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Welcome to Cuurio!

We are excited you’re here! This site offers the perfect combination of front-edge field experience and immediate impact – what could be better than that?? Please watch this quick video, and then scroll on down, check out the details, and find out how you can get involved now!

Quick Start


The Details

Cuurio C.A.R.E.

Cuurio’s C.A.R.E. program offers a counseling resource to local churches who need help; either because of a lack of training, limited availability, or both.

C.A.R.E. Groups

Our groups are live online support groups, and are topical in nature. They meet once a week at a time convenient to the group leader.

Your Part

We would love to offer you the opportunity to choose a group or groups to lead in your passion / expertise area, because we want you to be energized by being a part of this!


The first step is to fill out the form below. Then we’ll be in touch (quickly – we move pretty fast!) and start lining it out for you.

Alternate Involvement

Our outreach platform lives on ongoing content, so if you’re more of an off-camera person, there are plenty of other ways you can be involved.

Specific Needs

We will always need more content writers, video producers/editors, WordPress entry/editors, social media experts, etc. etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

The main opportunity is for you to lead an online support group (or groups) every week that’s topical in nature. These groups will meet for about 1 hour, once a week, within the time frame of a school semester.

You will be responsible for the curriculum, so congrats! We know some of you have already developed one, so that’s part of why we want you to pick a topic you’re passionate about. Also, we want you to feel excited and energized about being involved with Cuurio C.A.R.E.

Most of the people who will attend these groups will be referred from a local church somewhere. This resource is designed to help the local church staff be more effective in dealing with counseling needs of their congregations. They are generally overbooked and under-resourced, which is why we built this in the first place.

Yes. No one will be able to access these groups without being specifically invited.

We know that groups tend to work better if they’re around 10 or less, so that’s our goal. They may fluctuate as they fill up & flesh out, but we’re shooting for 10-12 max per group.

It won’t! We will set up your group’s time around your schedule – it will be up to the people who are attending to make it work for them.

We have initially identified 7 topics we’d like to start with, based on common requests made by church members to their pastors:


Depression / Anxiety




Loneliness / Isolation

Suicide / Suicide Ideation

However, we’re open to others as well! If you scroll to the bottom of this page, in the footer you’ll see a list of our “felt needs” categories – we feel sure we’ll eventually need groups in most of those topics.

We are currently (as of October 2022) in a “soft launch,” which is a beta group of about 15 churches. We are not sure how quickly to expect the groups to fill up or flesh out, or which topics will happen first. The only indicator we have is that most feedback we get is some version of “you’re gonna need a lot of groups!”

Absolutely, if it fits. In fact, that’s our hope – because we want to place everyone in their area of passion so this process is energizing and exciting to all involved!

We have no preconceived ideas about specifics. You’re the experts, so let’s put that expertise into play and get you started! We believe Cuurio is a unique opportunity for you to get your required field experience while being extremely effective and impacting in the process.

STEP ONE: fill out the application form

We will customize the involvement according to who shows up and what they each bring to the table, but the first step for everyone is to fill out the application form below. The form is not designed to be all-inclusive, just a starting point. Be sure and click the purple SUBMIT button at the bottom of the form when you’re done.

STEP TWO: schedule your interview

Click on an available day & pick a time. It will automatically send you & Cuurio the Zoom link, and you’ll be scheduled! If the time is available to choose on the calendar, it’s a good time for us, you don’t have to ask.

If you need a time that’s not available, just reply to the original email from Cuurio & we’ll get you a time that works.

STEP THREE: upload a headshot

We won’t publish or post these pictures – it’s just for us to know who’s who, and will only be used in an in-house database. A quick phone selfie is fine!

So go get started now! We’d love to plug you in, and we can’t wait to meet you!

STEP 1: Fill Out the Application

STEP 2: Schedule Your Interview

STEP 3: Submit a Headshot

A phone selfie is fine, this is only for in-house use – we won’t post it anywhere!

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