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Cuurio is a huge undertaking, and limitless not only in possible reach and impact for the kingdom of God, but also topics and searches that need to be covered.

We are going to need thousands of people involved, including content creators, programmers & developers, video editors, content editors & curators, managers, counselors, and countless more.

Good News

There is a real financial cost involved, and that cost will continue to increase as our platform and our influence grows. The good news, however, is that as it grows, so does Cuurio’s efficiency. We fully expect our “customer acquisition” cost (a.k.a. people reached with the gospel of Jesus), which is currently around 48¢ per capita, to be greatly reduced as our reach increases.

how you can help with


How Will Your Gifts Be Used?

Here is a short list of what your financial gifts to Cuurio will help fund:
  • servers
  • programmers/developers
  • implementors managers
  • content editors
  • video editors
  • videographers audio
  • engineers
  • writers
  • web designers/developers
  • researchers
  • volunteer management
  • keyword strategy
  • content development
  • multi-continent server farms
  • global outreach strategists
  • and much more​

Your Gift Will Be...

Tax Deductible

All your gifts will be tax deductible, and you can give a one-time gift or set up a monthly charge to a credit or debit card.

Reaching People

Remember that for every dollar you give, you will be reaching at least 2 people with the gospel message, at the very time they're the most open.


We'd like to challenge you to commit to reaching at least 100 people per month, which would only require $50/month.



Once you're a contributor, we will keep you current with what's happening with Cuurio. We will always operate with ultimate integrity and honesty, keeping you in the loop.   


You will receive regular reports as to how many people Cuurio is reaching with the good news, and eventually you’ll even have a dashboard you can access and watch engagements, views, and actual numbers of people responding to our content across our entire system - thanks to people like you!


You can even go to this site's front page at any moment, and see a live representation of where people are in the world when they are engaging with our content, in real time.

Still have questions? Just drop us a line, and we'll be in touch!