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Everyone has influence to offer, and you do it all the time - recommending a restaurant, sharing a video, retweeting a favorite post - that’s exercising your influence on others.

Cuurio represents the best reason for sharing influence that could possibly exist - changing others’ lives for eternity. It’s worth a little effort!

You Have Influence - Use It.

We all know that without a plan, nothing ever happens. So we’d like to get you started with a plan for leveraging the influence you already have to share the good news within your sphere. This is really easy, and we will continually provide you with helps, prompts, and other mechanisms to make it simple for you to leverage your influence.

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A. Commit.

First of all, please visit Cuurio’s Volunteer Central and choose the Influencer Team. Fill out the form that pops up, and we’ll be in touch!

anxiety, depression, hope, worry

B. Start with One Post.

This is going to be easy! Start with this: On your favorite social platform, simply post our URL (cuurio.com), and say something like:
“Check out this awesome non-profit - something we can all get behind!”
“Great way to spread the gospel to a world that needs it!”
…or whatever you’d like to say to share it.

From then on - as a member of the Influencer Team - whenever we post new content, you will receive a shareable link in an email that enables you to help spread the word using your own influence. It’s that simple!

John 10:10 says “The thief comes only to kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” Please consider using the influence you already have to help us reach the world with the great news of God’s love and forgiveness, helping everyone we can possibly reach live that abundant life Jesus was talking about, under the grace of the very One who created them in the first place.

C. Watch for our Prompts.


We'll send you content in the form of pre-built posts for your social media, and other options to help you leverage your influence to help us spread the good news around the world.


You will receive regular reports as to how many people Cuurio is reaching with the good news, and eventually you’ll even have a dashboard you can access engagements, views, and actual numbers of people responding to our content across our entire system - thanks to people like you!


You will eventually have access to the Cuurio Engagement Map, where you'll be able to see a live representation of where people are in the world when they are engaging with our content, in real time.

anxiety, depression, hope, worry

Still not sure? Just drop us a line, and we'll be in touch!