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What are the Characteristics of an Encourager?

what are the characteristics of an encourager, encouragement
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The world needs encouragement. All of us do at times. And we need to be encouragers. We need to be able to help our family, our children, our friends, and even talk encouragement to ourselves.  So, what are the characteristics of an encourager?  Do you know one? Are you one? Can you become one? Read more here.

5 Ways to be an Encourager

1. Identify with someone needing encouragement

Look around you. Statistics show that a large percent of the populace, people of all ages and lifestyles, are suffering from depression and other signs of emotional disturbances such as anxiety and depression. This has only increased due to the isolation requirements during the worldwide epidemic.

The fatigue and inertia that so often accompanies these feelings tend only to isolate them even more. The encourager reaches out and speaks kindness rather than condemnation. Sharing a compassionate conversation that opens a door to draw the person back into an involved way of living can trigger a response to activate the person socially once again. Be ready with words of encouragement. Think creatively on how to bring someone who is downcast into the present where interaction begins. So, what are the characteristics of an encourager? 

2. Seek to instill confidence in someone who is struggling

Perhaps someone you know has lost confidence in himself and feels defeated and discouraged.  She may need assurance that she still has the basic gifts and character traits that once served her well. A severe loss, whether in earning power or in relationships, can knock the props out from under us.  Someone may feel they can no longer function in their former full capacity and energized state. Gently reminding them of who they are, the things they have heretofore accomplished, the opportunities that are still theirs to grasp, can motivate them to try again. Your outreach has renewed a confidence that had been lost.  So, what are the characteristics of an encourager? You can become an encourager.

3. Offer hope

Feeding the inner hope of one who feels abandoned, completely left out, or has even lost the aspiration of renewal, is a delicate challenge for the encourager.  Hope always knows there is something better. Hope sees it as attainable at least to some degree.

 The abandonment of hope is a deep loss. Guiding someone back to see his purpose in this life, and reminding him of his history of great relationships, can alter the course. It can give assurance that there is still hope, and that all is not lost.  

Healing words outrank criticism. Help them to list the possibilities that are still theirs, list the job options to check out, guide their journey to a faith in God.  

The encourager has a wide range of wonderful opportunities to encourage by fanning the fire of hope and the flame of try-again. So, what are the characteristics of an encourager? 

4. Lift up the downtrodden

Empower the disheartened. Help someone face reality and remind them of all their abilities that just need to be dusted off, recharged, and renewed. Helping a friend or family member openly face the problem or the perceived defeated position can be powerful. The encourager not only assists others but builds an army of friends along the way to encourage himself later.  It is a gift that keeps on giving

5. Love that discouraged and disheartened person

There are times when it is difficult to believe that there are bright tomorrows awaiting, or new and loving relationships longing to be developed.

Love the person. Help them to learn to be kind to themselves. Teach them self-care, and how to love oneself and once again to see the beauty and promise of life. 

Walk with him until he can walk alone. Share your faith as you help him step out again and grasp the life that awaits.  

Being an encourager is a rewarding lifestyle. The encourager grows in character and stature as he/she develops the art of encouraging others.  It is a character of strength and courage, serving as a blessing to people in their most needful time. 

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.

Albert Einstein

  And, an encourager is of great value.

We invite you to watch the “Great News” video on this page and find out more about God’s love for you and how you can receive forgiveness and eternal life – today!

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