spread the good news

Cuurio’s Writing Team is key to our outreach strategy and effectiveness. To be on our writing team, you must:

  •  love Jesus
  • love writing (and be good at it!)
  • be willing & able to write by assignment
  • be able to write within the context of felt needs issues
  • fill out the form above, then:
  • submit a sample of your writing below

Our team leader is Suzanne Davis, and you’ll hear from her as soon as you submit this form. She’ll be reviewing your submission, and later helping you with what our content needs are, as well as directing strategy, formatting, etc.

We’re looking forward to having you on our Writing Team! God is going to reach the ends of the earth with his message through Cuurio (it’s already happening), and you will be a major part of that impact.

Thank you for taking part!

The Cuurio Team