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Alyssa M.

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A few months ago, Alyssa was a young mother living a vibrant life in the heart of New England, in NE United States.

By day, she worked diligently at a bank and was a proud psychology graduate from the University of Maryland. By night, she was a loving wife to her best friend and a caring mother to their three children, who seemed to be growing up much too fast.

One early morning, while Alyssa was searching online for help with some personal struggles, she stumbled on what looked to be a possible beacon of hope. An article entitled ‘God’s Grace,’ hosted on the platform of Cuurio, caught her eye. Her mind had never ventured very far into that particular concept before, but there was something about that day, about that moment, that piqued her curiosity.

Drawn into the profound message that seemed to be specifically written for her, she found herself diving deeper. Included on the page was a video, promising ‘great news.’ With a simple click, she plunged into the narrative it offered about trusting her life to Jesus. It felt as though the “sky was opening up and God himself was speaking directly to her.”

After watching that video, she noticed a ‘prayer of salvation’ was posted right below it. Making a decision as spontaneous as a summer rain shower, she found herself whispering the prayer, her heart resonating with every word. And in that sincere moment, she felt an unexplainable divine embrace, a comforting rescue. She couldn’t pinpoint exactly how she knew, but deep within, she felt certain that God had personally reached out to her.

With a smile of anticipation, she filled in her details in a form to receive a free bible, and embarked on a journey that would transform not just her life, but the lives of her loved ones.

Looking back on her discovery of that Cuurio article, Alyssa now knows that it was more than just a random occurrence. Her life, as well as her husband’s and children’s lives, have been changed forever, and she now finds herself feeling hopeful about the impact this change will have on future generations too.

One revelation that struck a chord with Alyssa was when she realized that this new love and forgiveness she found is not exclusive to her, but is available to anyone and everyone. As a result, she has devoted her life to knowing God more deeply and making His love known to the world around her, and her initial struggles have become a part of the pathway to a profound hope in her own life as well as her family’s.

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