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Why Is Divorce So Expensive?

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Divorce hurts. No one goes into a marriage with hopes of it ending in divorce. And none can really understand the pain you are feeling unless they have had the same experience in their lives. If you are goin thought the pain of divorce, we invite you to watch the GREAT NEWS FOR YOU Video on this page, and then click the connect button to find help in your time of need. Or read on to answer the question “why is divorce so expensive?”

Why Does Divorce Cost So Much?

All I want to do is split up with my spouse and become independent. But I have to make it official if I want my divorce to be legally recognized. Why on earth does divorce cost so much? There are so many expenses associated with divorcing a spouse. It adds up very quickly – the average divorce cost is $20,000 USD (1). Where does this divorce money go?


Why Is divorce so expensive? Lawyers have quite a job to do when creating divorce paperwork. They must account for every detail of a terminated marriage. This includes not only how the couple will split up, but how they will continue their individual paths forward. Once again, there are many details involved here: finances, custody of children, debts, and assets, just to name a few.

One’s legal team spends quite a bit of time and effort, then, in drawing up the terms of divorce. It typically costs more money to achieve a better divorce plan for each individual. This is because every moment of a divorce lawyer’s time is billable, but it takes time for a lawyer to become familiarized with the case. The more familiar your lawyer is with your case, the more successful your divorce will be. When your lawyer does not invest the time in familiarizing himself or herself with your case, you may end up compromising in important areas of your finances and relationship with any children you share with your spouse.


 The cost of a divorce depends heavily on how much the divorcing couple can cooperate with each other. If spouses can cooperate well, it may only take five hours of an attorney’s time to mediate the discussion and create a decree. If spouses cannot cooperate, they often must pursue a contested divorce, which typically requires both parties to hire their own attorneys in order to litigate. These attorneys must be put on retainer, and they are paid from an IOLTA account. An IOLTA account is a type of prepaid investment in your attorney. This account pays your attorney every time he/she puts work into your divorce. Contested divorces can often take 20+ hours to settle, and attorneys charge several hundred dollars per hour. Why Is divorce so expensive?


 Lawyers have put many years into education for their practice, so their time is expensive. A divorce lawyer has to negotiate a list of issues on behalf of his or her client, and some clients have longer lists than others. These divorce issues can include custody, child support, spousal support, financial accounts, real estate and assets, pension plans, debt, and taxes. Thus, you are paying your lawyer to settle each of these “cases,” all wrapped up into one. Every time you involve a lawyer – whether it’s a settlement or a phone call – it costs money. Sometimes, couples go to court numerous times in the process of obtaining a divorce. It’s the lawyer’s job to make sure that the settlement is fair, legal, and beneficial to the client.

There are other costs that add to those of your attorney. If you go to court, there are court fees associated with each trial. You might also find it necessary to hire experts such as child custody advisors, tax advisors, financial planners, therapists, or real estate appraisers. Remember that your lawyer’s job is only to work toward your best outcome – you may need outside help to assess your situation and determine what that outcome is.


 Don’t lose hope – there are ways to make divorce less expensive. It all boils down to cooperate with your spouse, which is often easier said than done. Perhaps the best first step is to see a divorce advisor, someone who can help the couple communicate and reach agreements. The less time you spend disputing, the less your legal team has to work, and the more likely you are to avoid courtroom trials and unnecessary fees. Why Is divorce so expensive?


 Some states offer uncontested or simplified divorces, which are the least expensive options. An uncontested divorce is one in which the spouses agree about the division of property, finances, custody, and other shared things. A simplified divorce is similar, but works best for couples who have no children and have not been married for long.


 If you are overwhelmed by a divorce you’re experiencing, and you feel like you’re losing everything, please don’t give up. Divorce hurts so much, and it’s extremely difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But your life isn’t over. There is hope for you. Read this article about 15 Steps to Help You Start Over in Life.

The true hope for you lies in a relationship with God. If you would like to experience the amazing grace and love offered to you through Jesus Christ, we invite you to watch the GREAT NEWS FOR YOU Video on this page. Your life can be changed today. Don’t miss it!!

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