does god really love me

Tell us how we can pray for you.

Please pray for me.

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pray for me please

3 Reasons to Pray

1. God loves you. He made us, and He loves us, and that includes you. He has a great plan for your life, just ask Him!

2. God wants the best for you. Do we want the best for our children? So does He, and He answers our prayers.

3. God is for you. He gave His Son for you (& me), so He is obviously for you. He wants you to thrive, and praying connects you with Him.

You are why this website exists, and we want to help you. Please let us know what you need prayer for, and be as specific as you feel comfortable doing. God loves you, and wants your life to be awesome, so He loves it when we tell Him exactly how we feel and what we need. We would love to pray for you.