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Tables Showing the Chronology and Judgments in Revelation

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What is the rapture and when will it happen? What a great question. Let’s see what the Bible tells us.

“The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave to Him to show to His servants things which must soon take place (Revelation 1:1).”

The Bible book of Revelation is organized according to its judgments. Between the judgments there are interludes, and explanations, that help explain the judgments.

The table below lists the judgments in chapter order. The judgments in Revelation are in chronological order. Each judgment moves time forward as shown below.

The Judgments in Order in Revelation

Chapters/ DefendantDescriptionTiming/Length
2-3/ The ChurchTell us about the Church Age, from the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost until the rapture, which ends the Church Age.We are in the Church Age. The seven-year tribulation begins sometime after the rapture when a peace treaty is signed with Israel.
6/Earth-dwellersFeatures what happens on earth during the seven seal judgments.Brings us to the midpoint of the 7-year tribulation, 1260 days, 42 months, or 3.5 years.
8-9 Earth-dwellersDescribes what happens on earth during the seven trumpet judgments.Brings us to shortly before Jesus’ Second Advent, 3.4 (approximate) years.
10 Earth-dwellersWe glimpse the seven thunders judgments before the angel hides those judgments.These follow the trumpet judgments shortly before Jesus returns.
16 Earth-dwellersNotifies us about what happens on earth during the seven bowl judgments that fall in rapid succession.Brings us to the end of the seven-year tribulation as Jesus returns.
20 Unbe-lieversThe judgments that happen to the unholy trinity and the final judgment for unbelievers.At the end of the tribulation for the unholy trinity and after the 1,000-year reign of Christ for unbelievers (Great White Throne).

These four judgments happen in order during the seven-year tribulation.

The Four Judgments in the Tribulation

Seven SealsRev. 61st half of the tribulation
Seven TrumpetsRev. 8-92nd half of the tribulation
Seven Thunders (Hidden)Rev. 10After the Trumpets
Seven BowlsRev. 16Before the 2nd Coming

The judgments in the table below happen after the tribulation and at the end of the Millennium. Eternity begins immediately after the Great White Throne Judgment at the end of Jesus’ thousand-year reign.

Judgments After the Tribulation and the Millennium (Details)

Verses and TimeWho’s Judged and Why?Ultimate Fate
19:19-21 End of ArmageddonThe Beast and False Prophet for deceiving those who took the mark of the Beast.Eternity in the Lake of Fire
20:1-3 End of tribulation  Satan is bound and cast into the bottomless pit for 1,000 years.Then he’s released for a little while to lead a final rebellion.
20:4-6 End of tribulationFaithful saints who didn’t take the mark of the BeastThese saints reign with Christ for 1,000 years.
20:7-10 End of MillenniumSatan is freed and gathers the deceived in a final rebellion by attacking God’s City, Jerusalem.Fire comes down from heaven and devours the rebels and they’re cast into the Lake of Fire.
20:11-15 End of MillenniumGod judges all unbelievers by their works at the Great White Throne Judgment.Since they’re not in the Book of Life they’re cast into the Lake of Fire for eternity.


Time Progression in Revelation

Revelation 1Revelation 2-3Revelation 4-19Revelation 20Revelation 21-22
Prologue Ends with: Church LettersChurch Age> Ends with: RaptureTribulation> Ends with: Second ComingMillennium> Ends with: Final RebellionEternity Never ends!
IntroductionNow >7 years >1,000 years >Forever

Note: The interludes between the judgments help explain the judgments. Time only moves forward during the time of judgments

ChapterInterludes Judgments
Rev. 1Introduction 
Rev. 2 Letters to Churches
Rev. 3 Letters to Churches
Rev. 4The Heavenly Throne 
Rev. 5The Scroll and the Worth Lamb 
Rev. 6 Seven Seals
Rev. 7The 144,000 Sealed and Multitudes Saved 
Rev. 8 Seven Trumpets
Rev. 9 Seven Trumpets
Rev. 10The Little Scroll 
Rev. 11The Two Witnesses 
Rev. 12Israel, Satan, and the Christ Child 
Rev. 13The First and Second Beast 
Rev. 14The 144,000 Redeemed and the 3 Angels 
Rev. 15Prelude to the Seven Final Plagues 
Rev. 16 Seven Bowls
Rev. 17Mystery Babylon and the Beast 
Rev. 18Babylon’s Fall 
Rev. 19 Jesus’ Second Advent
Rev. 20 Judgments on Unbelievers
Rev. 21The New Heaven, Earth, & Jerusalem 
Rev. 22The Tree and River of Life 

The book of Revelation is organized Chronologically. We’re currently in the Church Age. After the Church is raptured (taken to heaven) there will be seven years of tribulation, when God pours out His wrath on “earthdwellers (unbelievers in Jesus).” The seal judgments will happen during the first half of the tribulation, while the trumpet judgments will happen during the second half. The seven thunders and bowl judgments will happen shortly before the end of the tribulation when Jesus returns to earth to set up His Kingdom.

When Jesus returns, He will defeat His enemies at the Battle of Armageddon. The Beast and the False Prophet will be cast alive into the Lake of Fire. Jesus has Satan chained in a pit so Satan can’t tempt anyone during Jesus’ 1,000-year reign.

Jesus will rule the earth for 1,000 years from the New Jerusalem. At the end of the Millennium, Satan will be released and lead a rebellion against Jesus and fire will come down and destroy the rebels. Satan will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire. All unbelievers of all time will appear before God at the Great White Throne Judgment. God will open the Book of Life and no unbeliever’s name will be found in it. They will be judged by their (insufficient works) and be sentenced to eternity in the Lake of Fire.

At the beginning of the eternal state, God will bring His heaven to earth and dwell with humanity. The tables below show the blessings people will enjoy in eternity.


The table below shows how the conditions in New Jerusalem will be better than they were in “Babylon.”

Improvements of New Jerusalem over “Babylon”

BabylonNew Jerusalem
Unbelievers refused the free water of life, and as enduring beings their place is in the lake of fire where they remain forever impure (Rev. 21-5-8).While believers, though undeserving on their own merits, are graciously cleansed and purified for eternity (Rev. 22:11, 17).
Unbelievers cast their fate with the condemned city of Mystery Babylon (Rev. 21:9-27).While believers share in the New Jerusalem, the city of God (Rev. 22:14-15).
Unbelievers wear the name or sign of the Beast (Rev 13:15-17),While believers share in the river of life, the tree of life, and wear God’s name on their foreheads; (Rev. 22:1-5).
And best of all, especially for those that conquer in Jesus’ blood and are persecuted in this life  Jesus promises, “I am coming soon!” and John says, “Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!” (Rev 22:20).

The table below shows how the fate of believers in eternity is better than the life and fate of unbelievers now and in eternity.

Contrasts Between Unbelievers and Believers

Refuse the Water of LifeShare in the River of Life
Eternal Destiny: Lake of FireEternal Destiny: Live with God
Forever ImpureForever cleansed and purified
Share Babylon’s FateShare in the New Jerusalem
Suffer the Second DeathShare in the Tree of Life
Wore the Sign of the BeastGod’s Name is on Their Forehead
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