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Tim Troup

Tim was born and raised in Northern Indiana and served in the Air Force for 24 years as an aircraft mechanic, flight engineer and finally as a maintenance and acquisition officer, retiring in 2012.Tim lives in Texas with his wife Krista, and they have four kids and 5 grandkids.

how to deal with disappointment and overcome the obstacles in life, success

How to Deal with Disappointment and Overcome the Obstacles

Ever seen the mud races/obstacle course runs that were popular prior to covid?  It’s more than just a race. It’s about setting personal goals and smashing them. It’s about pushing your limits to defeat the world’s best obstacles. It’s about teamwork and friendship. It’s about the amazing people you will meet on the course. It’s …

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how to start a new life and find your purpose, purpose

How to Start a New Life and Find Your Purpose

It doesn’t matter what your old life was. There are things that will always be in your memory, but it doesn’t mean we need to replay those memories out in our mind, we have a new mind, we are a new creation, we only need to remember who we were so we can use it in our witness of who we are now in Christ. This is the human condition, we all have bad feelings or memories, what important is what you do with them. Please watch the video below to find out how you too can experience this new life.