Connect with Online Searchers in Your Community

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People are searching.

You have the answer.

People in your community ask the internet for help by the thousands, every day. They’re asking now. You have the Answer.

We’ve built a platform that connects them with you, at the very moment they ask for help.

How It Works

is there hope for me
do i matter anymore
"Every church in America should be on this platform."
Steve Stroope
Lakepointe Church

Never in the history of humans

have so many people gathered in one place (Google) to ask for help with their lives. As the Church, we have the real answer they’re looking for, so we MUST be there to meet them with the message of Jesus.

This outreach opportunity is completely unprecedented, and we cannot afford to miss it.

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Our Mission Statement

Cuurio Local leverages search technology to meet people at their point of need with real answers, introduce them to the love and grace of Jesus, and connect them with a community of believers.

reach more people

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Cuurio Local Pricing

Cuurio Local is priced on a sliding scale, in order to ensure that every church can participate.

For specific information about the cost for your church, please schedule a demo!