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God answers prayer. Post your prayer request below, and not only will people see it here & pray for you, but it will also be forwarded to our Global Prayer Team, who will pray for you on a regular basis.

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  • Please pray that I find kind people who will listen and help me in some health issues. Doctors don’t have much time and patience with me. I just miss having care since being spoken to bluntly by doctors and receptionists a few times. I had a concussion from falling over and felt guilty about that and then I had a ct scan after getting headaches for weeks which I feel I was pushed into and didn’t know what God was telling me to do. I feel guilty and that I should have trusted God that he would heal me. I should not have worried. I worry about the ct scan, the radiation and that my mask was left on and hurt my face and I forgot to tell them about my cataract. Now I have an ear infection and I was prescribed steroids and I am worried as I have a congenital cataract even though I told the doctor and he said it is fine to take it. I was strong before but I feel I am on my own and getting on my family’s nerves . My husband has health issues but is very supportive. I don’t want to make him worry. Please help me to trust in God and realise what he is telling me to do Amen
  • Please pray for my husband and my marriage. There are 3 of us in this marriage; me, my husband, and PTSD. I am at a point where my husband provokes so much anxiety in me because of his reactions. The daily negativity and cynical thoughts is just too much. Communication is a no-no because it is all met with defensiveness and I get every turned on me. I had to set the limit.. I told my husband I can’t do it anymore. PTSD is hurting all of us and he just doesn’t see it.
    I pray for a miracle in my husband. Please help us and pray for us.
  • My feeling discontent in her life, presently. She is young (26) and has a beau and supposedly he wants to marry her but, he is living with her and she knows it is wrong. May GOD work on her heart and his.
  • My husband has come into trouble with the law and we are awaiting a court date. We are anxious and want to be covered in prayer and pray for a not guilty/dismissed case. He's a great man, truly loving and happened to be with bad company. Please add to my
  • I pray to be released from depression and unforgiveness today in Jesus' name.
  • I need God's peace and comfort. Trying to accept uncertainty
  • Please pray for me that God will open my path to reunite my missing Son/was illegally from the court system when he was 5 months old; my life has never been the same since/he would be 16 years old D.O.B. 02-03-2005 I named him James AllenIII but adopted p
  • I jus want God to give me the strength to forgive my ex husband for leaving me and marrying his mistress. He seems happy and I’m still sad bc he left me to raise our son alone and started his life over and it seems like he moved on and is happy while I st
  • Please pray that as I go through ReGen, I will uncover all parts of me that need healing. Pray that I can find a trust mentor to discuss I have major trust issues,
  • For my husband Trevor to forgive me for the hurt I’ve caused. For him to end his affair, end the divorce process, move back home and that our marriage can be renewed.
  • That I will be what God has me to be
  • To repent and fully find my purpose as I am lost
  • My depression is better but I just don’t want to do anything I have no friends and the ones I have say they will call or whatever but dont
  • To hrlp me to forgive others and to be healed physically and to feel gods prescience to walk with Jesus.
  • Please pray for me to receive healing/deliverance for bitterness and I forgiveness towards my brother Collin
  • Self forgiveness I suffer from my sins with so much guilt.Depression and suicide are tearing me down.Help me please pray for me.Thank you.
  • Pray for my family which is going through some rough times.
  • I have been married almost 5 years. I knew my husband looked at porn and young women before I met him but earnestly thought he would honor his vows and stop that behavior(as I did in not speaking with the men before I met him).
  • Please pray for my daughter, Brooklyn, as she is due to deliver twin babies on April 1. Please pray for a smooth deliver for her and the babies. Please pray for good health for all and wisdom for the doctors and nurses involved. Thank you.
  • To forgive someone who used to be a friend who hurt me but never apologized. Pray for me ri be delivered from feelings of rejection
  • Pray that my heart doesn’t harden towards God. I feel hopeless again. Please pray for Robert Cardenas and my marriage.
  • my motherś death and pet dog choloś demise because me grandmama once said that dog aint right but my mama didn't take non of that and slapped grandma right in the kisser!
  • To help me push forward in faith, to be more disciplined in faith and to help others around me.
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