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Welcome to Cuurio!

We are excited you’re here! This site offers the perfect combination of front-edge field experience and immediate impact – what could be better than that?? Please watch this quick video, and then scroll on down, check out the details, and find out how you can get involved now!

Quick Start


The Details

Cuurio C.A.R.E.

Cuurio’s C.A.R.E. program offers a counseling resource to users coming in from internet outreach, although we don’t officially call it counseling, but “care coaching.”

C.A.R.E. Clients

Your “clients” will be coming in from internet search, and while they could be from anywhere in the world, the majority are from USA.

Your Passion

We are excited to be able to provide an opportunity for you to start your practice in your passion area, and finish your degree in the process!

Initial Process

First, fill out the application form below. Then schedule an interview with us. And lastly, upload a headshot – and you’re on your way.

Alternative Involvement

Our outreach platform thrives on ongoing content, so if you’re more of an off-camera person, there are plenty of other ways you can be involved.

Getting Your Hours

We cannot predict the number of users, so you may be called on to create content for Cuurio proper, which will also count as hours for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

The main opportunity is for you to offer “care coaching” (we don’t use the word counseling for legal reasons) to our users, at no cost to them. You will meet with a given client for about 1 hour, once a week, within the time frame of your school semester.

This system is set up to handle large amounts of people, but it will likely be pretty small to begin with, and possibly stay small the whole semester.

You’ll start with a single person when someone requests help in an area you’re comfortable with. It’s likely that you’ll never have a “group,” but several one-on-one clients (which would be less dependent on a specific curriculum, and more like traditional counseling).

We cannot predict how many users will come into the system in a given time, so we’ll all just roll with it!

Since the user load depends on people finding out about Cuurio CARE and asking for help, and Cuurio CARE is a relatively new ministry, we can’t confidently predict numbers – and it’s possible that you won’t get as many clients as you wish you would have.

Cuurio’s outreach operates on content, and in order to get your hours during slow times, you’ll be able to participate in content creation (writing articles, making videos, etc.) to make sure you get all the hours you need.

In fact, you can do content creation for Cuurio the whole time, if you’d like.

Dr. Artis assures us that everything you do for Cuurio counts as hours, either direct or indirect – of which you need both.

Most of the people you’ll be working with will either be referred from a local church somewhere or come in from internet outreach.

On the church side, this resource is designed to help the local church staff be more effective in dealing with counseling needs of their congregations. They are generally overbooked and under-resourced, which is why we built this in the first place.

On the internet side, we publish content that people find as they search for help with their lives. They get presented with the gospel and an opportunity to connect or talk with someone – which is where you come in.

Cuurio reaches almost 300,000 people every month, and many of them hear the gospel for the first time through our content.

No one will be able to access you or these clients or groups without being specifically invited.

You will be issued an email address that includes full Google Workspace access, and your identity and location can remain completely confidential if you desire.

You will set up your own schedule, and you’ll be responsible for finding a time to meet with each client that works for both of you, booking that time, and fulfilling the meeting. You’ll have access to Google Meet through your Google Workspace account we’ll issue to you.

We are currently interviewing for Fall 2024, which will be our fourth semester of working with Regent. We never know how quickly to expect schedules to fill up or flesh out, so we’ll get you in the system, connect you with all the documents and processes, and then as people come in via our online forms we’ll connect them to you.

Absolutely, if it fits. In fact, that’s our hope – because we want to place everyone in their area of passion so this process is energizing and exciting to all involved!

We believe Cuurio is a unique opportunity for you to get your required field experience while being extremely effective and impacting in the process.

STEP ONE: Fill out the application form

We will customize the involvement according to who shows up and what they each bring to the table, but the first step for everyone is to fill out the application form below. The form is not designed to be all-inclusive, just a starting point. Be sure and click the blue SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form when you’re done.

STEP TWO: Schedule your interview

Click on an available time on the scheduling calendar below & fill it out. It will automatically send you & Cuurio the Google Meet link, and you’ll be scheduled! If the time is available to choose on the calendar, it’s a good time for us, you don’t have to ask.

If you need a time that’s not available, just reply to the original email from Cuurio & we’ll get you a time that works.

STEP THREE: Upload a headshot

We won’t publish or post these pictures initially – it’s just for us to know who’s who, and will only be used in an in-house database. A quick phone selfie is fine!

However, if you have a “professional” headshot, please send it!

So go get started now – we’d love to plug you in, and we can’t wait to meet you!

STEP 1: Fill Out the Application

STEP 2: Schedule Your Interview

STEP 3: Submit a Headshot

A phone selfie is fine, this is only for in-house use – we won’t post it anywhere!