Sometimes I Lose My Will to Live

Sometimes I lose my will to live. What can I do? You are not alone in dealing with feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and a loss of will to live. Many of us have been right where you are. First of all, it is important to seek help and take action. Various things can contribute to these emotions, such as stress, trauma, mental health conditions, and life events. So many people these days are struggling to find hope. Please call 988 if you are in a crisis. There is hope for you and you can feel better. Here are some steps you can take to find solace in Jesus Christ. You can find new life in Him and regain a sense of hope and purpose. Please watch the video on this page for more about how much God loves you.

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, please call or text 988 right now for immediate help.

How to Find the Will to Live | Overcome Depression

  1. Talk to someone you trust: Open your heart to a family member, friend, or spiritual counselor. Sharing your feelings with others can help you better understand them and provide relief.
  2. Take care of your physical well-being: Maintain a balanced diet, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. These healthy habits can improve your mood and give you a sense of control over your life.
  3. Seek professional help: A therapist or counselor can provide you with coping mechanisms and strategies to address your emotions and work through any underlying issues contributing to your hopelessness.
  4. Explore different forms of therapy: Consider cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). These approaches can help transform negative thought and behavior patterns and are highly effective in addressing various mental health conditions.
  5. Consider medication (if necessary): Discuss with your healthcare provider the possibility of medication, such as antidepressants, to alleviate your mood and reduce feelings of hopelessness.
  6. Practice self-help techniques: Incorporate mindfulness, meditation, praying, reading your Bible, and journaling into your daily routine. These activities can help you stay present and focused on the present moment, reducing feelings of hopelessness and anxiety.
  7. Pursue activities you enjoy: Engage in hobbies that bring you joy and fulfillment, such as reading, gardening, painting, or playing musical instruments. These pursuits can improve your mood and give you a sense of purpose.
  8. Surround yourself with supportive people: Build a network of empathetic friends, family, and spiritual community members who can offer emotional support, encouragement, and a sense of belonging.
  9. Be patient with yourself: Remember that healing is a process, and with time, effort, and the loving support of Jesus Christ, you can rediscover hope and purpose.

Sometimes I lose My Will to Live. What Can I Do?

If you are struggling with feelings of hopelessness and a loss of will to live, take these steps to seek help, embrace the loving presence of Jesus Christ, and find support. By following these guidelines, you can regain a sense of hope and purpose in your life.

We are here to help. God loves you and we care.

If you are struggling with thoughts of suicide, please call or text 988 right now for immediate help.


Watch this video!

If this video connected with you in some way, and you’d like to find out more about having a relationship with God and how His forgiveness and grace applies to you, a great place to start is praying the prayer below. The words themselves aren’t magic, but if you earnestly pray them and mean them, God will hear you! He’ll help you in ways you don’t understand, and we’ll help you find support and next steps.

The Prayer

Jesus, I don't know You, and I don't know what Your plan is for me. But thank you for coming to die in my place. I'm sorry for anything I've ever done wrong in my life. I don't understand how You could ever forgive me, but if You really would, I would like to accept your free gift of grace and complete forgiveness. Please come into my life and take control, and help me trust You. In Jesus' name I pray,

Did you pray this prayer?

So Now What?

If you really meant that prayer, the next step is to get you connected with other Christ-followers near you so you can grow, learn and become stronger in your faith.

Click the CONNECT NOW button below to find a group of believers who can help you establish that relationship with God that you’ve only just begun.

God loves you – specifically you! And because He does, you have a bright future! Trust Him to help you find it.

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Connect with Other Believers

Take the next step and get to know others just like you who are looking for real answers. You will find amazing support and community, and answers to questions you may have not even thought to ask!

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