how to get motivated and set goals for your best life

How to Get Motivated and Set Goals for Your Life

Alright, so you’re sitting there right now, looking for a way to get yourself motivated, get yourself out of a slump, or find the motivation to start something. Maybe you are trying to muster up the drive to go for a workout, or maybe you’re procrastinating starting a project, but the feeling is the same. You feel stuck, low-energy, maybe a bit bored or depressed, and you just can’t seem to WANT it bad enough to just DO it. So you’ve decided to turn to an outside source (me, currently) to try to pull some motivation from wherever you can get it. That’s a great idea, actually! Sometimes, all you need is one motivational quote that really hits home, one line from a super motivated person, one little push in the direction of being productive to ramp up your drive, cultivate a bit of passion, and get you going on your task! Hopefully, you can find something that kickstarts your motivation here! Let’s find out.