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What Makes Someone Creative?

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 What is creativity and how do I get it? Maybe you feel like your life would be so much better if you were more creative. So many of our modern icons used this mysterious power called creativity to shape the world into a better place. Where would Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King Jr., or J.K. Rowling be without creativity? But the thing is that these people created something that didn’t previously exist. That’s a lot easier said than done. How do you get inspired to do something like that? What makes someone creative?

Today we will be discussing the following:

  1. What Makes Someone Creative?
  2. Am I Creative?
  3. How Do I Become Creative?
  4. Can I Develop Creativity?
  5. You Can Be Creative Again!

Am I Creative?

There are two types of creative people:

  • The first type is the one we all know – people who can’t help but be creative. They are constantly dreaming up new ideas and chasing after them. For these people, creating is like breathing. They start ten businesses a year, write five songs a week, or paint two masterpieces in a day. You name it. These are the people who invent things like automatic dishwashers or Velcro. Things that we would be much worse without!
  • The second type of creative person is undercover – and you might be this type if you’re reading this article. This second type does not identify themselves as a creative person. Ideas and imagination may not come naturally to them. They may have only had a few “creative” ideas in their lives. However, they are really good when it comes to problem-solving. Hiring one of these people means that your business will thrive. The “undercover creative” might also have really strong organizational skills, which many people consider to be the opposite of creativity. The truth is that these people simply need to be in the right environment and they’ll surprise themselves with daring new ideas.

How Do I Become Creative?

 If you’re not one of those types who invents things in their sleep, read on. There’s hope for you too! Creativity is a characteristic that many of us have, even if we don’t realize it. That means it’s something we can foster and grow. I know an accountant who is also a masterful pianist. An Amazon employee who is a stunning actress. These individuals simply learned to stop limiting themselves to one “type.” Instead of deciding to be “Type A” or “Type B” and never venture outside of those descriptions, they simply pursued the things that interested them. So it’s a mindset shift first, and then the rest is easy! So is that what makes someone creative?

Can I Develop Creativity?

You can develop creativity by changing your mindset and your environment. Spend more time creative products like books, music, movies, and art of all kinds. I love museums. Whether it’s a science museum, a historical museum, or an art museum, it’s helpful for me to immerse myself in an entire building that is dedicated to one idea. At the end of the day, that’s what a creative product is – it’s the development of a single idea into something unique and complex. Ask any sketch artist – first you have to draw light outlines, then more solid strokes, until finally you can fill the image in with shading and detail. And trust me, there’s a lot of erasing in the process.

It’s important to turn these creative experiments into routines.

Try listening to a new album every time you make dinner, or reading a chapter of a book before bed. Go on a morning walk (nature AND exercise are both huge for creativity), take up gardening, or join a dance class. The key is to do something you might not normally do, and then make it normal. Creativity is all about originality – so how can you come up with something new if your life stays the same? Once you’ve found a few things that you like doing, make sure to incorporate these into your daily or weekly life. 

Your physical environment is another thing that can stimulate or smother creativity. I spent a week in a friend’s basement once. I felt like I’d lost my entire personality that week! That room had no light, color, or even interesting furniture. I couldn’t imagine a single thing in there. When I moved, however, I made my room my own. It has mirrors all over the walls, dried flowers everywhere, and unique blankets that I thrifted. If you share a bedroom, could you transform an office to inspire creativity? Or maybe you can do it to your car. Drives – even commutes – are another great opportunity for imagination.

But all of this is useless if you don’t surround yourself with creative people.

They are the ones who will keep you working toward your goals, even if they aren’t aware of it. Simply having creatives in your life is often enough to inspire your own creations. It’s critical to be around people who think outside of the box, because then your conversations will be outside of the box. Your thoughts will bounce off each other until a brilliant idea is born. I recently did a song-writing retreat, even though I’ve never considered myself to be a songwriter. I went solely to be around creative people, and it was well worth it. I shocked myself by writing a song before the end of the day. People are fuel for your creative tank!

You Can Be Creative Again!

Maybe creativity used to come naturally to you, or maybe it’s always been a challenge. Don’t worry, it’s closer than you think! Take a new perspective on the world and step outside of your comfort zone for a brief moment. That’s where beautiful things are waiting for you. If you change your mindset, your routine, and your environment, you’re well on your way to being motivated to find your next creative breakthrough.

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