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What A Creative Lifestyle Looks Like

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Welcome! You are among a growing number of people who are bored in life. I bet you’ve found that creativity has become a lost art for you, and you want to be inspired again. Many people like you are feeling “stuck” during the lockdowns and reduced social activity that has resulted from COVID-19. Maybe your job has completely changed. Maybe you’re trapped at home 24/7! Are there ways to be creative every day and make your life more fun? Let’s explore what a creative lifestyle looks like.

A Creative Life – How To Be Creative Every Day

The good news is that, even though the world is upside down right now, you can actually find more opportunities during this time – with the right mindset. Are you working from home? Great! That means you have more flexibility in your schedule, and you might even be able to do some creative things during work meetings. After all, who would know if you were sketching or making keychains during a Zoom meeting? 

Today I’m going to share a glimpse of what a creative lifestyle looks like in my life , so that you can use it as an example of how to be creative every day.

Getting Inspired – How I Make My Life Less Boring

 In my previous articles, I explained how important it is to restructure your life in order to be inspired. Creativity won’t happen inside of a vacuum. My first step towards any creative idea is to change my mindset, my environment, and the things I consume. I’ve done that in several different ways throughout my life, and right now I’m in a particularly creative season! My goal with this article is to take the ideas I previously wrote about and make them even more practical. So here’s what my typical week looks like right now. Hopefully it will spark some ideas that you can adopt in your own life!

 I grew up in Texas, but have lived in Colorado for the last several months. Why? Because I wanted something different! I’ve found that the more dramatically I change my environment, the more I grow in creativity and confidence. I live on a ranch, which is very different from my suburban upbringing.

My life now consists of writing and videography during the week, and working at a coffee house on the weekends.

On weekdays, my schedule is entirely my own to manage, because I’m a freelancer. So it’s my job to structure my time for maximum efficiency – and that includes creativity! If I don’t produce creative products, I don’t make a living. This might not be your type of lifestyle – one that relies completely on creativity for income. No matter how much creativity you’re trying to invite into your routine, you can use these tools and scale them back to fit your own lifestyle.

 Let’s start with what my weekdays look like.

On a typical weekday, I work between 6-8 hours. I break these hours up to keep my creative juices flowing. My day starts early – at around 6:30 a.m. I begin by cleaning my room. It somehow gets VERY messy every single day – characteristic of a creative person! Adjusting my physical environment makes me feel like I’ve already created something different from what was before. After I clean, I exercise just a little bit. Then I sit in a specific chair, drink a glass of water, and read the Bible. Centering myself spiritually is important every day, because all creativity flows from identity.

Then it’s time to get to work!

I sit facing my window and do some podcast writing first. This doesn’t require a lot of creative energy, which is why it’s good for me to do first – I’m still waking up a little bit, but this type of project gets me in a working mindset. I happen to be doing this for work, but if you want to substitute your own project during this time slot, this is a great time to do something simple, like knitting or practicing music. This time slot is when I do things that are somewhat creative, but also somewhat structured. I used to make candles during this time of day. Take this hour and make it your own!

Switch up your environment!

 After working for a while, I switch up my environment.This is an important part of what a creative lifestyle looks like in my life It’s a half-hour drive from my house to the local library, and that commute is precious thinking time. When I get to the library, I write for Cuurio! This takes more creative energy because I’m producing all of the content from my own research and imagination. This is more challenging, more rewarding work that allows me to utilize my liberal arts degree. Late morning is usually when my creativity is at a peak. What could you work on during this time? Have you been dreaming of starting a business or picking up photography? If you can afford to take a break in your work schedule, this is a great time to pursue those more complex and substantial projects.

Find a time to do the little things

 Once I get to a stopping point with my Cuurio writing, this is a good time for me to catch up on some logistical odds and ends. I usually stay in the library and spend about an hour paying bills, communicating with clients, scheduling video shoots, or whatever the day requires. There’s usually a laundry list of little things to do at any point in time. I try to write these things down and knock them all out at once, instead of doing them throughout the day and interrupting my creative flow.

 On a typical day, my library visit is followed by an errand or two, then I head home to edit videos. This requires some more creativity and problem-solving, and I’m usually refreshed by the errands and practical things I’ve accomplished. (The more productive you are, the freer you’ll feel to be creative!) In any given week I’ll have 2-3 videos to work on. I try to cycle these through and work on a maximum of two videos per night, spending an hour on each. If you’re not a videographer, this is a great time to keep working on that business plan – or, if you’re worn out from a full workday, try fashioning the coziest spot you can imagine and then reading a book. Make sure to eat first! This is an important part of what a creative style looks like!

An Adventurous Life – Best Time of Day to Be Creative

  So there it is – I just described what a full workday looks like for me. This is what a creative lifestyle looks like in my life. Now, my schedule allows enough flexibility that I don’t have to be glued to this routine. It’s a great one, and it can last me about four days at a time before I get burned out. That’s why I work at a coffee shop on the weekends – and my job there also allows me to write and edit in between customers. Even during the week, though, there are some things that I do to stay refreshed. I visit friends once or twice a week to keep a fresh perspective. I also take a weekly hike. Finally, I take a day trip once a month, all by myself. I usually drive to a major city like Denver, which is a two-hour trip from my house. Both the time spent in the city and the drive are invigorating. I like to go without a plan and just explore. Observation is super powerful – just ask Leonardo Da Vinci (link to “How to Get Your Next Creative Idea”).

 I hope you enjoyed seeing what a creative lifestyle looks like in my life It’s probably a lot more than you expected! Once again, that’s because I’m a creative professional; this is what I do to make a living. There are similar habits that you can implement in your life, even if you’re not a full-time creative. And if that’s what you want to become, even better! You will still want to make this lifestyle your own, especially if you are married or have kids. I am still a single twenty-something at the time that I’m writing this. If you are single too, then hopefully this glimpse into my life gives you hope that singleness can be awesome! The world is truly your oyster – the sky is the limit. Once you step out, you’ll see that the possibilities are endless!

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