I Feel Old and Useless is Common in Young and Old

Stop right there!  First of all – what do you mean by old?  The thought: I feel old and useless is common in young and old people. We all have or probably will go through a period of wondering what is our purpose in life?

Secondly – in whatever stage of life we find ourselves, we all have something to contribute. 

If we have something to contribute, we are not useless. Let’s explore these two declarations.

Ladies, my counterparts: Why are so many of you saying you are feeling old at such a young age?  

Today we will be discussing:

  1. Why I Feel Old and Useless is Common in Young and Old
  2. Feeling Old and Useless
  3. How to Think Positively and Become Motivated
  4. The Worth of a Woman
  5. I Feel Worthless – How to break the cycle
  6. I Feel Like Trash that Has Been Thrown Away
  7. My Marriage Ended and I Feel Like a Failure
  8. Hope When You Feel Old and Useless
  9. There is Hope for You No Matter What
  10. There is Hope When You Feel Hopeless
  11. Finding Your Own Worth

Feeling Old and Useless:

  •  I am 30 and my life is the pits – I am old and useless.
  • I am 42 and no one loves me.  I am old and useless.
  • I am 55 and old and useless – never have found a good job and now I am over the hill.
  • I am 65 – husband is retired, kids don’t seem to need me – I am old and useless.
  • I am 75 – I am a widow. I am invisible when I shop or go anywhere.  My life is over.  I am old and useless.
  • I am 90 – I am slower, lonely, old and useless.

This is what we hear.  This is what we are fed.  This is what society may say. I feel old and useless is common in young and old. But we only hear the negatives. We all have or probably will go through a period of wondering what is our purpose in life?

How to Think Positively and Become Motivated

Positive thinking is not pie in the sky.  It is claiming the promises of God, applying healthy attitudes and finding the motivation to be useful, serving, learning and contributing.  

The Worth of a Woman

Jesus gave great examples of the worth of a woman. Acknowledging women’s worth, he called them his friend, a leader, someone deserving forgiveness, someone to be honored and recognized – these stories prevail in the Bible. Upon his resurrection from death, Jesus first appeared to women.  Never let anyone try to tell you that you are not important because you are a woman.  

A woman today can be pretty much whatever she wants to be with study, planning, dedication and motivation. There are opportunities for women to excel in every area of livelihood and still have the marvelous ability to bear children and experience another emotion, that of maternal love.

 I delight in being a woman. God has called me to be the Daughter of the King – King Jesus. He offers this to you if you believe in him. Remember, we all have or probably will go through a period of wondering what is our purpose in life? I feel old and useless is common in young and old.

I Feel Worthless

The worth of any individual is staggering. In our nation’s democracy, the worth of the individual gives the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In God’s eternal kingdom, Jesus died and paid the price of your sins as an individual so you can claim eternal life.  How then can we say we are worthless?   

Women so easily interpret what the world throws at them as being a personal putdown. We must see ourselves as God sees us: 

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value thamany sparrows?

Matthew 10:29-32

I Feel Like Trash that Has Been Thrown Away

Perhaps you were raised in a family where women were regarded as lesser than men. Perhaps you were made to feel less than attractive and less able to make a comfortable living. Perhaps you did not avail yourself of the educational opportunities that could have been yours. Perhaps you sold your virginity at a young age, and even your reputation, in an effort to be considered somebody.  Only to discover you were robbed. Did you start to feel worthless – like trash – as so many have told me?

My Marriage Ended and I Feel Like a Failure

Perhaps you have failed in a marriage and/or in a profession.  Have you given up on doing anything more than just existing?  Not trying to climb back and place yourself in the life for which you were intended. Now is the day to take that step, in faith.  Your life can change. Your world can become brighter.  Your impact on others as an inspiration for them will shout redemption. 

Hope When You Feel Old and Useless

Wherever you are on the slide rule of life, there is always hope.  And the offer of redemption – forgiveness through what Christ has done for you.  You can leave a life of sinfulness that is destroying health, looks and opportunities. God is calling you from this. 

And there is always hope for stepping out of the whirl of deprecation that you may have assigned for yourself through self-doubt and lack of motivation and goal setting.  Identifying gifts and abilities that have been left on the shelf for whatever reason that can now be reclaimed.  One step forward will help you set goals and give you motivation to try again. One step. Doable.

Or perhaps you chose to walk away from a safe and healthy environment with much opportunity because you were seeking fame, thrills, drugs or alcohol.  You were under the delusion of the world’s darkness that looked so inviting.  But in its snares was destruction.  

There is Hope for You No Matter What

Seek professional help. There are myriads of non-profits available to help you.  You only need to take the first step.  Hope and redemption are yours. There is hope for you in every situation..

Never stay in the darkness when the light is forgiving and loving. Jesus, the Light in the darkness, promises that you can live a full and fulfilled life.  He wants you to “be filled with all the fullness of God.” Ephesians 3:19.

  • Perhaps you just had the bad luck of marrying a man who did not know how to be a husband, a provider, a care giver.  Marriage counseling through a local church can be so beneficial. Being in a group with other couples in a such a church can be the climate for that husband to grow into a better and more loving man at any age. Support him as you both grow in grace.
  • Or perhaps circumstances of health, accident, or unfortunate family situations have caused you to lose status, health and provision. Often, we see compounded results from the initial reason. 
  • Life is hard. You must reach out and seek help and then receive that help.  The time will come when you can be the helper to someone else in return.

There is Hope When You Feel Hopeless

And, then again, you may be beautiful, wealthy, healthy and have a caring family; however, you do not see yourself as God sees you – a woman with much to offer, beloved and made for a purpose. You may not realize the blessings that are yours.  You are still looking for the glamour or the perfect life. 

 Nothing is perfect on this earth. That is why we need the Savior to lift us up and see us through this life.  And offer us the gift of eternal life where all things are indeed perfect. Our hope lies in that – not because of what we do but to whom we belong through faith. There is hope when you feel hopeless.

What is My Purpose?

We are put on this earth for a purpose. Thinking I feel old and useless is common in young and old. Here is what God says to us.

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Ephesians 2:10 

You are not useless.  You are here for a reason. With God, we can do all the things he put us here for.  

Martin Luther King put it this way:

Everyone can be great, because everybody can serve.

Martin Luther King

He explained: “You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You don’t have to make your subject and your verb agree to serve. You don’t have to know about Plato and Aristotle to serve. You don’t have to know Einstein’s theory of relativity to serve. You don’t have to know the second [law] of thermodynamics in physics to serve. You only need a heart full of grace, a soul generated by love. You can be that servant.” 

Finding Worth in Serving

We are created to serve others.  The hungry, the homeless, the sick, the aged.  We are to teach the children, make life easier for others, make life joyous for others.  Find a place to volunteer. 

Develop an attitude of serving others even when not in organized activities.  Share a kind word with your neighbor. Do a chore for your grandparents. Jesus said to “Love God and your neighbor as yourself.”  That seems to indicate not just activity but a lifestyle. 

Your call to service may be a very demanding and complex assignment.  Judge Amy Coney Barrett, during confirmation hearings regarding her nomination to the Supreme Court, was asked if she realized how difficult confirmation would be.  She replied that she knew that the confirmation process would be really difficult, but Barrett said she decided to accept the president’s nomination in order to serve.  Her comment was:

I’m not the only person who can do this job, but I was asked, and it would be difficult for anyone. So why should I say someone else should do the difficulty? If the difficulty is the only reason to say no, I should serve my country.” 

Judge Amy Coney Barrett

Finding Your Own Worth

When we help others, we inadvertently will shed the feeling of worthlessness. We find a place to belong.  

We find we are not too old.  We are not ungifted.  Shut-ins love a telephone call from us, or an errand run. Or perhaps you will serve in an extraordinary way.  By discovering the cure for a disease.  Or purifying water in third world countries. Or by encouraging those who feel old and useless with your story of hope and redemption that has set you on the path of joy, living this wonderful life with purpose and usefulness. I feel old and useless is common in young and old alike.

 In return, we are lifted up, the shadows are lessened, the joy of living returns.  May you choose Life!

If you would like to know how to find your worth, please watch the GREAT NEWS FOR YOU video on this page. May God bless you and keep you.



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