does god really love me


10 ways to feel loved, 10 ways to love someone else, God loves you, God's love, love

10 Ways to Feel Loved

Everyone needs to feel loved. We are created to love and to be loved. Feeling loved is like wrapping yourself in a warm, cozy blanket on a chilly evening. It’s that soothing sensation that seeps deep into your bones, making you feel cherished, valued, and above all, happy. Now, whether you’re on a quest to …

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Are humans selfish by nature, forgiveness, love

Are Humans Selfish By Nature?

The question of whether or not human beings are inherently selfish is a complex and nuanced one that has been debated by philosophers, psychologists, and sociologists for centuries. Some argue that selfishness is a fundamental aspect of human nature, while others argue that it is a product of cultural and societal conditioning. Are people naturally …

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