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Hope for the Hopeless

hope for the hopeless and helpless people of the world, hope

Hope for the Hopeless and Helpless People of the World

Hope combines with belief to give us a purpose, a joy, a reason. It lives within the soul of man and helps shape who you are. The person without hope is barren indeed. But there is hope for everyone – there is hope for you. Hope is alive – an action verb – even an action noun. There is at least a murmur, a glimmer of hope left in the life of the desolate. It is waiting to bring assurance and deliverance to the soul that feels helpless and hopeless. You have heard it said that where there is hope there is life. Jesus is the Hop of the world. With Him we have the assurance of Eternal Life, Eternal Hope and Eternal Joy. But how do we get to that point? If you would like to find out how to have this relationship with Jesus Christ, I invite you to watch the video below.