant person in one’s life through death. However, grief may be from divorce or another broken relationship. We suffer grief at the loss of our health or our ability to support ourselves or family. Any great, consuming loss causes a period of grief. And that grief – from whatever the cause – must ultimately be confronted in order to promote healthy healing and a return to vibrant life. We will be dealing with grief caused by the loss of a loved one in this article.

11 steps to grief recovery to help you live after loss

11 Steps to Grief Recovery to Help You Live After Loss

Grief is acute pain that comes with loss. The loss can be a major health change, divorce, death of pet, or death of a loved one. It is a physical and emotional reaction. People respond to grief in various ways depending on their relationship, the nature of the loss and their support system. Dr. Victoria Smithers helps you to discover 11 steps to grief recovery to help you live after loss. If you are going through grief recovery, please reach out to a trusted friend, relative, qualified grief counselor or pastor for the support you need. If you would like to have help from God, please watch the video below.


Experiencing and Overcoming Grief: It’s a Journey

If you have clicked on the topic above, Experiencing and Overcoming Grief, you may have suffered one of the greatest losses anyone has to experience –the loss of a loved one. The moment it happened, your heart stopped, the tears flowed and the ache inside grew more intense with each moment. In the case of a sudden and unexpected death, you may have found yourself in aftershock, and even disbelief. You may have felt guilt and even anger …so much left unsaid, so much undone! The journey has begun!